Sep 3, 2009

My own personal cloud

Good news, corrected every problem with this new layout, Yay me! Mr. Urs no more word verification, hate that thing and needed an excuse to take it out, and Aek the members´ list is now in another color hope you like the new one.

Have you ever felt like a cloud is following all day long, well, I did today, got out of home in the morning and it started raining, got to the gym it stopped for the hour and a half I was in there, after that it was a ten minute walk to work (twelve if you walk with a slow dancing pace like I do) and it started raining again, after some hours  later I had to go home, got with my brother to fetch my sister from her school and found out she was with a rock band outside her school for they were getting a photo session for their next album, that was great, we got her a large number of pics with them and got them to sign her school uniform. After that got something to eat and the moment I step outside my house it starts raining. That moment went by and the sun realized it was time to come out and shine so it started getting hotter every moment that passed. At night when everything seemed to be cooling down, guess what happened, yup started raining as I was getting off the subway on my way home. I love the rain, it wakes me up, helps me unwind from every stressing thing that happened along the day, gets me thinking how small we are, how even when we think we control everything in our lives, when we think nothing can oppose our plans, when we think of ourselves as think the kings of the world, the simplest thing like raining water makes the whole world run, hide or stay somewhere dry, messes up traffic and ruins up your hairdo!

I don´t think many things are as powerful as those minuscule drops of liquid. Personally, I don´t wear an umbrella and recommend to everyone to get wet once in a while, just love the feel of pouring water down my head and shoulders it´s so refreshing and soothing, however as I haven´t slept well for some days now and got soaking wet with freezing water if I don´t get sick tomorrow morning I´ll consider it a miracle = ) so wish me luck.

Now let me show you a couple of things, First, I go to the gym at school for it´s practically free -no cute boys nor girls though- however after a little workout I enjoy a good boy-sighting *Ahem* I mean breakfast at the only passageway from the entrance to the classrooms of the school here:

After that I go to work and there my boss made the two biggest mistakes you could make, give a computer with internet and place me at the office with the biggest window facing to the street here:

Now the whole window thing wouldn´t be a problem specially since I face a construction site and an empty lot, however the REAL problem is that it´s in the gay district and I´m sieged, by the west by a high-school, east a university, south a mayor street that leads everyone into the gay district and by the north by the biggest mall in the whole district, so I wonder how I get anything done.

I got this song stuck all day in my head, time for you to do the same = ) have a great day and be careful just in case love takes over.

All the love
Me (the Big Bad Wolf)

P.S. What do you know? just posted my first video link successfully, if only my mom could see me now - but she´s sleeping  : P -


Aek said...

Hurray for the minor corrections! Is that where you work?! It looks so nice!! :D

I should try to come visit you or something. :P

Anonymous said...

What a nice place to work, staring at the hot boys (and girls in your case)

As for the whole rain can you say Achoo b/c that's what I will be doing if I did what you did

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