Jun 25, 2010

This is what a not-update looks like

This is truly and utterly surprising, I still have people that follow my blog!

Cool, thanks a bunch.

So... a little about my last days, I´ve been sick -damn flu- all week, not getting any jobs either, so you see, no real reason to update about my life as it seems it´s getting nowhere.

Oh, two important things have happened tho, first, tomorrow is Gay Pride Parade Mexico City! YAY, hopefully I will attend, need to be careful as I´m still sick and all the sun and exposition to the wind might get me real sick. IF I attend, it will be my second parade -as I was always fearful of going to that kind of things and not accepting of myself to be seen in such places- so I hope it will be a good one, last year was disastrous, got all kind of bad weather including a storming rain that ended the whole parade early.

On the other hand, I´ve been talking to a guy at an NGO that works to keep masculine health -you know me always the idealist- and might even work for a couple of months there after I get a real paying job.

Job-hunting has been ruining my life, I have noticed I haven´t made a pass to a guy in months and I´m more pressured about getting a job than doing the latter, guess it´s all about priorities, first, get a job, then get someone to cuddle with, after all, I know there´s few things more enthralling in a guy than him having money -in a relationship I mean, of course in a one night-stand only thing that seems to matter is physical appearance and charisma, so If I have both why not go for those? well, I´m only human, I want what I cannot attain- and I´m broke, so gotta do something about that as soon as possible.

Gotta go back to bed, need to sleep a lot and I do mean a LOT, yesterday was a hard night, couldn´t sleep with all kinds of thoughts jumping to my mind, guess I had too much coffee at a late reunion with an employer, too bad. Unfortunately neighbours seem to be holding a party, a noisy noisy party, one of those that will end around 6 am with everyone drunk and with people getting physically beaten to a bloody pulp, YAY neighbours, they bring such happiness to me. So well, keep healthy -unlike me- and a good night to you.


Jun 11, 2010

A quickie

It´s here at last, the long awaited and always belated: Update time!!

So the reason of the delay in my updates is basically, I´ve got nothing so important to update about, or do I? Nope, not really, but I´ll put you up to date nonetheless; been doing the same old, going to interviews, being disappointed in the slavery conditions people want me to work in -I´m not kidding, a 12 hours shift six days a week with minimum wage and no other income is nothing to laugh about, well I did in the face of the HR manager any ways, so that´s a job I´m not going to get-. A good chance does present itself every once in a while and I take advantage of those few occasions; right now a big opportunity is open to me, however as anything that´s worth something in this life, it won´t be easy to get, need to give a presentation about Assertiveness to a bunch of managers and the CEO, afterwards got an interview with some international hot shot I´ll be working for, so this weekend will be studying and working time for me.

Oh, the position, I decided I´ve got a lot to give as a teacher, so now I´m applying for the facilitator role in big companies, I mean, I´m pretty good doing presentations and moderating groups, I´m quite convincing and got a really good presence, so I´ll be doing my best job, I´m nervous though, gotta do my best effort and WOW everyone in the room.

So that´s basically it, well, I do need to thank people for their support, it does mean a lot to me, even when I haven´t been updating much you stick by me, THANKS!!

Gotta go do some work and tease some friends, lol. See you around