Apr 30, 2010


Has it really been that long? man, that sucks! and talking about sucking this post will be filled with things that suck!

Unfortunately not the kind of fun suck, but the kind of suck that make you go "buuuuh", but first of all I do apologize for not updating this thing lately, work´s been a bitch.

So who/what/where sucks? Work, the suckiest thing ever. Been doing some thinking and even though I enjoy doing what I do, work has become more of an annoyance each passing day, it´s not only the fact that I get no pay at all, but the fact that I am -without trying to make me a saint- the only person there that seems to care a flying rat´s ass about doing any work at all, and I´m not the only one that´s unhappy with this, people that are in need of help, co-workers and pretty much everyone that knows about the place. For example, while my boss seems to be too busy working on his Farmville, I´ve got three really stressing projects to develop so now I´m pretty angry, stressed and outraged that I´m the only one that wants this place to go anywhere. ARGH!

So where´s this going? well, decided I can´t keep doing this anymore, it´s like I own the place and won´t get any pay, so I´m walking out of there as soon as I´m done with my work, which won´t take me more than a couple of weeks, in the meantime I´ll look for a job in the english teaching industry -again- and from there maybe I´ll be able to undergo a masters degree, and maybe in the near future I´ll be able to go back to the whole NGO business, but right now it´s not the best moment, maybe later because I enjoy working for the people and have become quite good at what I do, PR projects.

Oh, almost forgot, made an account for something named Dailybooth -here- so if you want to meet the face of the blogger you so love you should check it out. Promise to update more frequently.


Apr 14, 2010

Today I found out I have a stalker lol and I´ll answer a couple of  questions on a comment

But first I want to thank Aek for his comments week-in week-out, thanks man.

So it all began three months ago when school started, I have a class in the morning to which I only had to go one day a week for three weeks and then nothing til today, which is a sweet deal. On my very first class we were told we had to work for an NGO so we could build our humanitarian side, as I already work in one was asked to give a class on the organization, which I give without any further problems and then I stopped going because I already cover the profile for that class.

In the morning I went to school to check on that subject´s grade, at the classroom there where like five students besides me so I get my grade, I sign it and prepare to leave, when suddenly a guy comes out of the blue and starts asking me questions about the place I work at, I could see he was gay so I thought he wanted to ask me a question about... I don´t know, something related to what I do there, however that wasn´t the case, we just talked for like two minutes and I was on my way out not before asking him his name -I don´t know why but I´ve developed this weird thing about asking people´s names and remembering them, also I´m really good at it now- we said our byes and I was out of there.

Ours later -thanks to lovely Mexico city´s Subway and its holdups- I get home and check my mail and see I´ve got an invitation on Facebook from someone I don´t know -I don´t accept people I don´t know btw- however the name was an alteration of this guy´s name and had his picture, now I´ve gotta tell you, to find my profile on facebook is not easy as it doesn´t have my picture but the cute little drawing you see in my profile at blogger, so to know he found me was a little weird, it must´ve been difficult to him to find me, so I see him online and ask him if he was the guy I was talking with earlier on he told me he was, so out of curiosity I asked him how he found my account; well -he said- I saw you hanging out with X and thought you might be friends, looked for you and there you where; -to which I replied- how could you tell it was me? moreover, how did you know how to spell my name?; -after a few moments of silence he tells me- Ok, I lied, after talking to you I asked the teacher for the grade list and looked you up so I could know how to spell it, -I was- Hmm, Ok...., But I´m not stalking you, Riiiight. LOL so it was weird, first time it ever happens to me.

 Oh, he´s a nice guy we talked for hours and he´s so out there, one of the few go-getters I know to this day, so anyways it  was really cool getting to know him, afterwards I had to go eat something and to the gym and didn´t see him again for the day, we´ll see how about tomorrow :P

And now for the big question asked to me by FrankR from Beautiful Veracruz México -tried to answer to him directly bia e-mail but it didn´t have an address to reply to- his questions are "You're mexican, aren't you? why do you write in English?"
Dear Frank, I am Mexican indeed, born and raised in Mexico city for the last 25 years and I can assure you without the intention of scoring any extra merits that I love Veracruz, with some luck I´ll go to one of your gay bars at the port or maybe to Xalapa.

On your second question, I write in english because when I started doing this blogging thing I didn´t want people that know me to find out about it as an ex of mine had a blog in spanish and I didn´t want to have the same follower as him and then him knowing I had a blog and all that, so from that day I ´ve written 100 something posts and I´m already comfortable with doing them on english, besides my redaction has improved and I feel great writing without having to check if my spelling was right and the tense I used was correct every three words -not that I don´t make mistakes, it´s just that I don´t care any longer, lol- so there you go, a huge hug to you, keep sending those questions people, I love ´em. take care and see you next time :)


Apr 11, 2010

Long great weekend

Woah, it was a WILD week-end, still don´t know how I´m awake and/or alive : P

I guess I should write it down right now just before I forget or fall for a long hibernation time to reconstitute myself.

On Friday I promised a friend I would take him out because he was feeling depressed, he´s  having some issues with his girlfriend and I just wanted to make him feel better because I´m always the "good guy" with a bunch of friends, however I didn´t tell him where I was going to take him, so I took him to a friendly gay bar downtown where we both had a great time. One thing I did learn from our night out was there´s a huge difference between gay/straight bars goers; a clear example of this is that when you go to a straight bar you go to get drunk, while when you go to a gay bar you go to have a drink and dance the night away. So he wanted to drink and I wanted to danced :/

So everything was great and I menaced him that if he ever got depressed again next time I´d take him to a trans bar, hahaha.

So we got home and got set to sleep around 2 a.m. -I know, early but you have into account that bars close at 3 a.m. in Mexico city-  problem was that right before we got any sleep he opened a chatterbox and just wouldn´t  stop talking until really early in the morning, tbh I don´t recall a word he said, just that my bed is too small to fit me and a straight guy, so if nothing was going to happen I wanted to get some sleep already cause I had big plans for the next day.

So Anyways, next morning I accompany him to the bus and got in touch with Mr. Urs that was in town. I have to say that I´m afraid he might have gotten the worse impression of me as I was always late whenever I told him I´d be around, so sorry about that :(

Anyways, we got together and visited some mexican artisan shop I didn´t even know existed -can´t  blame me, living in Mexico just doesn´t want me to have souvenirs from my hometown- and later headed home for some sleep, afterwards went with my brother to see the movie Nosferatu being played with live music, which was really cool and I enjoyed it, performers were really charismatic and made the movie extremely enjoyable.

Later I got together with Mr. Urs again and we went clubbing, must say I was schooled in dancing by his husband, but was fun to no end. Anyways, I for once had a great time and drank alcohol like they were giving it away for free. In the end I remembered it had been like hours since I had something to eat at all and was surprised how I wasn´t stinking drunk for drinking so much on an empty stomach.

So it was a fantastic night. Oh, and Mr, Urs, I´m sorry for making you walk for an hour or so, next time I´ll pay for the cab.

Need to sleep, take care and be good, see you later.


Apr 1, 2010

I do my little dance on the catwalk

So break is here, two days off work and a week off school, nothing could go wrong but the fact that... now I´m working at home.

Thank you everyone for your kind comments, your hugs and your letters they really cheered me up when I needed it the most, thank you for your visits that always make me feel like people give a damn about what I think and thank you for all the new guys that read my blog.

So on my search to get away from work and in the spirit of holidays -probably not what these days are meant for, but who cares anyways?- I went with a co-worker to the cheapest, dirtiest, wildest gay bar I´ve ever been, was so cool in that small room, the people I saw *phew* it was INSANE!
I even got to dance in a platform and MAN! I never thought I´d dance on one of those things, it was cool, in fact the wildest part was when the spotlight stuck on  me, you just don´t know what you´ll do when everyone inside a gay club is watching you and shouting and whistling, it was an awesome experience.

However by far one of the coolest things that have happened this week to me is I met this guy -on blogger, so don´t get excited- and he´s really sweet and cute, his name is Manu and he just happens to be Mexican too, now he´s a really nice guy and you should go read his blog NOW!!

So you go read that blog and I´ll write pretty soon, take care.