Sep 17, 2009


What day is today?? is it monday again? no, I think it's thursday and I'm dying over here, guess taking a couple of days off school and parting all night long was not the greatest idea ever, I'm just glad tomorrow it's the last day, I usually have a bad time when my everyday routine is halted, and that was the case this week. Thanks to Mr. Urs, Aek and Dave for their always appreciated comments, it's always a pleasure getting feedback.

Today I arrived home early, missed the last two classes but either ways I wasn't going to pay attention, I was sleeping in the one I did attended so I went outside and got talking with my ex -he called me on tuesday, he was coming out of a wake and he told me how much he loved me, he got crying, it was really hard on both of us- and I walked him to his class, I attended to his class over some psychological tests which I already know about and about an hour latter I left him teaching his class and got out of school, got home and no one even wondered what I was doing here, much to my joy, I don't like lying to them -not since I came out anyways-.

Also yesterday I got to talk with Drew -at long last- and it was pretty good, sorry Drew, thought you'd be mesmerized watching Glee for a longer time and got myself something to eat, that's why I wasn't there when you came back, so sorry indeed -I'm beginning to really love that guy, Torchy's so lucky :)- and with Dave who just broke up with his girlfriend so you've got the time drop by his blog and say something kind to him, please, I do love him pretty much and wouldn't like to see him sad. This flower is for you Dave, Smile!

That's pretty much my life in the last two days, Ooh, but wait, I did went to see a movie with my sister yesterday from the French film festival, called LOL@ pretty good, with hot high-schoolers, really impressive bodies everyone, hot, hot, hot.

Ok, I've put this on hold for so much time, here are Octavius questions in our little war:

11. In this question I shall rebound one of your own. If three people in your life where to show up after a long time and were to share a cup of coffee with you, who would those people be? and why them?
Yes it is a great question, thanks Dave: ) but I'm not from your past, I'm pretty much from your present and with some luck your future.
So the first person is my first friend, I really loved him back then when I was 17, got so much fun with him his name is Omar but when we were faced with choices he took the easy road and quitted school and I carried on with much trouble but just kept going, never saw him again. The second person would be my first girlfriend, she hurted me so much, we had a destructive relationship and made me suffer for a long long time -I was an idiot, should've never allowed it, but was too dumb- and I want to see her so she can see what she's missing now, hehe. The third person is my grandmother, I love her still and think of her all too often, my first memories are of her and she died when I was 4 :`( if my grandfather were with her I would ask him if he's proud of his grandson wearing his name or if I'm such a let down for him as I was when he was still alive... question...

12. What preparations have you made for the inevitable zombie invasion? 
Believe  it or not I have read the zombie survival guide by Max Brooks, if you haven't I really recomend it, and I've gotten myself some to-do lists in the case of the first sprouts of zombie infestation and keep a keen eye on the news

13. What is the craziest place (location not body part) you've ever been intimate with a person? 
 A camera of gesell, it's a big room with a one way mirror, hopefully no one was on the other side for we went all the way :P

14. In your opinion what is the greatest film ever made?
The best movie with out doubt is Pulp fiction, 'nuff said

15. What is your most fondest childhood memory? hood
My fondest childhood memory has actually to do with my grandmother, she was diabetic since she was a kid, so she had to change sugar for fructose as Sweet-and-low didn't get to Mexico -I even doubt it existed at the moment- everymorning she sat at the dinning room and drank a hot coffee with fructose, my parents say it tasted awful, I should've been 3 yo but what I remember the most is when I sitted on his lap and she shared her coffee with me, I can't forget the smell and the taste, that taste will linger in my mouth for ever, so strong, so bitter, and everytime I smell coffee I remember her, even if my memory might have changed everything there was at the moment, and til now I haven't tasted a single cup of coffee like hers. That's why I love my americano everymorning hot and steamy.

So it's time for my last set of questions and I'm planning on making them worth:

16. What's your darkest secret? (hey, what goes around comes around)
17. What question are you most afraid of some one asking? (another one of Dave's machinations)
18. Your house is on fire!! you got the time to get three items out of it, what would those be?
19. What 3 songs represent you?
20. If you could start to live your life again, what would you change?

Hope you have as much fun answering them as I had making them up :P and as they say good always prevails -crap- 'til next time.

Love you all


Dave83201 said...

Golly gee you're nice to me! And I get a flower and everything? What I really need is a good deflowering, but you live too far away... One can only dream! LOL!!! Did I really just write that? when I start talking dirty you know I'm feeling better. Thanks for being my rock, and I love you too!

Octavius said...

It is done.

Aek said...

I think in event of a zombie epidemic I might be among the first to go, dissecting in an anatomy lab with dead bodies and all. Then again, we removed the brains on Wednesday. So without the brain, a zombie is useless. Perhaps I'll be safe. Is this not true? :P

torchy! said...

i love your blog format, but it crashed my iphone!

that 'camera of gesell'(?) event sounds mighty hot, and talking of which, i like americans hot and steamy too :P


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