Dec 30, 2009

The end is here

Well that´s it, all around the globe in a manner of hours clocks will tick themselves to midnight, they´ll announce the current year has run out of time, transpired minutes will be here no more, every grain of sand in the hourglass will be in the bottom signaling that whatever has passed is in the past, no going back now, no way of turning back time.

So as the last hours of the year keep their steady march to meet at the top of the clock I can´t avoid but to be reminded of all the year round joys, deceptions, surprises, let-downs, romances, sadness, falling ins and out of love, beginnings and endings. This has been one of the weirdest years I´ve had the luck to live, has brought me so many memories, has see me grow in more than size and maturity, but also in wisdom and patience,  has given me breathtaking happiness and shattering sadness. But above all, the best thing to come out of this year is that it has allowed me to get in touch with amazing people I have no way of repaying them their time and care, I had a major depression for most of the second-half of the year, and instead of running away from me as anyone else would´ve done, they stayed with me and gave me their support, their patience and their love, for that I can´t find a way to repay them and will always be their must grateful friend.

Two-thousand and nine is done now, good bye and good riddance, close the door as you leave, all that´s left is to look up to the sky and watch the fireworks

Welcome 2010
Hope we can all share it together

Love to All

Please don´t EVER try this at home!!

Ah, what a wonderful thing Bj´ are, what better way to show someone you trust him/her than placing one of your most valuable goods inside a cavity designed by nature to tear and rip-off flesh?

So many scents and flavors condoms come nowadays for people to experience this threat with a faint reminiscence of their childhood days sucking lollipops and with even less risk from acquiring an STD.

He who has never had the opportunity to be in this hightened state of being should not be looked with disdain, NO! We should instead help this soul lost from the oral delights that give manhood it´s pride and glory.

IF performed correctly this sensual and intimate act of pleasuring that can  according to the most ancient tradition of Tantric Yoga illuminate and bring a state of Nirvana into its Receiver.

That is right, but that is IF and only IF you don´t do something like this:

Next video might not be suitable for sensitive and/or all gay audiences, discretion advised.

So keep it fun and keep it safe people.

*This community service announcement was brought to you by your friendly blogger Dzyan, "Averting disasters since the establishment of Alessandro Moreschi day".

Dec 27, 2009

Time Flies

Wake up, the light coming through the windows and hitting the white walls, they light and reflect so the room looks even more illuminated than it should be, usually light doesn´t pass through my bedroom´s curtains, and the walls aren´t white... and this is not my bed... and this is not my room; last night was so extreme, remember I bent some the rules -no, I didn´t drink at all and anything is out of the question- but had the must fun in a long time. There´s someone sleeping next to me, which of it´s own is a weird happenstance, but it´s not only sleeping by my side, it´s sleeping between my arms, we spent most of the night awake, we talked all night long, but no words were needed at all, all we said was done in actions, with gentle caresses, sublime caresses with soft hands that traveled through our entire bodies, showing to each other the greatest expression of Glory.

Night was so passionate the coldest winter left my clothes sweat damp, those clothes are everywhere around the bed, must try to get dressed before the third person in the room wakes up, he owns this room, he owns the whole house, his heavy dreaming allowed us a night of sensuality, our breathes covered by his loud snoring, which made it even more risky and exciting, had to keep our voices quiet and the emotions loud. This would repeat itself several more occasions, unbeknown to everyone but the two of us, certainly no one could have guessed that what happened in that bed between just two friends.

Been a year since that morning, still remember it like it was yesterday, can tell exactly what I did, remember us playing with our legs in the beginning, remember myself slowly getting closer once you turned around, listening to the  rhythm of your heart, you were so excited... and so was I. when my arms surrounded you it was like we found heaven at the exact same time and we took our bodies with us, clothing was so out of place, who  needs clothes in paradise? We cling to each other the same way you hold to your last breath fearing it will all end the moment you let go. Remember me trembling that night? I remember your kisses and remember your fire.

It all happened one year ago this day, it all happened with the moon as our witness, it all happened between the two of us, and what makes it ever so memorable? You were my first boy.

bi coubo

Dec 24, 2009

Felíz Navidad!

Ah, Christmas, the time of the year where streets are paved with colored lights, malls are crowded with people with their last-minute present buying, TV shows nothing more than a bunch of kids saving a fat old man dressed in red that in turn will bring present to every well-behaved kid in the world *sigh* what better way of remembering the day Jesus was born?

Must warn you something, I´m not a really Christmasy person, in fact, in my opinion there´s no worse time of the year, usually around this time of the year  my dad becomes depressed -if you ever wonder where I learned to be depressive there´s  your answer, my brother and sister are quite depressive too- and when it happens he starts becoming passive-aggressive with everyone, also starts drinking and that doesn´t improve his mood, this jolly routine of his has been going on for 8 years now since his father died and doesn´t seem to get over it at all as the years pass, my mom usually spends the days complaining of how tight is money and won´t be happy until she starts to work again. Also we have no decorations, no christmas tree, no christmas carols nor care about all that stuff.

Tonight we´ll have a nice family dinner though and go to sleep early, we´re not really religious people but we try to have a good time.

So anyways, if you don´t celebrate Christmas, have a wonderful night -in Mexico Christmas is celebrated on Christmas eve- it doesn´t matter your religion, tonight is as good a night as any to have a wonderful time with the people you love the most, and if you do celebrate it don´t have a spectacular holiday!!

Merry Christmas!!

Dec 22, 2009

Mexico City likes to keep it Gay

As of yesterday -December 21st 20009- Mexico City allows same sex marriage, forcing the redefinition of "Marriage" between a man and a woman into the legal-union of two individuals of any sex, that by itself is a huge step forward not only to the LBGT community of Mexico, but also of latin america, being Mexico the first big city of latin america to approve of this law.

So far the only thing allowed to same-sex unions was a sort of civil union that was a mockery as it gave no one any benefits and it bestowed no rights to the couple. So how is this an improvement? Couples now can Inherit goods, ask for shared bank accounts, get free social service -medical service, government daycare, unemployment benefits, among others - and even adopt children, that´s right, however this has risen the most debate among people and might get revised later, but for now a battle has been won here.

This has taken it´s time to finally be recognized, and in some way it really shows what I´ve experienced first-hand, inhabitants of the city are now a little more open and tolerant towards public displays of same-sex couples, something that five years ago seemed so far away and even impossible.

If like me you´ve been an activist to get this benefits for some time this calls for a celebration : ) Something to be proud of.

Dec 21, 2009

Graduation Checklist

  • Attend to church and get blessings for my grandparent´s sake.............................Check
  • Not Melt due to holy water................................................................................Check
  • Get to gala party................................................................................................Check
  • Being stared at by the 17 year old boy from next table........................................Check -*Shrugs shoulders* Huh?-
  • Manage to not commit suicide before dinner.......................................................Check
  • Have a good conversation with my parents that didn´t turn into a discussion on how they never show the slightest interest in my studies last four years...........................Check -barely-
  • Have the first Waltz of the night with my mom.....................................................Check
  • Get my brother to attend in his most drugged state..............................................Check
  • Change to the table of my best friend after dinner -he brought alcohol, we didn´t-......Check
  • Get a good time with the classmates....................................................................Check
  • Dance with my best friend´s girlfriend while he got drunk-er-....................................Check
  • Send the parent home.........................................................................................Check
  • Get a little drunk............................................................Check
  • Sing songs I don´t even know -alcohol is a powerful thing-.......................................Check
  • Sing along with the Mariachis..............................................................................Check
  • Being told by everyone how much they love me -they were more than a little tipsy-................Check
  • Get completely wasted with Tequila shots............................................................Check
  • Be photographed with everyone of my classmates -yeah now we all love each other, right-......................Check
  • Get home and drink a Gallon of water to avoid the hang-over..............................Check
  • Get sex with the -second- hottest looking most awesome guy in the world....,.........Check -sorta-
  • Go to bed around 7:00 am in the morning.............................................................Check
Even with all the odds against it, An amazing night

Dec 18, 2009

The boy just wanna have fun

Oh, dear me! Tomorrow is graduation night, this night has been getting prepared for over 8 months, on one hand I´m happy it´s already here cause it means my whole generation is now officially unemployed, on the other it doesn´t really matters cause I still have to go back to school to clear some credits needed to be completely off the hook, so this is kinda empty victory.

Another  thing that makes it a "not so exciting evening" is that I know this party is not about me at all, it´s about my parents and my family knowing I´m getting a degree.

So who´s attending this fine evening´s ball? My parents, my sister, my brother -although he won´t be spending much time there as he had a surgery yesterday and is still medicated at home- my grand parents of course -they are the ones that payed for school and have supported me all this years- an uncle I deeply respect and two of my parents friends that I don´t know/like/enjoy spending time with, that´s just how about me is this night about, don´t get a saying about "MY" party, gosh, Oh, and did I forget to mention my date? no, I didn´t forget, I´m going by myself. Granted I don´t want my grandparents getting a heart-attack when they see me making-out with another guy but from the beginning I didn´t get the chance to ask someone out, mom made it really clear I couldn´t go with anyone. like I can´t be discreet, when I went to my brother´s graduation he went with his girlfriend, but in mine I don´t get to take no one, great, that´s equality for you right there, in my own family.

Bi Tanly
But screw it, got a spare ticket right here, who wants to be my date??

Let´s make it a night no one will ever forget.

Dec 15, 2009

To beard or not to beard... mmh.

I really need an opinion on this one. Granted I will not win any award for the transcendence of this post but I have this huge doubt.

Ok, question is as follows, what looks better on a person, beard or no beard? I´m talking about this new trend where people appear with their two days without shaving beard -not like Santa´s beard, I don´t like it that long, but I´m scared if we try to shave santa he might lose his travel-the whole-world in-one-night-powers so better play it safe- or the 5 o´clock shadow look.

Robert Patinsson, in my opinion this guy couldn´t look good even if his life was at risk, but meh, people seem to like him for some reason -honestly, don´t ask me why-


No beard

Uugh, Ok, next up, your favorite -not mine- Zac Effron

Honestly guys where you get these poeple...

Ok, so? this

Or this

Decisions, decisions. see why I need help??

I ask this because I have a date later today and don´t know if I should or not shave : /

Comments are very welcomed, thanks.

Love 2 all

Dec 13, 2009

I´m free, finally free... for now

I know, I know, been too long since my last post, I´m sorry, but bear in mind this last week was finals, and finals´ grades, and finals´ parties Woohoo, parties! But from now on is no school for the rest of the year, and until next January : ( sometimes seems like I´ll never get out of school.

Oh, do I have news, I found Craig, well he found me, but he´s back into blogtown and with a new place, good news is he won´t be wanking for strangers for money, bad news is... he won´t be wanking for strangers for money : P so now I guess you´ll have to ask nicely, tell me if that works out, may try it myself some day.

Last week was a fun one, got to ask phones and msn accounts of a lot of people to populate my broken agenda, usually spend these days at home with nothing to do, -don´t get to go anywhere and meet nice places, instead I´m forced to stay home and watch old X-mas specials, yuck-  so this year I took the appropriate measures, hopefully, no, not EVERYONE I asked his phone is gay, and I´m not into EVERYONE but will try to have fun with everyone nonetheless.

Now I haven´t been updating as much as I ought because I haven´t gotten enough time, even if Joey gets angry at me, because let´s see, on Thursday had to go see a friend´s show, he did some naked ppl artsy short-videos and displayed them on a gay bar in a not so pretty part of town, the videos were filled with naked ppl interesting and filled with naked ppl filmed at the place I work so I got to see the naked people the models having sex doing their shots, don´t you just love art??

For this world-class premier  I couldn´t go alone, in fact if you don´t want to hook-on people at a bar you have to go with someone or else the ugliest guy in the place won´t stop harassing you, but who to go with, straight friends weren´t much into the idea of going to a gay bar -don´t know why, think they don´t like the idea they might have a good time- and gay friends might think I´m hitting on them and asking for a date, and the (girl)friends I know aren´t much into going to bars on Thursday. So I asked a classmate that HAS a boyfriend to go with me, he has tried to get to talk to me ever since he found out I liked guys but he always chickens out every time, so thought it might be a good chance to bond a little and get to know him. We did have a good time and the next day he hugged me and talked to me like we had been friends for years, which was nice, I wouldn´t make a pass on him -not even if he didn´t have a bf- but it was nice to make a new friend and listen to his story when he was a little tipsy, lol. Also on that night I slept like three hours.

On Friday I got a date in the morning so had to look half-way decent even with the little sleep, it was a fun date, lasted for what seemed a few minutes, even when we talked for a couple of hours. He invited me to a party that night to which I went, it was interesting watching him with his friends and family *gulp* and ended really late and was really far away, so I had to stay at his home, couldn´t get a minute sleep, not what you´re thinking with your evil minds, I slept at the couch, but couldn´t sleep because of a horrible old clock that made such a rack every half-hour, and he... he slept on the floor, still don´t know what I´ll do with this guy, too many complications, and they might be it, all of them, but for now I´ll play it slow, I usually rush into things, but... I have to take it slow for the sake of us.

On Saturday I slept all day long only waking up to get something to eat, had to recover from the week and abuses, never did get drunk once, but had to sleep at some time, and that brings us to today, which I have no plans, had lost a lot of updates on everyone´s blog, sorry for that, and also sorry for making this so long, will try to update more frequently from now on so this won´t happen again.

Dec 9, 2009

Looking for "Camboy" Craig

Has anyone seen him? No, I don´t need a private show, just wanted to see how he was doing with his job-hunt and his life, been a long long time since he took down his blog and though short lived I liked it a lot,  but I didn´t got the chance to copy his email -I foolishly said "I´ll do it later"- so if you have it would you be as kind as to send it to my mail or refer him my way pretty please.

Thanks in advance
Love 2 all

Dec 8, 2009

Waiting at school... and that story I owed you

So right now I´m stuck at school waiting for traffic to ease a little, I could wait here or could wait inside the subway station for a train that has almost enough free space as to fit a mouse -yeah, that´s not a great option, also here first two wagons are women and kids´ only- ... or could wait at school watching ugly to half-decent people AND with internet connection and a seat at the cafeteria, this way I´ll make my return home in almost as half the time it will take me one hour before, so I´m pretty much taking second option even if it takes a little longer; comfort has always been one of the strongest points for decision making in my life.

So I know I promised a little drama some *counting 1...2...3* three posts ago and I haven´t delivered, shame on me, so I´ll need to explain a little something  before that, as you can see in my sidebar I now have a Twitter account -I got it mainly because I was getting the feeling I was something, as many bloggers have theirs and they all talk about their lives, now I´m no exception, again, shame on me for giving in to peer pressure- so anyways I got one and I´m available there for anyone, I check it everyt ime I get internet access, so now I roam the world with a laptop in search for a Wi-fi connection. Back to the story, as some of you know I started dating a guy some weeks ago, right before I took my two weeks off, well, everything was going as well as could be expected -well, without counting last date in which I was taken mall-walking, don´t do it unless you know for a fact your date likes going to malls, i.e. not me- however, after our last date I went with my brother and some friends to play role-playing games -yeah, I´m the hottest stuff and I like D & D 4th edition, no shame in that- among those friends was my first ex, we all had a fun time and after a while -around 5 am- decided to call it a night and I went to sleep and my ex too -as we were in a friends house he gave us a room with two beds- and everyone else decided to stay up to watch a movie and fell-asleep in the living room, after a while and please don´t ask me how it happened, we ended up in the same bed, doing some nasty stuff -maybe not as nasty as fun :) - yeah, I´ll save the details because, let´s face it, you don´t care that much about my sex life.

Well everything was nice and problem free UNTIL -and that´s the key word of the story- until I found out guy I dated had discovered my blog -not really that hard, you know my name, you google it and you find me- and there he found my twitter account, this wouldn´t have been a mistake unless I had been stupid enough to tweet about last night´s deed, alas I was. Now for the third time in the post, shame on me, I  know shouldn´t have done that -the tweet... or the sex, I´m not really good when it comes to casual sex, things like this often happen and I feel bad about it afterwards- but know I know better, you learn from your mistakes, and as we say in Mexico, screwing up is how you learn.

Well, gotta run,  by know the amount of people in the subway should have considerably lowered,I´ll get a nice little picture for everyone to see when I get home, promised, and add me on twitter, you´ll get vital information about my life, like when they got naked male models at my work posing for a photo-shoot today, was nice. Take care kids.

Love 2 al (edit. woops, I don´t even know any Al)

Dec 6, 2009

Habemus Profile picturem!!

White smoke coming out of the Vatican confirm the deed, the bells at Notre Dame are ringing non-stop, at San Francisco the earth is quaking with joy, at Buckingham palace HRH herself hasn´t come out of the bathroom for two hours doing the technicolor yawn from the excitement, the Sweden based Nobel prize committee has entered a heated discussion about it, should be entered in the outstanding contribution for Peace for Literature or a category all its own? and don´t even get me started on the Pulitzer.

Fact is that NOW I have a profile picture and I love it. In case you´re wondering the picture was done by my baby sister, and in my opinion it captures my whole essence.

Ok, ok, bi know you must be wondering why am I wearing a turtle´s shell in my back? truth is I haven´t got the slightest idea, but she told me in one of her dreams I wore it whilst dancing in the streets and she thought it was weird, I thought it was hilarious, so from that day on I´m carrying one -just goes to show you all that madness runs in the family- as for the cane, that it represents how I lit up the dancing floor.

BTW I´m waaay cuter in real life... and a better dancer.

Love 2 all

Dec 5, 2009

On my way to Bollockbuster, I mean, rent this movie

Haven´t seen any of these movies, but this is my version

That IS what happens, right?

Love to all

P.S. Post number 69!! how much joy has that little number brought me : ]

Dec 3, 2009

Am I back? To be honest...

I´ve been asked if I´m back to the bloggingworld, well, I think the very least I could do is provide an answer for that. But first and only to keep things straight -first thing straight around here :P -, will tell you why I stopped blogging a little while ago. Truth is writing my mind in here has helped me, it has improved my writing skills and allowed me to get in touch with wonderful people everywhere in the world and I can´t put a price to that, I´m amazed with this last fact and feel truly lucky for people that have made my life that much richer. However, writing also takes off the lid of my emotion container.

Sometimes emotions spur out without control and overwhelm me -like some other things that have spurred out of control over me-but I´m in control most of the time.

So the answer -I know, I love the suspense- after much consideration, I must admit I miss doing it -and blogging too :P - so today marks my triumphal return to blogging YAY! *applause* thank you, thank you! I´m pretty sorry for not being around lately, but I was never truly gone.

Not much recent in my life, last exams of the semester quickly approaching, last monday had to give a presentation in front of the whole psychology department, shit going on with my grades, apparently teachers missed to grade me some months and due to the low average failed the classes, my principal won´t listen to me and change those grades -friendly advice: don´t ever date your principal- so now I need like a ton of cash to pay for those classes and approve them again, and will have to stay for six more months at school, Yuck.

Tomorrow is going to be a party organized by the school -so no alcohol- and pretty much that´s about it, Oh, and a really bad stuff happened -even worse than grades- but that will be for next post, be sure to check for that one for it´s not going to be visible for a long time.

So to celebrate my return was thinking of a song to add to this post, at first I thought about Chumbawamba´s Tubthumping but thought too much of a one hit wonder, after that I thought about Queen´s We are the champions but I started feeling that was too much nudity for my blog, and IF I start posting nudity it´ll escalate things so fast I´ll be banned from blogger faster than the guy posting nonconsensual sex with goats  -sorry, no link there- and for some reason after that I began thinking about "Old McDonald had a farm". But then I came to my senses and remembered a good old song that I learned when starting to learn english back in elementary school

Because let´s face it, it´s incredible, that someone so unforgettable as you, haven´t forgotten I´m still alive.

Love to all

Dec 1, 2009

World AIDS Day

What? you thought I´d miss the chance? NEVER!

Be cool, be sexy, be a f*cking sex machine, be whatever you want to be... just BE SAFE  and let´s together say

AIDS is no joke.