Sep 30, 2009

Childhood memories

Ok, so this one is about me and my past life, I have a lot of memories about my childhood, but today while talking to Liam and Drew I remembered something I haven't thought about in ages, something that's hitting all the world as we speak, the thing that makes the world go 'round, Money.

While I was a little kid and I mean five or eight years my family didn't have any economical need as we were pretty good, I even got to go to Disney World when I was seven : ) great memories there. However that all changed in 1994, when the elected president took over and the former president ran away to Switzerland leaving the whole country bankrupt. Have you ever heard the term "smelly poor", well, I couldn't even afford the smell. Got into delivering bottles of 20 L (4.40 Gallons) of water to people's homes when I was eight, it wasn't as hard as it might look like, although delivering to the third floor and beyond was the catch.

So you think being attracted to guys and adolescence is hard? try doing it while trying to feed your family and then you tell me about hard. Weirdest part is, I'm the middle son and I worked to help my older brother to get through the univesity, I'm not complaining, I've always been the hard worker -still it wouldn't have hurted him to help a little- and someway or another got to highschool, then I started to work for my parents, helping them sell food at the same middle-school I used to attend months before -Oh, yeah, they were there while I was studying too, most people would be ashamed their parents at their schools day in day out, not me, I was proud of them- but left-overs were pretty good, my dad hasn't always been the cook he is now, but he HAD to learn, and later I would too, grades weren't that good at school, but I was tired by the time I got there, but at least I could eat something before going, THAT was a great difference.

Got into the Uni, started studying chemistry and microbiology, stopped helping my parents to study real hard, at the third year I realized I wasn't cut to do something like being in a laboratory studying the causes of diseases, I wanted to help people, and I knew I could create vaccines, help people with infections, but I wouldn't be working with people, I would be working with lab-rats and the like. So dropped out and started teaching english -I know, mine isn't that good either, but you stand in front of a class telling them you know more then they'll listen-
after that I got into psychology as a last minute choice, I wanted to listen to people's concerns and help them out, still not knowing what was up with me and trying to be part of the "normal" ppl I couldn't get to "explore" the same sex relationships, up until then I was pretty worried with surviving to get into any kind of relationships -except for my first gf which dumped me just before I quited at the Uni- when I finally accepted I liked boys was the time I decided I have found the community I want to be part of and help get stronger : ) I could also like to work at a school as a counselor, but maybe later.

So there you go, a little more about me, so if you were to ask me why I don't care about money, I would say, I lived without it for a long long time, and if you were to ask me why I want to help people, I would say, wouldn't you?

That's me in a nutshell, no, it wasn't meant to make you feel pity about me -hate pity- nor I feel ashamed about myself, as a matter of fact I'm proud of myself, been a long way to be who I am today, I mean, I'm not swimming in money, but have enough to be here today with you, and truth be told, that's all that matters to me. Be happy and enjoy today, you might miss it tomorrow.
Love to all

Sep 28, 2009

Home at last

Well, I'm home now, and let me tell you two things that might answer Aek's comment, yes, the exam was that easy and yes, I am that good, tests are the only thing that takes me under ten minutes to finish :P and would like to thank everyone's comments on all my latest posts, thank's a plenty for your support on my Party pooper one, and in my Such is life I'm so glad it did something for you, just wanted to write my thoughts out, and if only make you smile a bit like goleftatthefork, thank you so much for your support. Also I'VE GOT NEW READERS!! :) let's begin with y78ilm and his blog The pursuit of what matters to me, after that we've got JC from Who's Life Am I Living?, now, sadly I haven't have had the opportunity to talk to either of them, however I have had the chance to talk to the techguyinshorts, he's just starting, he's got this blog @techguyinshorts, and he's a really nice guy, writes a blog with his boyfriend too about tech stuff, should go take peek.

I'm always happy to welcome newcomers, and as such I really don't know how to say goodbye to blogs, it's actually the first one that leaves while I'm here, I'm pretty new here and so don't know if this gets easier with time or it always will hurt like this, either way, so here it goes good bye Andre, you have brought to me such joy and I will really miss you so much, damn, don't be a stranger and pay a visit once in a while, you SOB, you're really hard to say goodbye to.

Sorry, I'll get a hold of myself...

Ok, so on a lighter side, I had my hair cut on the weekend -which was all I could do besides taking my sister to the movies- and you most know something, just as with my birthdays I hate the day I go to go cut my hair, I always walk out feeling that I don't like the job done, and also like my birthdays I only have two each year.

The lady that cuts my hair is actually a 50 yo woman whose sense of what's trendy died in 1985, and as such can't get to cut my hair the way I like it, I know, I should find someone I like, no such luck, have spent the last 20 years of my life looking for that someone and still no such thing.

*sigh* well, right now I just need a shoulder in which I can lean on

I haven't forgotten the thank you I was going to give you, so for each one that got to say something nice to Liam here goes a present on my behalf, valid in everystate from Monday to Sunday : )

By Fer
See you when I see you.
Love to all

Testing testing

Gossh, did a three hour exam in ten minutes, now I have a recess long enough that I'm falling asleep, hate all this free time and nothing good to do with it, posting now in my dad's ipod which I managed to steal -don't tell him- and wasting my time with it, doesn't have messenger so I can't chat with anyone :/
So today I might post something later at night, still have another test in a while and won't study at all for it's rubbish, rubbish about psychological tests in the industry, so I'll post the surprise a little later. Til Then.
Love to all

Sep 27, 2009


A short post for the time being, but by no means less important.
Today is Liam's birthday, it's been a whole year since last one, it's a paramount  day for someone to be congratulated, specially when you're not feeling so good, as he is, I know that kid and love him so, so if you have the time and a kind heart go to his blog and wish him a happy birthday, I know it would mean a lot to me and even more for him : )

In the mean time, I send him the biggest, strongest, non-lethal hug I can offer and wish him a wonderful day and wish it stops raining in his eyes, for no one is worth crying for. And a gift to every one that visits his blog too as I'm feeling like a giver today. I'll add it in my next post, already have it with me -but it's a surprise-

Have a great one all
Love to all

Sep 26, 2009

Such is life

Funny how life works isn't it? as much as I struggled to go out today and not stay home for I knew I was only going to get desperate and a feeling of imprisonment I stayed, all day long; which is actually the thing I was kind of meant to be doing in the bigger scheme of life of which we're all part, now, I don't personally believe in such thing as fate, for nothing is fated to happen, no paranormal force writes divine scripts which we are supposed to play with no way out, believe what you might, we are but threads in this infinite tapestry of people that composes the realitiy we all live in, and as threads often do, some threads touch each no matter what color or pattern they are part of, they touch, in some point or the other they touch, not all touch each other, some are too far away to be by each other's site but still, when the tapestry is woven around by a strong wind the fabric grazes, in different places, places the cords that build it -which they didn't know even existed- meeting up with new and different and exciting colors, different textures, different material, but threads all the same, some are a little stained, some are pure and clean and some others are just filthy, you could as well cut around them and no one would ever miss it, but still would leave a horrible void and then the mantle would have lost something important when looked from afar.

What this means? I'll let you do the thinking.

I wanted to go out today, more than anything, had to do a bunch of things because I didn't want to be home all day and still I just couldn't do it, not because of a physical or emotional problem, but I think here was the place I was supposed to be today, got to have a lot of emotional conversations, had my deal of laughs, of surprises and tears, and as always I owe it all to the people here. Still life is something bigger than what I can think of, such a big world and we're all but tiny pieces not more important than a grain of sand in our singularity, but as important as a mountain as a whole, but don't think wrong, the grain at the top should by any means feel more important than the one on the bottom. Still not making any sense am I?

All I know is at the moment I'm writing this: some guy is getting laid in Utah and having -hopefully- the time of his life, another boy in Cali is feeling down because he just broke up with someone important to him, down in Ireland two guys should be sleeping happily knowing they are alike and close together and never knew it before, a man is going to wake up to his lifepartner and kiss his offspring and carry on with the same life he has for years now with a little secret of his own, and a boy in the US is probably getting a mail from me were I tell him I'm so sorry I've failed to him even though he's probably having the time of his life, and I don't even know why I feel I've failed misserably in helping him *sigh* and the only thing they all have in common is I know them, and love them so much, each and everyone of them -though not only them but most of the people I've met- entered into my life like a burglar in the night and stole my heart.

Still, funny thing, you ever wondered why the URL of my blog is Loveless in Mexico? besides the obvious part that I'm in México, why Loveless when I always sign all my comments with "Love"?

Scheiße it's so late now, have to run into my bed now, chat to you another day.

My love to all

Sep 25, 2009

Party pooper -_-'

How to ruin one's fun? I don't know, ask my ex-bf, he certainly knows how to kill the mood of happiness that's been building up all week long. *sigh* All I wanted today was go out to a nice place in the evening and chill for a bit, get to know some people and relax, I've been busy all week long and when it's finally the day when I can go outside and catch a movie, my ex comes around and gets inside my life again, Shit, hate when he does that, I know that by tomorrow I'll be better, but atm I just want to freaking shout at someone, I'm that angry at him, also my brother just let one of my dogs out into the street and there's a fat chance we'll never find the blasted dog again, but I'm too angry to talk to him now.

So what better time than now to remember all the good stuff that went down during the week so I can get to calm down a little, I'll even use an old technique Seth used to practice and highlight the important stuff so you can jump from parragraph to parragraph without wasting a lifetime reading everysingle word I type, after all it's not your fault I'm this way

Monday: I went to a conference titled: "Care of the terminally ill patient", interesting speech from the doctors, talking about the use of morphine on terminal patients, alas they didn't hand out free samples, what's worst it was the other side of the state so had to take an hour bus ride to get there from school, on the way back it was a two hour ride b/c it rained. It was fun, was at a huge private school with tons boys and girls, all of them so bloody show-offs it was just a huge turn down for me :S and as it was so far away I had no school

Tuesday: Was at work and my brother told me he had just won a ticket for a beer tasting, I congratulated him and told him I was so jealous, he told me I shouldn't be, he had won that ticket for me cause he doesn't drink, it was a great day, got to taste a lot of Belgium beer, quite tasty, I even got to drink a pint of a beer that's fermented with cherries, so it smells and tastes like a cherry on it's own, it was a two hour party with everyone ending with eyes red-blood, drunk and having a good time -no one interesting there though-

Wednesday: I don't remember anything particularly interesting about wednesday, still a day that just flew by.

Thursday: On this day was the first ever "Sexual diversity conferences" at the biggest and most important public school Mexico has, my boss was giving a participant and so I wanted to go, it also was a good hour and a half away bus ride on a really hot day -hate hot days- It was really interesting, and got the chance to see my boss doing what he know best to do, teach youngsters about sex, he's really good I tell you. Still was a hard day as I had to teach a class at school and ride another 1 1/2 hour bus ride to school.

Friday: everything was perfect, even had plans to go and see some Horror movie festival, with old movies played at an abandoned house, each room has it's own movie and you can go to any movie you want, it's pretty good, but right now I don't feel like going out.

That's my week so far, I guess I'll go to sleep and calm down a little, I just had to let this out. Still, I participated on Tyler's game on a previous post, so go and check it out, and why not, play it too. for now I say good bye, I am in the dire need of some loving :(


I'm it!

I'm so late in my posts I'm ashamed of posting again, a fully eventful week it's been, lots of good and unforgettable moments, and absolutely no time to comment on them, still I will get to it but not atm, right now I've got more important issues to address. Like, I've got a new follower, a fellow blogger that's just starting out, so give a warm round of applause to Brett from Who's Keeping the Score?, a young boy from Australia, thanks to him I knew before anyone else in Mexico about the storm of orange clouds of What was that? I don't remember I just know it was pollution, either ways, he hasn't been on msn lately -or not that I know of- so I'm still waiting for my chance to exchange some greetings. Ooh, before I forget -I should make a blog with that name, have so many things to remember- I got an AIM account named Lovelessinmexico -Pretty original huh?-, don´t know why really, just felt as if I needed one, still, I´m in all my accounts at the same time -blessed Pidgin- and if you have either one I´ll be there.

On the other hand, My first "interactive" game!!! posted by Tyler of Thoughts of a Gay Boy in Highschool -I love his picture header btw-  I was tagged by Aek and I'm always up for a good game, specially when life seems to be so absorbent.

The rules: Answer a series of questions and find a picture to represent each question, then create a picture mosaic on this site. Make the mosaic 4 columns by 3 rows. The questions are:

1. Where are you from? (You can choose to answer with your country, state/province, or city.)
2. What's your favorite food?
3. What's your favorite drink?
4. What's your ideal/favorite (future) job/career?
5. What's your favorite thing about yourself?
6. What's the place you most want to visit?
7. What's your favorite body feature on someone else?
8. What's your favorite movie?
9. What's your favorite TV show?
10. Choose one word that best describes you.
11. What time period would you most like to have lived in (in the past)?
12. What's the next thing you're (probably . . .) going to purchase?

1. Mexico city ftw.
2. Seafood, no, wait, was the question what kind of food makes me nauseous and puke afterwards? oooh, no my bad, mmh, my favorite food then would be a green salad with stripes of chicken-breast, mustard and honey, damn, that made me hungry.
5. The good'ol OJ, nothing beats it, can drink an entire jug at every meal, luckily oranges here are as easy to find as mosquitoes, and almost as cheap.
4.. I'm aiming to become a community psychologist, the kind of job that is also known as a community facilitator, exploting the group's potentials and strenghtening it from inside, good job, not overly demanded, as many people doesn't even know it exists, 'sides I get to help a whole group of people instead of only one during each psychotherapy.
5. My hands, I love 'em, even if atm they look like an old person's ones -I hate hand lotions- if you could only know the things I do with them ; )
6. What's the place that guy I love so much lives in?? Can't remember, guess I'll have to go to his blog and check it out once again, in the mean time if it´s up to me, without the intention of meeting the person I love, then if I were as lucky as to visit Germany in this lifetime I would just drop dead, so careful, how badly you want me dead?
7. Smiles, I just can't have enough, oh, but you want a body part, then I take the lips, don´t ask me what I´d do with them.
8. Without a doubt Pulp Fiction is one of the best movies ever made, always enjoy it with a Royal with cheese burger and fries.
9. So many questions, I wasn´t expecting some kind of Spanish inquisition!... but then again, no one expects the Spanish Inquisition : P Monty Python´s Flying Circus, best show of all times.
10. One word eh? Is world´s-best-lover-ever a word or two? guess I´ll have to take my thesaurus out... let´s see... ooh, here it is, the only entry for that one is "Fer" and there´s even a picture of me : ) another happy costumer must´ve written it, I´m so flattered.

11. Ancient Greece, just imagine, the Parthenon, the theater, even better, think of the Pankration, naked men wrestling for all  people to see, those guys knew how to throw a toga party!
12. The next thing I´m buying will be boarding passes, sadly it will be only for the subway train, wish them to be airplain tickets, alas I have no money.

So there you have it, now I must do to others what was done unto me, and pass this jolly good game to other victims players, so my pick are my good friends.

Octavius from The Mercenary... Octavius...
Phil from SeePhilblog

Lonely Boy from Life sucks...Stick to theater
My newest reader Brett from Who´s keeping Score?
and last but not least
Cougar from Confessions of Your Gay Best Friend I would love to read your answers : )

Love to all.

Sep 22, 2009

The final stand

Sorry, sorry, I know I owe a lot of people replies to their comments specially Ethan, but I barely have time for posting, I´m posting from work and sending it to my mail so it doesn´t look SO bad, long time since last post but I do thank you all your concern, know I might sound a little desperate but I assure you is only doe all the work that needs to be done round here, so thanks Drew for being there for me and Dave for worrying so much, if I can make it up to you two in anyways just say it, and thanks to all for following too and for your invaluable support :)

I know I´ve been procrastinating a lot, so here´s the last stage of the little Blog-off with my dear friend Octavius, blood has been drawn, punches have hit their intended target and shameful secrets have come to light, still all fair in love and war.

16. Top or Bottom...?
I personally love giving love and the feeling of passion and endless lust that consume me, so I prefer the top position no doubt, what can I say, I´m just a giver :)

17.Name two things that define you as a person?
Two things eh? I think and if someone thinks otherwise then you can beat the crap out of me, but my true traits are my wits and my easy-going-ness hehe, well, I´d like to say I´m as sharp as a blade but sometimes I´m just as sleepy as can be, and wake up at the most odd places, but that´s only because I´m tired, what I´m trying to get to is that as much as I would love to say that I´m witty it´s more my wish to be so that pushes me to be so, if you were aiming to develop muscles you wouldn´t sit in your couch for hours on end, you´d go out and walk or do some push-ups at home, so that´s what I do everyday, I do mental push-ups, work my cross-word puzzles, my sudoku -I´m a sudoku fan- and my horoscope -only to make a joke about it-. About my being easy-going, well, I think it was about time I got some social skills, and I develop them everyday -or try to at the very least- so really, if you feel like talking I´m always happy to talk to anyone.

18. What are the three most important possessions to which you can not live without?
Possessions? mmh... a though one, I could live in the nude in the wilderness if needed, but OK, here goes my best shot, the jeans I´m wearing today, they are my favorites -sorry, no pictures, they are dirty and quite frankly had to get out of home in a rush, was talking to Dave in the morning and time just flew by- second, my computer and it´s internets, I just don´t know what I would do without my computer and all the porn files I have in there, and lastly my ipod, my brother gave it to me in my last birthday, it is -I think- the most expensive thing I wear everyday and helps pass the hideous moments at the subway.

19. Paper or plastic...? Discuss.
I would have to go with paper, might kill some trees but when I´m dead I want what ppl are able to scrap from the floor with a table spoon of me, inside a little Chinese restaurant´s take-out paper box, they are so adorable, we don´t have those in here you know, and it would be pretty original, afterwards you can burn it or feed it to the dogs, I´d be dead already so why waste such a yummy person in a hole in the ground, yes, I´m yummy...mmh, so meaty

20. What is the thing that first attracts you to a person?
His/her smile, Shakespeare said "eyes are windows to the soul", but for me a smile tells me all I need to know, there are a lot of things you can know from another person with just a smile, i.e. do they look sad when they smile, if it´s a fake smile, how his/her eyes sparkle -they do-, some people can´t bring themselves to smile at all, I´m not overly superficial, but a smile can win me over, and don´t even mention laughter : )

So there you go my good friend in arms, my time in this arena is done and I´m done for the time being, a worthy opponent you turned out to be, they say there are two ways to really know someone, in a fight and in bed. So why make war when you can make love O_o ?

Hope you had as much fun as I did.
I´ll post this from my mail, and will proceed to add the pictures and proper links later on, I´m called to a meeting here and we have an institutional emergency THERE IS NO COFFEE!! Gawd, something must be done and fast. I´ll see you later, ´til then au revoir mon chères.

All the love

Sep 20, 2009

Not going out

Hey there, I'm feeling a lot better, thanks to everyone for all your kind words, specially Mr. Urs who really made me smile and feel better with his comment, and I'm sorry Torchy! I just don't know what to do to avoid crashing your iPhone, a special thank you to Drew who kindly chatted with me while I was getting homicidal/suicidal at the f*çking bar, love you man, hope I didn't ruin movie night for you : ( Lots of revelations, from not going to a bar at all to not going to a bar, Thank you boys, you always boost my good mood XD I was just feeling like in a cage

I think I should explain myself a little better as to what was going on yesterday evening, well, for starters I was kinda sleepy, just out of a horrible movie, and with people I didn't met until that day and didn't like that much which couldn't stop telling drunk stories and as funny as they might be to people in general I think they only reflect well... ignorance of people and is reinforced by socially accepted laughter which only gets them to get drunker everytime and kill more -at moment- functional neurons, but that's just me, or the psychologist part of me talking.

So among the things rushing in my head at the moment where such thoughts as: Did I just ate a whole basket of chili chicken wings all by myself? is that why my stomach is aching so much? is another beer just going to make the feeling that much worse? are this guys ever going to shut their traps? is that guy looking at me because he's interested or am I stained with sauce? -that guy was looking at me in a lascivious way but didn't acted gay at all and I do mean AT ALL, I have a quite keen gay-dar but either that guy was really IN the closet or I was just using psychological projection-.

Either ways, I thank you again for all your concern, you made my night. Btw I found the "camera of gesell" also under the name of "Gesell chamber" but it's just the technical name for places like interrogation rooms with one room being observed from another room thanks to a one-way mirror -in case you were wondering I had sex in the part you can be looked but not look, so I really hope no one was watching b/c for one second I felt like someone was :] Whoops-. I'll answer to Octavius' questions next post, I promise, I just need to sleep a little, take care.

Love to all

Sep 19, 2009

@ the bar

At the moment I find myself at a fancy bar, this is not drunk talk as
I'm -at the moment- not drunk or Will be tonight, It's the 3rd time
this week I'm at a straight bar this week alone!! And I'm beginning to
hate such places, music is lousy, no One dances and those who do, make
me feel sorry for them. I just don't know, love hanging with my
brother but I just don't enjoy straight places anymore. I'm posting at
my bro's iPhone, but can't stand this place, i just don't know... Too
much going on in my mind atm

Sep 17, 2009


What day is today?? is it monday again? no, I think it's thursday and I'm dying over here, guess taking a couple of days off school and parting all night long was not the greatest idea ever, I'm just glad tomorrow it's the last day, I usually have a bad time when my everyday routine is halted, and that was the case this week. Thanks to Mr. Urs, Aek and Dave for their always appreciated comments, it's always a pleasure getting feedback.

Today I arrived home early, missed the last two classes but either ways I wasn't going to pay attention, I was sleeping in the one I did attended so I went outside and got talking with my ex -he called me on tuesday, he was coming out of a wake and he told me how much he loved me, he got crying, it was really hard on both of us- and I walked him to his class, I attended to his class over some psychological tests which I already know about and about an hour latter I left him teaching his class and got out of school, got home and no one even wondered what I was doing here, much to my joy, I don't like lying to them -not since I came out anyways-.

Also yesterday I got to talk with Drew -at long last- and it was pretty good, sorry Drew, thought you'd be mesmerized watching Glee for a longer time and got myself something to eat, that's why I wasn't there when you came back, so sorry indeed -I'm beginning to really love that guy, Torchy's so lucky :)- and with Dave who just broke up with his girlfriend so you've got the time drop by his blog and say something kind to him, please, I do love him pretty much and wouldn't like to see him sad. This flower is for you Dave, Smile!

That's pretty much my life in the last two days, Ooh, but wait, I did went to see a movie with my sister yesterday from the French film festival, called LOL@ pretty good, with hot high-schoolers, really impressive bodies everyone, hot, hot, hot.

Ok, I've put this on hold for so much time, here are Octavius questions in our little war:

11. In this question I shall rebound one of your own. If three people in your life where to show up after a long time and were to share a cup of coffee with you, who would those people be? and why them?
Yes it is a great question, thanks Dave: ) but I'm not from your past, I'm pretty much from your present and with some luck your future.
So the first person is my first friend, I really loved him back then when I was 17, got so much fun with him his name is Omar but when we were faced with choices he took the easy road and quitted school and I carried on with much trouble but just kept going, never saw him again. The second person would be my first girlfriend, she hurted me so much, we had a destructive relationship and made me suffer for a long long time -I was an idiot, should've never allowed it, but was too dumb- and I want to see her so she can see what she's missing now, hehe. The third person is my grandmother, I love her still and think of her all too often, my first memories are of her and she died when I was 4 :`( if my grandfather were with her I would ask him if he's proud of his grandson wearing his name or if I'm such a let down for him as I was when he was still alive... question...

12. What preparations have you made for the inevitable zombie invasion? 
Believe  it or not I have read the zombie survival guide by Max Brooks, if you haven't I really recomend it, and I've gotten myself some to-do lists in the case of the first sprouts of zombie infestation and keep a keen eye on the news

13. What is the craziest place (location not body part) you've ever been intimate with a person? 
 A camera of gesell, it's a big room with a one way mirror, hopefully no one was on the other side for we went all the way :P

14. In your opinion what is the greatest film ever made?
The best movie with out doubt is Pulp fiction, 'nuff said

15. What is your most fondest childhood memory? hood
My fondest childhood memory has actually to do with my grandmother, she was diabetic since she was a kid, so she had to change sugar for fructose as Sweet-and-low didn't get to Mexico -I even doubt it existed at the moment- everymorning she sat at the dinning room and drank a hot coffee with fructose, my parents say it tasted awful, I should've been 3 yo but what I remember the most is when I sitted on his lap and she shared her coffee with me, I can't forget the smell and the taste, that taste will linger in my mouth for ever, so strong, so bitter, and everytime I smell coffee I remember her, even if my memory might have changed everything there was at the moment, and til now I haven't tasted a single cup of coffee like hers. That's why I love my americano everymorning hot and steamy.

So it's time for my last set of questions and I'm planning on making them worth:

16. What's your darkest secret? (hey, what goes around comes around)
17. What question are you most afraid of some one asking? (another one of Dave's machinations)
18. Your house is on fire!! you got the time to get three items out of it, what would those be?
19. What 3 songs represent you?
20. If you could start to live your life again, what would you change?

Hope you have as much fun answering them as I had making them up :P and as they say good always prevails -crap- 'til next time.

Love you all

Sep 16, 2009

DIVERTIMENTO / Celebrating Freedom

Thank you all for your lovely comments, I always enjoy them, to Ethan and Aek, I'm sorry, sometimes I see you online but got so much things to do I just don't think I can keep up the convo if I do start talking and that would be plain rude on my side, but you all know you need anything I'll drop what I'm doing for you : ) Ah, also say hello to my new readers -my eyes shine at every new follower-, Cougar from Confessions of your gay best friend -I found this one yesterday and liked what he had to say- and Jose from Llaves Rojas -Red keys (Hence the big red keys on his banner, dah)- I met this one place a long time ago, posted a comment and just now we got in touch, glad we did too.

 A little something about mexicans, we don't need a reason to party and get wild, but when we do you know it'll get big and messy. I for once had a great evening, my brother's friends came and with a lot of effort we convinced him to go out, just go out and find us something to do, so being the subtle manipulator that I am got them to walk for a good 20 min with the promise of a pub for it was downtown, where I just wanted to go -It was really like waving a carrot on a stick at a horse, they just kept on walking-. As we walked some new brand of taurine based soda offered us some free -500 ml- samples, we hadn't eaten in hours so the blessed thing got us into jumping on the street 'til we got to the pub I promised, It was crowded, as expected, but we got ourselves a table, got to eat nachos and ordered a 5 L -1.3 Gallons (yup, read that one right, Gallons)- beer for the four of us, which is a large tube they instal at your table and actually screw it so it won't fall, it's got a small valve so you can self-serve -I took some pictures but my f*çkin' camera didn't work as expected, blasted celphone- but as my brother doensn't drink and he was driving anyways, it was up to us three to finish that bad boy. I don't know how much I drank, all I know is when I walked out of there after shouting at the top of my voice "Viva México!" alongside a bunch of drunk straight people, I wasn't drunk.
While walking down the street I get to see the fireworks in the sky, last time I saw fireworks I was the exact same place about 17 years ago, I was 8 at the time and watching all those colors, the flowers made of fire, the exploding lights in the firmament, it made me feel I was 8 again, that cold chill that starts at the bottom-most part of the back started making his way through my spine, it got into my shoulders, ran through my neck and got into my head, that kind of chill that makes you want to hold your breath with amezement and a child's perplexity of watching something brand new and at the time
so known and you know if you don't let a whimper go then tears will just start pouring from your eyes without control, luckily tiny rain drops were falling at the time in my face and that just added something to the mood.
By kil1k 
Just Breathtaking.
An unforgetable night with the people I love, wish you all could've been here. Today I'll take my baby sister to the movies as we haven't spent a lot of time together lately and on wednesdays movies are cheaper, so I have to run, have a good day everyone.

Love you all

Sep 14, 2009

===INTERMEZZO=== and a little something for my readers

 ==We interrupt this program to bring you this quasi-informative, quasi-interesant news-flash==

Ok, so tomorrow big day for Mexico as a country, we celebrate 199 years of independence from Spain so if you thought independence was on 5 de Mayo, beep!! sorry, but do play again. Now on my mom's side of the family I've got Spanish forefathers, as I told in my second-ish post, but on my dad's side they're mexican and British (some 4 generations ago), so even if I feel I'm mexican and enjoy the spare days we get because of that and unlike many other people in this country that remember they're mexicans but a day each year and all year long they hate this country, I really like it, so for the 199th time at exactly 2300 hours in every mexican comunity around the world someone will stand above all gathered people to shout "VIVA MEXICO" at the top of their voice and bells will start clanking as mexicans get together to watch the fireworks in the sky.

For such a date I don't know how I'm going to celebrate it, but I do hope I do get to go to a restaurant with my brother at least to share a drink for as it' s to be expected people get all degrees of drunk. Btw, Mr. Urs do congratulate your husband on my behalf : ) do you celebrate this day?

 ==We now return to our regular scheduled program==

I don't usually post on mondays, but as tomorrow is a school free day I'll take a moment of your lives to share some thoughts.

1. I was just kidding Lonely boy I already knew you didn't intend to leave me waiting for you, I was just teasing you : ) you know I love you

2. I totally forgot the promise I made to Phil about baking him a birthday present and I'm already feeling like crap, sorry Phil, I'll make it up to you, besides I'm not good at cooking, but for you I'll make the effort

3. I'll answer to Oct questions next post I'm taking a couple of days off to celebrate independence day

4. I need to publicly thank two bloggers that need no introductions for they're  so well known and loved here they're almost institutions, Seth and Mirrorboy for their links have brought a lot of people over to my blog and for that I'm so thankful to you guys

5. I've got a new reader, YAY! I love new readers, zz_sk8 and he's got three links, each one naughtier than the one behind (underage kids be adviced)

6. I met a great photographer, and he's got a blog, a sweet 16 yo boy named James, I talked to him today on msn and he's really kind and nice, should go say hello to him to Blackwaxx

7. Thanks to Torchy and James my music collection got bigger, thanks guys for your good advice in music for I don't know the first thing about which musicians are any good.

8. Haven't been lucky enough to see my good pal FMS around, I'm already missing him : ( almost as much as I'm missing Patrick Swayze -he died today, poor fellow who would think the star of "Dirty dancing" would pass out so young, may he rest in peace- FMS COME BACK!

9. I got a message from Dave on Sunday on Yahoo! while I was away, he was really happy and just told me everything went great with his long time friend but I haven't heard about him since then, if he is reading this I hope he's doing great and comes around and tells us the whole story

10. Another friend I'm missing -a lot- is Drew, who hasn't been online in a long time : ( I know he was on a little trip but he got back already, so Drew get online!

11. To Dan, I wouldn't change a thing about your blog, I enjoy reading it as it is, people just don't seem to feel the need to reply I don't know why? I don't do it everypost for people will begin to think I have nothing better to do than tell people what to do with their lifes -also if you see AJ tell him not to get down, people have their ups and downs, but if he feels it's time to move on we'll understand his decision (I ask you this for I have tried to talk to him on several occasions and still no luck)-

12. Have a great trip Bob, enjoy your vacations and say Hi to everyone over there, and have a safe return home

13. To all my readers, I'm sorry for I haven't written down your names like Ethan, Zac, Andre, Aek, Mambam, Steevo, Liam, all of you, all of you, I love you all so very much

14. I'm getting better at posting in bullets : )  makes things shorter and easier to read, I think, does it really?

15. This has turned out to be a fun ride, and you've all made this the best time I've ever had on the internet, I am and will stay your humble friend

16. I'm dying over here, I'm falling asleep so I'll just go straight to bed, anyone wants to join me?

17. I'll see you all in next post, till then take good care and behave really bad.

18. My love to all of you

Sep 13, 2009

Battle rages on!! Part III of IV

OK. so I over slept all Saturday, had some plans to do something at night, got one party to attend to, a good play at a nearby theater, the chance of going to a club, but what I did instead? I slept for the whole evening, whoopie doo, Naw I was really tired, one good thing came out of yesterday's evening, I got to talk to Dave -I think I did, I still don't know what I dremt and what I did, today I woke up and asked around to my family if I did what I think I did or it was all a dream- as he was going out the door and tried to calm him down, I hope he's day was a productive one, this is were his story begins btw. Also I had the opportunity to meet Lonely boy, he's such a nice guy, got him coming back from his solo performance -read this one- and even if he left me waiting for him and never did return I liked that guy :) Though what worries me is that I can no longer diferenciate reality from dreams and when I dream I do dream bad stuff sometimes.

Oooh, but I have a new Follower "M" is it James Bond's boss? that would be so awsome! but it's got no description of him : ( so if M is willing to reveal some details of his life I know I'd be happy to get to know him.

So now to Kill Oct Vol. III
6. I am taking you on a date to a restaurant of your choice..., where would that restaurant be, and what would you order?
Oooh, a date already? I don't even know your real name, hehe. So what should we eat?? mmh, that's hard to answer as for me all food tastes the same, I have no love for food so even a whooper would taste the same as a T-bone steak. I could go to a Mcdonalds on a date, I care not for the place as much as I care for the person I'm going with. But hey, if money is no problem I would definitely love to go to Germany, don't know why but it's just so appealing to me and I would love to go there before my time gets, anyone knows a good place to eat there?
About what I would order, I would love a salad, I hate when I eat on a date and feel heavy all day long, it's just not confortable to feel weighted down on a date.
7. Without limitation..., what person has truely inspired you? This could be someone you know or someone from history, it is up to you. And why have they had such an effect on your life?
If someone has really inspired me for good and bad it must be my dad, he just taught me everything he knows, I could fix all the minor flaws in any house and even build the least important things of one, we built a wood house in the garden, and some playgrounds for my little sister some years ago. In fact, he taught me so well I don't ask his help for anything anymore, and he just hates that, my dad and I are so alike in so many ways we fight on end almost everyday, he's got the worst time getting used to my sexual preferences, for you see, I stopped looking for his approval the moment I started my psychology career, as it was something he was totally against -his grandfather told him it was a futureless carrer, he once got interested in psychology himself but I never did know that until recently- so not looking for his approval was a relieve in a way but it has made us really diferent now adays.
8. Sometimes you get the Carniv..., sometimes the Carniv gets you. Discuss.
If I did get this question right this is what I've got to say about it, life is full of shit, I was talking to Lonely boy yesterday, he made a remark like "life seems like you just wait who screws you next" -or something along those lines- and I do believe he's got a point, but if you only wait for someone to screw you over then you won't be able to live your life, be always defending yourself and never be able to appreciate what life has to offer, if you stay in the corner waiting for someone to hurt you then someone will hurt you, but then you can't see the faces of the people that smile your way. I always try to look at people in a open way, never try to make prejuces and just know people, I get easily bored by people always trying to defend themselves as if I could only offer them nothing but more pain, so open yourselves to life, if life gets you it won't be the first time nor the last, but what's important is you have a fun ride and what you can learn from it.
9. You are in an impossible situation, things are getting desperate, and people are counting on you. Do you give up, or do you fight for another way out?
I'll say this once and only once, I would rather die and be cursed in any afterlife that may come than let the people I love down, I would fight to my last breath not to hurt or disappoint someone who cares for me. I've learned through my entire life that stuff come and go, but the people you love sticks with you as much as they're able to do so, so I do the same for them.
10. You see your ideal man walk into the room, he is everything you expected, and just gave you a wink. Now, seeing your interest, he is walking towards you. As he gets closer, you notice an insignificant flaw, that you just can't ignore. Do you introduce yourself, and get over it, or do you turn him down and go back to your drink?
To be honest, I'd first make a funny remark about that minor flaw to anyone willing to listen, hehe, after that... I've talked to people with mayor flaws, a talk is only a talk, and even if people usually get worried by how to introduce themselves I usually have the greatest pick-up line, and here it is for everyone: Hello! (accompanied by a smile). That's a killer, always gets my conversations rolling. So to wrap things up, I would introduce myself and get over him : ]

And now a brand new badge of freshly baked questions for Oct

11. Long time from now, when you are already a goner and a laurated novelist writes your biography, How will it end?
12. What has been your biggest acomplishment in life?
13. If three people in your life where to show up after a long time and were to share a cup of coffee with you, who would those people be? and why them?
14. What's your biggest fear?
15. If someone you really like popped the question of marriage today, would you go along?

And to all, have a great day.
All my love

Sep 11, 2009

Gentlemen´s duel, Part II

Oooh my, it´s Friday! can´t keep up the pace with this week, I´ll like to thank all comments and I stand corrected, Go left at the fork does have a Blog and is this one, go check it out, it will take a little to do so myself and I apologize for that but just posting this message is a stretch of my little free time, but I will, I´ve never turned down an invitation and will not begin now. And now to what everyone has been waiting for, some answers.
Ladies and gentlemen, brace yourselves for you´re about to enter the innermost thoughts of a twisted mind, Make peaces with all those whom you have and have offended you, for we might not be the same after reading this one.
So big revelations on Octavius´ side, I´ve never broken a nail and he´s got all those broken bones. Oooh, and that´s a great color, or is it? guess you´ll have to ask me, hehe. So here come his questions and my respective answers to each and everyone of them, i just hope you don´t hate me after you read them, if you do I´ll understand.

1. Name three of your guilty pleasures, explaining in brief detail each one.
 Only three?
  1. Meat, only eating it, I don´t feel bad for having hot meat at my bed, I use protection *hint hint*, I don´t like eating any animal´s meat on the moral side, I do feel remorse from the slaughter and have started changing my family´s eating habits but so far I still enjoy a steak or two and feel bad about it.
  2. I enjoy making remarks of stupid things people say, and they do say a lot of stupid things, it´s not that I feel superior, it´s just that people should think what they want to say before saying it.
  3. I´m a pretty convincing actor, and when should need arise I use the ability as a get out of jail free card, it has helped me get out of so many trouble and continues to do so today, I love it and yet I feel a little guilty for not being completely honest with people, so I try not to use it that much.
2. What is your darkest secret..., Discuss.
My darkest secret, well, I already came out to a lot of people no surprise there, however there is something only a selected group of friends know about me, I´m a really bad person. When I turned 17 I had a lot of troubles, I was lost, had no money (and I do mean no money), and had no idea what was happening to me for  was attracted to people same sex and no one t talk to, so I decided if I was unhappy I was going to make as much people unhappy as I could, so I pretty much lied t everyone willing to hear me for more than five minutes, I deceived, cheated, stole and made promises I could never keep. My life was a total mess, lied to my teachers, all of them, I was glad every time I saw someone being miserable and I helped them being more miserable yet, I did horrible things to my friends and still they kept by my side, I see them once in a while still and I feel I owe them so much.
3. You are marooned on a deserted island. You can save three things from the plane that has crashed leaving you there, before it sinks beyond reach. What three things would you save?
Now, as for this question I needed a lot of time to figure things out, life has taught me a lesson I learned a long time ago, nothing is irreplaceable, things are not needed but for comfort, I have no need of anything nor the things I crave to have will do much good. I would have saved three of my family members for they are what´s truly important to me, such as my sister, my mom and my brother, now that is not the question, so if I could save only things they would have to be: a) my bike, I love to ride my bike and think it would help explore the environment that much faster, b) a machete, not the thing people use to strangle each other, I mean the big knife, c) A flare gun, just to start a fire or call on passing planes/boats.
4. Forgetting the religious aspects..., you are Fer Almighty! God has bequeathed upon you all his powers for one day..., what do you do?
 First thing I would do is add three hours to each day and a day to each week, maybe then I would get to do all I need doing. I´d clean the oceans, the soil, get the polar capes repaired, this world deserves a second chance, eradicate religions, why? I´m God, I need no worshipers, besides religion does a lot of evil, ok, ok, not religion, people claiming to be in the name of god. Create a single language, maybe if people were to talk the same tongue they would understand each other better -though I doubt it- I´d create tolerance and stop the spreading of human beings, we´re already way too many, if demography was controlled then the world wouldn´t have so many problems, also I would create food for people in Africa, and since population is under check diseases are not necessary so out with them.
5. Recite the best line/quote from a popular film that has truely stuck in your memory. If the film is obscure, please give title, character and synopsis.   
I think this scene doesn´t need an explanation, if you haven´t seen this movie you´re loosing a huge motion picture, and you should take the needed actions to correct it. This scene is from Kill Bill Vol. 2 where Bill tells the bride a little story by the fireplace
Bill: Once upon a time in China, some believe, around the year one double-aught three, head priest of the White Lotus Clan, Pai Mei, was walking down the road, contemplating whatever it is that a man of Pai Mei's infinite power contemplates - which is another way of saying "who knows?" - when a Shaolin monk appeared, traveling in the opposite direction. As the monk and the priest crossed paths, Pai Mei, in a practically unfathomable display of generosity, gave the monk the slightest of nods. The nod was not returned. Now was it the intention of the Shaolin monk to insult Pai Mei? Or did he just fail to see the generous social gesture? The motives of the monk remain unknown. What is known, are the consequences. The next morning Pai Mei appeared at the Shaolin Temple and demanded of the Temple's head abbot that he offer Pai Mei his neck to repay the insult. The Abbot at first tried to console Pai Mei, only to find Pai Mei was inconsolable. So began the massacre of the Shaolin Temple and all sixty of the monks inside at the fists of the White Lotus. And so began the legend of Pai Mei's five-point-palm-exploding-heart technique.
I love this scene and can recite it with no problem.
But here´s a quote from another movie I love called The silence of the lambs: "Quid pro quo, Clarice. I tell you things, you tell me things". In other words, your turn : )
So here are my questions:
6. You have only 24 hours left to walk this God´s green earth, what are you going to do to make them worth?
7. What are the -let´s say- 7 things your ideal man would need to have
8. Who´s  your platonic love?
9. What is the most significant dream you´ve ever had?
10. What are your height and weight as of this morning?
So there, the ball is on your court now.
In other news I tried getting to classes on time yesterday, however I didn´t count on México´s crappy sewerage system and by the time I got near school I got problems knee deep.
Now my only hope is that this day ends NOW and I can get some sleep, sorry if my spirit isn´t as high as it normally is, but right now It´s almost 1 p.m. and I´m falling asleep in my keyboard.
Nevertheless I love each and everyone of you

Sep 10, 2009


Yaaawwwnn!  sorry, it's 5:30 in the morning, I'm barely awakening, my whole body still feels numb, my head is thinking "what am I doing awake?" my eyes are trying to close to protect themselves from the light cast by the monitor, got my mug of coffee in one hand -which is actually a little bigger than my hand- I will gulp a couple of these before I leave for the gym in about 30 min and still here I am writing from the top of the top of my head, and my visage is not a pleasant sight, it hasn't reflected a single smile in days but a hallow gaze feels my eyes.
Actually image that has an amazing resemblance
My eyes are burning, my muscles sore, my head is trying to find an excuse to stay in bed. Truth is I can't afford to do that; got so much work to do, lots of school chores pending, classes until sun comes down and then some. Also I have some very important issues to attend to right now here in this blog and that's the only thing that's keeping me in front of my keyboard and those are these:
I. I want to thank my newests followers, Goleftatthefork -I don't think he's got a blog but if I'm wrong do correct me- and Liam who I really hope to be doing fine and feeling a little bit better, otherwise you know where to find me boy :)
II. IT'S PHIL'S BIRTHDAY!! so if you haven't done so -and I know some of you have- go to his blog and wish him a happy birthday.
III. I need to thank Aek and Dave for all his ideas to ask Octavius in our little showdown, thanks pals, it feels great knowing I've got such great friends that got my back.
IV. I have to admit no one has ever called me "little flower" before -and has walked away with the proper use of both his legs- but name calling won't help you little buddy, never since Clint Eastwood has there been a bigger SOB than me.

V (for Vendetta). In my country we have a saying, "the one that strikes first, strikes twice", so as I was given the honor to begin this whole thing I'll be happy to draw first blood, it has been postponed for too long and so HERE IT GOES
1. My first question will definitely have to be, Why Octavius?
2. What's with all this army/navy stuff going around in your blog?
3. Describe yourself in one word, and obviously why?
4. What's the greatest memory you have in your life?
5. What's your favorite color (s)? (thanks Aek ;P)

Aaaah, nothing like the smell of blood in the morning :) I'll go to your blog looking for answers latter, to all a great day, it's already Thursday and I'm falling apart, have a pleasant day at work. AND GO CONGRATULATE PHIL, NOW!!! hehe.
All my love

Sep 8, 2009


If you have absolutely no idea what I'm talking about then you should go and read this post by Octavius including my own commentary -which is the 8th one- and my last post in which I expose the rules.

So what I need now are questions to ask Octavius, and I need as many ideas I can get, this is a no holds barred, all out battle between the two of us and I need everyone's questions to get this battle started so you have any question let me know please. So you want to know something about this guy just ask.

However I'm just stretching my muscles and warming up, so tomorrow -I hope- I'll begin with the asking as I was given the highest of honors of beginning -even if I didn't want to, but I've never run away from a challenge- for now I need some help.

Aaaah, great news!! -for me at least- I reached the unbelievable amount of 30 followers!!! 30! in under two months, I can't believe this, I thank all of you who are brave enough to accept your love for my blog, thanks so much, thank you, thank you. And thanks to Dave, and to Lonelyboy -hope you did find your driver's license boy- for being the last two to join, thanks so much, to everyone, I only do this rambling, nonsensical, wicked and sometimes lame blog because of the people that reads it, so if there's anyone to blame that's YOU.

Btw, if you didn't figured it out, the title of the post is due to my love of the Zoolander film and this scene in particular

It's A Walk-Off

"Don't you know I'm loco?"

All my love to you

Sep 7, 2009

I'll take it, just bring it ;)

Great name I just came up there :P ...not and I'll explain it in a little while, if you have read my blog you'll know what this part is about (for those who don't is comment review time). So Drew turned 21 -hope you had an amazing day-, I got flirted online more than today at work -which is hard (no, really I could sue all of them for sexual harassment if I didn't loved them so much)- and Aek made a comment about my hideus coffee shop pick, gee thanks Aek, nah, I love you too XD.

So here's the deal, I've taken a challenge made by Octavius, is a game of personal questions and the rules if he chooses to play are as follow:

1. There will be 4 rounds of 5 questions each
2. Every player may choose not to answer to a question
3. At the end of the 4 rounds the player that has more answered questions WINS
4. Bystanders may give advice as to what to ask to the other player
5. Questions may be returned back to the other person only if you answer it otherwise you can't reflect it
6. Yes/No questions should have at least a brief explanation of why
7. Anything not covered here by the rules must be decided by a third party (namely a poll)
8. You have any rules to add you must do so before the game starts
9. Every question must be answered with complete and brutal honesty
10. You challenged, you begin the asking

So that's that, you on?

Ok, so I'll wait for your answer, in the mean time you should go like me to read my good friend's FMS -short for Find Me a Stud (I think, hehehe)- blog, I found him today and he told me he had a post about school and his fraternity -there's just something about frat boys that gets my motor running-  and a hot boy so I'm dying to read it. Ooooh! and a boy I just found self-proclaimed Lonely boy you go see his blog Life sucks... stick to theater and make him feel a little less lonely : ) My life is already a theater, or better yet a drama, no, no, no, my life is more like a circus, it's got a freak show, rollercosters  and you never know when someone is going to fall and splash the floor blood red... mmmh, ok, I'll stay with the theater of my life for now. So that's that for today, auf Wiedersehen.

All my love

P.S. I may leave but you'll stay in good company of this boy

Sep 6, 2009

Congratulations Drew, and many more

My 21st post goes to...(drums)... Drew who's celebrating his 21st birthday, wow, great coincidence -love when that happens (coincidences, well... birthdays too, just not mines)- So have a great day I have here your birthday present, hope you don't mind but I did a little unwrapping

Hope you don't already have one of this. Sorry for the unwrapping but he was feeling nuts : ) Everyone, Don't be shy, go ahead and wish Drew a good day, he won't bite, unless you ask him to ; )

Thanks for all your comments, I'm terribly ashamed I haven't been updating frecuently but is only for lack of time, friday I slept for half an hour at work for I was exahusted, but I haven't forgotten about anyone, and I'm sorry if I haven't been on msn but same story there, lots of school too, I'm only on during the weekdays when I'm at work around 10 - 14 hrs.

So I was Planning on telling you about my weekend but then I decided a picture was worth a thousend words, or something like that.

I wanted to go to the gym but a friend I hadn't seen in a long time conviced me to go have some coffee with him in our favorite spot, I love that place is like a fishtank of people for it has huuuge windows.

Shouldn't streets be for cars? That goes to show you that in Mexico if you have a couple of cars to block a street and enough people to walk it you can close up any main street and the government won't say a thing.
And at night a concert with my brother, it was a good one, but no luck for me there : ( Ooh! and I saw a cat

Maybe it's because it's a black cat that brought me bad luck. Love street art!

As yesterday I couldn't go to the gym my legs are stiff and my buttocks hard, hate that feeling, will have to do something about that.

And once again before I forget, have a great day Drew! Welcome to the legal side of the law.

All my love

Sep 3, 2009

My own personal cloud

Good news, corrected every problem with this new layout, Yay me! Mr. Urs no more word verification, hate that thing and needed an excuse to take it out, and Aek the members´ list is now in another color hope you like the new one.

Have you ever felt like a cloud is following all day long, well, I did today, got out of home in the morning and it started raining, got to the gym it stopped for the hour and a half I was in there, after that it was a ten minute walk to work (twelve if you walk with a slow dancing pace like I do) and it started raining again, after some hours  later I had to go home, got with my brother to fetch my sister from her school and found out she was with a rock band outside her school for they were getting a photo session for their next album, that was great, we got her a large number of pics with them and got them to sign her school uniform. After that got something to eat and the moment I step outside my house it starts raining. That moment went by and the sun realized it was time to come out and shine so it started getting hotter every moment that passed. At night when everything seemed to be cooling down, guess what happened, yup started raining as I was getting off the subway on my way home. I love the rain, it wakes me up, helps me unwind from every stressing thing that happened along the day, gets me thinking how small we are, how even when we think we control everything in our lives, when we think nothing can oppose our plans, when we think of ourselves as think the kings of the world, the simplest thing like raining water makes the whole world run, hide or stay somewhere dry, messes up traffic and ruins up your hairdo!

I don´t think many things are as powerful as those minuscule drops of liquid. Personally, I don´t wear an umbrella and recommend to everyone to get wet once in a while, just love the feel of pouring water down my head and shoulders it´s so refreshing and soothing, however as I haven´t slept well for some days now and got soaking wet with freezing water if I don´t get sick tomorrow morning I´ll consider it a miracle = ) so wish me luck.

Now let me show you a couple of things, First, I go to the gym at school for it´s practically free -no cute boys nor girls though- however after a little workout I enjoy a good boy-sighting *Ahem* I mean breakfast at the only passageway from the entrance to the classrooms of the school here:

After that I go to work and there my boss made the two biggest mistakes you could make, give a computer with internet and place me at the office with the biggest window facing to the street here:

Now the whole window thing wouldn´t be a problem specially since I face a construction site and an empty lot, however the REAL problem is that it´s in the gay district and I´m sieged, by the west by a high-school, east a university, south a mayor street that leads everyone into the gay district and by the north by the biggest mall in the whole district, so I wonder how I get anything done.

I got this song stuck all day in my head, time for you to do the same = ) have a great day and be careful just in case love takes over.

All the love
Me (the Big Bad Wolf)

P.S. What do you know? just posted my first video link successfully, if only my mom could see me now - but she´s sleeping  : P -