Sep 27, 2009


A short post for the time being, but by no means less important.
Today is Liam's birthday, it's been a whole year since last one, it's a paramount  day for someone to be congratulated, specially when you're not feeling so good, as he is, I know that kid and love him so, so if you have the time and a kind heart go to his blog and wish him a happy birthday, I know it would mean a lot to me and even more for him : )

In the mean time, I send him the biggest, strongest, non-lethal hug I can offer and wish him a wonderful day and wish it stops raining in his eyes, for no one is worth crying for. And a gift to every one that visits his blog too as I'm feeling like a giver today. I'll add it in my next post, already have it with me -but it's a surprise-

Have a great one all
Love to all


Rox said...

^___^ Thank you so much mate.

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