Sep 20, 2009

Not going out

Hey there, I'm feeling a lot better, thanks to everyone for all your kind words, specially Mr. Urs who really made me smile and feel better with his comment, and I'm sorry Torchy! I just don't know what to do to avoid crashing your iPhone, a special thank you to Drew who kindly chatted with me while I was getting homicidal/suicidal at the f*çking bar, love you man, hope I didn't ruin movie night for you : ( Lots of revelations, from not going to a bar at all to not going to a bar, Thank you boys, you always boost my good mood XD I was just feeling like in a cage

I think I should explain myself a little better as to what was going on yesterday evening, well, for starters I was kinda sleepy, just out of a horrible movie, and with people I didn't met until that day and didn't like that much which couldn't stop telling drunk stories and as funny as they might be to people in general I think they only reflect well... ignorance of people and is reinforced by socially accepted laughter which only gets them to get drunker everytime and kill more -at moment- functional neurons, but that's just me, or the psychologist part of me talking.

So among the things rushing in my head at the moment where such thoughts as: Did I just ate a whole basket of chili chicken wings all by myself? is that why my stomach is aching so much? is another beer just going to make the feeling that much worse? are this guys ever going to shut their traps? is that guy looking at me because he's interested or am I stained with sauce? -that guy was looking at me in a lascivious way but didn't acted gay at all and I do mean AT ALL, I have a quite keen gay-dar but either that guy was really IN the closet or I was just using psychological projection-.

Either ways, I thank you again for all your concern, you made my night. Btw I found the "camera of gesell" also under the name of "Gesell chamber" but it's just the technical name for places like interrogation rooms with one room being observed from another room thanks to a one-way mirror -in case you were wondering I had sex in the part you can be looked but not look, so I really hope no one was watching b/c for one second I felt like someone was :] Whoops-. I'll answer to Octavius' questions next post, I promise, I just need to sleep a little, take care.

Love to all


Aek said...

Well I'm glad you're feeling better. :)

And that's a really weird place to have sex. How old were you when you did that? o_O


JP said...

Glad you're feeling better!

And I'm with Aek on that one, that is a rather odd place to have sex haha. can't wait for the next round of question/answer.

All the best, :)


Dzyan said...

Thanks to both
@Phil it's so good listening from you again, it's been so long :)

@Aek it happened actually a couple of months ago, and it was really good :]

Anonymous said...

Ick sorry thinking about people I know having sex with anybody just creeps me out but it's good to know you a feeling better

Oh and don't feel bad either if I really was creeped out then I wouldn't have followed your blog

Dave83201 said...

All this talk of chicken wings makes me hungry! I wish your weekend could have been better. We'll talk soon and I wanna hear more about this "gesell" thing.

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