Sep 14, 2009

===INTERMEZZO=== and a little something for my readers

 ==We interrupt this program to bring you this quasi-informative, quasi-interesant news-flash==

Ok, so tomorrow big day for Mexico as a country, we celebrate 199 years of independence from Spain so if you thought independence was on 5 de Mayo, beep!! sorry, but do play again. Now on my mom's side of the family I've got Spanish forefathers, as I told in my second-ish post, but on my dad's side they're mexican and British (some 4 generations ago), so even if I feel I'm mexican and enjoy the spare days we get because of that and unlike many other people in this country that remember they're mexicans but a day each year and all year long they hate this country, I really like it, so for the 199th time at exactly 2300 hours in every mexican comunity around the world someone will stand above all gathered people to shout "VIVA MEXICO" at the top of their voice and bells will start clanking as mexicans get together to watch the fireworks in the sky.

For such a date I don't know how I'm going to celebrate it, but I do hope I do get to go to a restaurant with my brother at least to share a drink for as it' s to be expected people get all degrees of drunk. Btw, Mr. Urs do congratulate your husband on my behalf : ) do you celebrate this day?

 ==We now return to our regular scheduled program==

I don't usually post on mondays, but as tomorrow is a school free day I'll take a moment of your lives to share some thoughts.

1. I was just kidding Lonely boy I already knew you didn't intend to leave me waiting for you, I was just teasing you : ) you know I love you

2. I totally forgot the promise I made to Phil about baking him a birthday present and I'm already feeling like crap, sorry Phil, I'll make it up to you, besides I'm not good at cooking, but for you I'll make the effort

3. I'll answer to Oct questions next post I'm taking a couple of days off to celebrate independence day

4. I need to publicly thank two bloggers that need no introductions for they're  so well known and loved here they're almost institutions, Seth and Mirrorboy for their links have brought a lot of people over to my blog and for that I'm so thankful to you guys

5. I've got a new reader, YAY! I love new readers, zz_sk8 and he's got three links, each one naughtier than the one behind (underage kids be adviced)

6. I met a great photographer, and he's got a blog, a sweet 16 yo boy named James, I talked to him today on msn and he's really kind and nice, should go say hello to him to Blackwaxx

7. Thanks to Torchy and James my music collection got bigger, thanks guys for your good advice in music for I don't know the first thing about which musicians are any good.

8. Haven't been lucky enough to see my good pal FMS around, I'm already missing him : ( almost as much as I'm missing Patrick Swayze -he died today, poor fellow who would think the star of "Dirty dancing" would pass out so young, may he rest in peace- FMS COME BACK!

9. I got a message from Dave on Sunday on Yahoo! while I was away, he was really happy and just told me everything went great with his long time friend but I haven't heard about him since then, if he is reading this I hope he's doing great and comes around and tells us the whole story

10. Another friend I'm missing -a lot- is Drew, who hasn't been online in a long time : ( I know he was on a little trip but he got back already, so Drew get online!

11. To Dan, I wouldn't change a thing about your blog, I enjoy reading it as it is, people just don't seem to feel the need to reply I don't know why? I don't do it everypost for people will begin to think I have nothing better to do than tell people what to do with their lifes -also if you see AJ tell him not to get down, people have their ups and downs, but if he feels it's time to move on we'll understand his decision (I ask you this for I have tried to talk to him on several occasions and still no luck)-

12. Have a great trip Bob, enjoy your vacations and say Hi to everyone over there, and have a safe return home

13. To all my readers, I'm sorry for I haven't written down your names like Ethan, Zac, Andre, Aek, Mambam, Steevo, Liam, all of you, all of you, I love you all so very much

14. I'm getting better at posting in bullets : )  makes things shorter and easier to read, I think, does it really?

15. This has turned out to be a fun ride, and you've all made this the best time I've ever had on the internet, I am and will stay your humble friend

16. I'm dying over here, I'm falling asleep so I'll just go straight to bed, anyone wants to join me?

17. I'll see you all in next post, till then take good care and behave really bad.

18. My love to all of you


torchy! said...

hey Fer, did i mention before that i absolutely live your header pic? awesome.

great to chat to you yesterday. i don't believe for a monent that i helped your music collection though!


Anonymous said...

YO FER, I'm happy for you and Imma let you finish but Michael Jackson had one of the saddest deaths of all time...--Kanye West.

Inapproriate, unfortunately.

I'm sorry but lolz.

Seth said...

lol FMS.

Fer i like the bullet points, it does make it easier to read things quickly i think i will try it in a post too

hang in there and happy independence day. (or what its called)


Dzyan said...

@Torchy A single flap from a butterfly's wings in the UK can set off a tornado in Mexico city, and as always the pleasure has been mine, love chatting with you.

@FMS haha, you disappear completely and when you come back you decide to make a funny, I'm not liking you that much right now. Just kidding I love you man, 'sides every human lost is a lost, not a great Swayze fan actually, I'm a bigger fan of your blog.

@Seth we call it "Día de la independencia" -which is the exact translation- and is a great pleasure hearing from you and from everyone :)

Aek said...

Hi! :D

Sorry I haven't had much time to stop by and say "Hi" online either. :-/ It sucks to be busy sometimes.

Anonymous said...

Hey don't worry about it much I'll be here when ever you want to say hi

Anonymous said...

plus I got so much drama in my life that I haven't noticed too much

Dave83201 said...

I thought of you at 11:00 PM last night. VIVA MEXICO!

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