Sep 22, 2009

The final stand

Sorry, sorry, I know I owe a lot of people replies to their comments specially Ethan, but I barely have time for posting, I´m posting from work and sending it to my mail so it doesn´t look SO bad, long time since last post but I do thank you all your concern, know I might sound a little desperate but I assure you is only doe all the work that needs to be done round here, so thanks Drew for being there for me and Dave for worrying so much, if I can make it up to you two in anyways just say it, and thanks to all for following too and for your invaluable support :)

I know I´ve been procrastinating a lot, so here´s the last stage of the little Blog-off with my dear friend Octavius, blood has been drawn, punches have hit their intended target and shameful secrets have come to light, still all fair in love and war.

16. Top or Bottom...?
I personally love giving love and the feeling of passion and endless lust that consume me, so I prefer the top position no doubt, what can I say, I´m just a giver :)

17.Name two things that define you as a person?
Two things eh? I think and if someone thinks otherwise then you can beat the crap out of me, but my true traits are my wits and my easy-going-ness hehe, well, I´d like to say I´m as sharp as a blade but sometimes I´m just as sleepy as can be, and wake up at the most odd places, but that´s only because I´m tired, what I´m trying to get to is that as much as I would love to say that I´m witty it´s more my wish to be so that pushes me to be so, if you were aiming to develop muscles you wouldn´t sit in your couch for hours on end, you´d go out and walk or do some push-ups at home, so that´s what I do everyday, I do mental push-ups, work my cross-word puzzles, my sudoku -I´m a sudoku fan- and my horoscope -only to make a joke about it-. About my being easy-going, well, I think it was about time I got some social skills, and I develop them everyday -or try to at the very least- so really, if you feel like talking I´m always happy to talk to anyone.

18. What are the three most important possessions to which you can not live without?
Possessions? mmh... a though one, I could live in the nude in the wilderness if needed, but OK, here goes my best shot, the jeans I´m wearing today, they are my favorites -sorry, no pictures, they are dirty and quite frankly had to get out of home in a rush, was talking to Dave in the morning and time just flew by- second, my computer and it´s internets, I just don´t know what I would do without my computer and all the porn files I have in there, and lastly my ipod, my brother gave it to me in my last birthday, it is -I think- the most expensive thing I wear everyday and helps pass the hideous moments at the subway.

19. Paper or plastic...? Discuss.
I would have to go with paper, might kill some trees but when I´m dead I want what ppl are able to scrap from the floor with a table spoon of me, inside a little Chinese restaurant´s take-out paper box, they are so adorable, we don´t have those in here you know, and it would be pretty original, afterwards you can burn it or feed it to the dogs, I´d be dead already so why waste such a yummy person in a hole in the ground, yes, I´m yummy...mmh, so meaty

20. What is the thing that first attracts you to a person?
His/her smile, Shakespeare said "eyes are windows to the soul", but for me a smile tells me all I need to know, there are a lot of things you can know from another person with just a smile, i.e. do they look sad when they smile, if it´s a fake smile, how his/her eyes sparkle -they do-, some people can´t bring themselves to smile at all, I´m not overly superficial, but a smile can win me over, and don´t even mention laughter : )

So there you go my good friend in arms, my time in this arena is done and I´m done for the time being, a worthy opponent you turned out to be, they say there are two ways to really know someone, in a fight and in bed. So why make war when you can make love O_o ?

Hope you had as much fun as I did.
I´ll post this from my mail, and will proceed to add the pictures and proper links later on, I´m called to a meeting here and we have an institutional emergency THERE IS NO COFFEE!! Gawd, something must be done and fast. I´ll see you later, ´til then au revoir mon chères.

All the love


torchy! said...

looks like you had a lot of fun with The Commodore, and we've learnt a load about you.

i'm deffo one for smiles myself, that and the eyes are the first things i look for. and i always do several sudoku puzzles every day.


Aek said...

Awww, you sound so tired. :(

You need to take a night off from everything and just unwind and catch up on sleep. Don't become too dependent on coffee, it's a vicious cycle!

*Hugs* I hope you're doing alright. Don't go doing things that'll put you in over your head now. :P

Anonymous said...

LOL, we have all been neglectful, but I am probably the worst, still on the road, and I am coming back soon just to leave again on the 29th, so tra LA LA!

SO, a giver huh? ;)

Anonymous said...

Well personally I haven't read your wars (I don't know why either which is kind of odd)

I don't mind waiting to talk to Fer and this will do fine for now

Dave83201 said...

Sorry about making you late... however it was so good a chat that I'm not actually all that sorry. LOL! What I am sorry about is that there was no pic of you in your favorite jeans.

Now regarding your claim that you "could live in the nude in the wilderness if needed". I think that is an idea we should explore. I have a back yard that could double as a small "wilderness" Think about it. LOL.

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