Sep 13, 2009

Battle rages on!! Part III of IV

OK. so I over slept all Saturday, had some plans to do something at night, got one party to attend to, a good play at a nearby theater, the chance of going to a club, but what I did instead? I slept for the whole evening, whoopie doo, Naw I was really tired, one good thing came out of yesterday's evening, I got to talk to Dave -I think I did, I still don't know what I dremt and what I did, today I woke up and asked around to my family if I did what I think I did or it was all a dream- as he was going out the door and tried to calm him down, I hope he's day was a productive one, this is were his story begins btw. Also I had the opportunity to meet Lonely boy, he's such a nice guy, got him coming back from his solo performance -read this one- and even if he left me waiting for him and never did return I liked that guy :) Though what worries me is that I can no longer diferenciate reality from dreams and when I dream I do dream bad stuff sometimes.

Oooh, but I have a new Follower "M" is it James Bond's boss? that would be so awsome! but it's got no description of him : ( so if M is willing to reveal some details of his life I know I'd be happy to get to know him.

So now to Kill Oct Vol. III
6. I am taking you on a date to a restaurant of your choice..., where would that restaurant be, and what would you order?
Oooh, a date already? I don't even know your real name, hehe. So what should we eat?? mmh, that's hard to answer as for me all food tastes the same, I have no love for food so even a whooper would taste the same as a T-bone steak. I could go to a Mcdonalds on a date, I care not for the place as much as I care for the person I'm going with. But hey, if money is no problem I would definitely love to go to Germany, don't know why but it's just so appealing to me and I would love to go there before my time gets, anyone knows a good place to eat there?
About what I would order, I would love a salad, I hate when I eat on a date and feel heavy all day long, it's just not confortable to feel weighted down on a date.
7. Without limitation..., what person has truely inspired you? This could be someone you know or someone from history, it is up to you. And why have they had such an effect on your life?
If someone has really inspired me for good and bad it must be my dad, he just taught me everything he knows, I could fix all the minor flaws in any house and even build the least important things of one, we built a wood house in the garden, and some playgrounds for my little sister some years ago. In fact, he taught me so well I don't ask his help for anything anymore, and he just hates that, my dad and I are so alike in so many ways we fight on end almost everyday, he's got the worst time getting used to my sexual preferences, for you see, I stopped looking for his approval the moment I started my psychology career, as it was something he was totally against -his grandfather told him it was a futureless carrer, he once got interested in psychology himself but I never did know that until recently- so not looking for his approval was a relieve in a way but it has made us really diferent now adays.
8. Sometimes you get the Carniv..., sometimes the Carniv gets you. Discuss.
If I did get this question right this is what I've got to say about it, life is full of shit, I was talking to Lonely boy yesterday, he made a remark like "life seems like you just wait who screws you next" -or something along those lines- and I do believe he's got a point, but if you only wait for someone to screw you over then you won't be able to live your life, be always defending yourself and never be able to appreciate what life has to offer, if you stay in the corner waiting for someone to hurt you then someone will hurt you, but then you can't see the faces of the people that smile your way. I always try to look at people in a open way, never try to make prejuces and just know people, I get easily bored by people always trying to defend themselves as if I could only offer them nothing but more pain, so open yourselves to life, if life gets you it won't be the first time nor the last, but what's important is you have a fun ride and what you can learn from it.
9. You are in an impossible situation, things are getting desperate, and people are counting on you. Do you give up, or do you fight for another way out?
I'll say this once and only once, I would rather die and be cursed in any afterlife that may come than let the people I love down, I would fight to my last breath not to hurt or disappoint someone who cares for me. I've learned through my entire life that stuff come and go, but the people you love sticks with you as much as they're able to do so, so I do the same for them.
10. You see your ideal man walk into the room, he is everything you expected, and just gave you a wink. Now, seeing your interest, he is walking towards you. As he gets closer, you notice an insignificant flaw, that you just can't ignore. Do you introduce yourself, and get over it, or do you turn him down and go back to your drink?
To be honest, I'd first make a funny remark about that minor flaw to anyone willing to listen, hehe, after that... I've talked to people with mayor flaws, a talk is only a talk, and even if people usually get worried by how to introduce themselves I usually have the greatest pick-up line, and here it is for everyone: Hello! (accompanied by a smile). That's a killer, always gets my conversations rolling. So to wrap things up, I would introduce myself and get over him : ]

And now a brand new badge of freshly baked questions for Oct

11. Long time from now, when you are already a goner and a laurated novelist writes your biography, How will it end?
12. What has been your biggest acomplishment in life?
13. If three people in your life where to show up after a long time and were to share a cup of coffee with you, who would those people be? and why them?
14. What's your biggest fear?
15. If someone you really like popped the question of marriage today, would you go along?

And to all, have a great day.
All my love


LonelyBoy said...

I'm so sorry!!!
I know I said I'd be back on when I get my iPod but my iPod just WOULDNT connect to the Internet!! It's always acting up on me!! Grr!
And I couldn't get back on the computer cause it was my dad's and he had gone out taking his computer bag with him!!
I spent like half an hour trying to connect!!
REALLY sorry again!!
It was lovely to meet you too!!!!!
S xx

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