Sep 16, 2009

DIVERTIMENTO / Celebrating Freedom

Thank you all for your lovely comments, I always enjoy them, to Ethan and Aek, I'm sorry, sometimes I see you online but got so much things to do I just don't think I can keep up the convo if I do start talking and that would be plain rude on my side, but you all know you need anything I'll drop what I'm doing for you : ) Ah, also say hello to my new readers -my eyes shine at every new follower-, Cougar from Confessions of your gay best friend -I found this one yesterday and liked what he had to say- and Jose from Llaves Rojas -Red keys (Hence the big red keys on his banner, dah)- I met this one place a long time ago, posted a comment and just now we got in touch, glad we did too.

 A little something about mexicans, we don't need a reason to party and get wild, but when we do you know it'll get big and messy. I for once had a great evening, my brother's friends came and with a lot of effort we convinced him to go out, just go out and find us something to do, so being the subtle manipulator that I am got them to walk for a good 20 min with the promise of a pub for it was downtown, where I just wanted to go -It was really like waving a carrot on a stick at a horse, they just kept on walking-. As we walked some new brand of taurine based soda offered us some free -500 ml- samples, we hadn't eaten in hours so the blessed thing got us into jumping on the street 'til we got to the pub I promised, It was crowded, as expected, but we got ourselves a table, got to eat nachos and ordered a 5 L -1.3 Gallons (yup, read that one right, Gallons)- beer for the four of us, which is a large tube they instal at your table and actually screw it so it won't fall, it's got a small valve so you can self-serve -I took some pictures but my f*çkin' camera didn't work as expected, blasted celphone- but as my brother doensn't drink and he was driving anyways, it was up to us three to finish that bad boy. I don't know how much I drank, all I know is when I walked out of there after shouting at the top of my voice "Viva México!" alongside a bunch of drunk straight people, I wasn't drunk.
While walking down the street I get to see the fireworks in the sky, last time I saw fireworks I was the exact same place about 17 years ago, I was 8 at the time and watching all those colors, the flowers made of fire, the exploding lights in the firmament, it made me feel I was 8 again, that cold chill that starts at the bottom-most part of the back started making his way through my spine, it got into my shoulders, ran through my neck and got into my head, that kind of chill that makes you want to hold your breath with amezement and a child's perplexity of watching something brand new and at the time
so known and you know if you don't let a whimper go then tears will just start pouring from your eyes without control, luckily tiny rain drops were falling at the time in my face and that just added something to the mood.
By kil1k 
Just Breathtaking.
An unforgetable night with the people I love, wish you all could've been here. Today I'll take my baby sister to the movies as we haven't spent a lot of time together lately and on wednesdays movies are cheaper, so I have to run, have a good day everyone.

Love you all


Mr. Urs said...

¡Viva México!

Dave83201 said...

Happy to see you take some time off and have some fun --- but a 1.3 gallon beer? I hope they had a urinal near bye somewhere!

Lots of love!!!

Aek said...

I'm glad you had fun. :) I wish I were there with ya.

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