Sep 6, 2009

Congratulations Drew, and many more

My 21st post goes to...(drums)... Drew who's celebrating his 21st birthday, wow, great coincidence -love when that happens (coincidences, well... birthdays too, just not mines)- So have a great day I have here your birthday present, hope you don't mind but I did a little unwrapping

Hope you don't already have one of this. Sorry for the unwrapping but he was feeling nuts : ) Everyone, Don't be shy, go ahead and wish Drew a good day, he won't bite, unless you ask him to ; )

Thanks for all your comments, I'm terribly ashamed I haven't been updating frecuently but is only for lack of time, friday I slept for half an hour at work for I was exahusted, but I haven't forgotten about anyone, and I'm sorry if I haven't been on msn but same story there, lots of school too, I'm only on during the weekdays when I'm at work around 10 - 14 hrs.

So I was Planning on telling you about my weekend but then I decided a picture was worth a thousend words, or something like that.

I wanted to go to the gym but a friend I hadn't seen in a long time conviced me to go have some coffee with him in our favorite spot, I love that place is like a fishtank of people for it has huuuge windows.

Shouldn't streets be for cars? That goes to show you that in Mexico if you have a couple of cars to block a street and enough people to walk it you can close up any main street and the government won't say a thing.
And at night a concert with my brother, it was a good one, but no luck for me there : ( Ooh! and I saw a cat

Maybe it's because it's a black cat that brought me bad luck. Love street art!

As yesterday I couldn't go to the gym my legs are stiff and my buttocks hard, hate that feeling, will have to do something about that.

And once again before I forget, have a great day Drew! Welcome to the legal side of the law.

All my love


Drew said...

Wow,such a heartfelt birthday present!

I might just have to come to Mexico and thank you ;P Then you could show me around and help me get a better accent for my Spanish. The only thing I have a hard time with is rolling my rr's, but I'm sure you could give me a few tips.

God, I'm really flirty today...



Aek said...

Is your favorite coffee spot a Starbucks? o_O

I too love street art. ^_^

Dzyan said...

@Drew, you´re always welcomed at Mexico, I´ll show you everything you want me to, rolling your r´s or anything else you might want to roll I´ll give you a hand :) have a great day and a better night.

@Aek, it´s not about the coffee shop, it´s about the street it´s located at, it´s downtown and we´ve got a history there, also I have spent a great deal of conversations there, crappy coffee, good memories, you can´t buy advertisement like that, hahaha.

Anonymous said...

Hard ass? Stiff leg? I'm sure I could help relieve the pain ;)

Well hope things calm down for you so you wont be so worn out

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