Sep 19, 2009

@ the bar

At the moment I find myself at a fancy bar, this is not drunk talk as
I'm -at the moment- not drunk or Will be tonight, It's the 3rd time
this week I'm at a straight bar this week alone!! And I'm beginning to
hate such places, music is lousy, no One dances and those who do, make
me feel sorry for them. I just don't know, love hanging with my
brother but I just don't enjoy straight places anymore. I'm posting at
my bro's iPhone, but can't stand this place, i just don't know... Too
much going on in my mind atm


Aek said...

Awww, it sounds like you need to get a couple drinks in you to enjoy the place a bit more and to forget whatever's on your mind. Of course that's not my doctor's orders, lol.

At least you're hanging out with your bro, right?

Mr. Urs said...

I heard that straight bars have toilets in which nobody ever had sex and that people are talking in sentences without any punch lines. Our thoughts are with you in this difficult time.

Drew said...

At least you can talk to me while not getting drunk!!!



Octavius said...

I am sorry you are feeling a little down mate, we are all here for you.

Courage and Honour!


Anonymous said...

I hope things end up getting better for you at the bar see you later,

Dave83201 said...

Someday, maybe I'll go to a bar. Never been, ya believe that? Could it be that then I might be able to find and keep a cute gay all of my own?

Love ya buddy!

LonelyBoy said...

I feel for you, man!

It really isn't as fun in a straight bar.

Hope you get through it in one piece!

S xx

torchy! said...

aww Fer. chin up. hope you'll find a brighter outlook soon.

can you believe i've never been to a gay bar!

take care

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