Aug 31, 2009

A little imagination goes a long way

First of all, no, you didn´t stumble into the wrong blog, spend most of the Sunday trying to change the template and did OK : ) but don´t ask me how I did it for have no idea : P now to something important, Thanks to everyone for their comments on my last post, glad to see Mr. Urs back been a long time, and a warm welcome to everyone new, glad you´re here to share this collective effort to keep my sanity, hehe, and last but not least an apology to Ethan from the bottom of my heart, I was feeling awful that night and I´m the worst person when sleepy (not what you think).
And now for something completely different...
Do you remember that thing on your right side of the brain you used when you where kids? that thing which got you everywhere you ever wanted? what was that called? Imagination. greatest thing ever to exist, don´t know where I´d be without it, now as a grown up we don´t use it anymore, so here´s a little exercise for you and me to get a little workout  and not forget we´re still boys, sure hot and sexy boys but nonetheless boys.
Do if you could be a character from a story, folktale, bedtime story, anyone at all, who would you be? would you be Spider-man? geek turn super-heroe, the pied piper? who blowing his flute attracted all the boys around.
Know who I´d be? I would be the Big Bad Wolf 

So I could blow and blow ´til the house comes down, also a little huffing and puffing would  be involved after that. Perhaps then I would find my Red Ridding Hood

And maybe when I find him I could go ridding along
Or maybe I´ll be as lucky as to find my Seven Young Kids : P just don´t cry wolf and come into my lair.
All the love
The Big Bad Wolf


Anonymous said...

But why do you feel the need to say sorry to me?
As far as I know you did nothing wrong
Ok if I get this to post it was NOT EASY to do

Aek said...

Nice blog layout! :D Only thing is that I can't read the writing in the "Followers" widget thing.

As for which character I'd be . . . hmmm, does it have to be an existing fictional character? If so I'd maybe choose Ice Man from the X-Men. XD

Mr. Urs said...

My name gives me no chance. I'm a bear. I also listen to the name Osín - but there is only one who is allowed to call me so.

PS: It is very difficult here. The word verification field is hidden. The only way I could get there is py pressing 'Tab'. Can you please change the settings.

Dzyan said...

Ok, Ok so first, I´m writing this to check how this commenting system is working as recommended by Mr. Urs, and secondly the only problem I had writing this post was my lack of imagination and time to write it, besides that I think I´m in my worst stage I´ve had in a long time, so so so so horny can´t stand it, have to do something about it, sadly there´s nothing I can do about the black letters at followers, sorry ´bout that

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