Sep 28, 2009

Home at last

Well, I'm home now, and let me tell you two things that might answer Aek's comment, yes, the exam was that easy and yes, I am that good, tests are the only thing that takes me under ten minutes to finish :P and would like to thank everyone's comments on all my latest posts, thank's a plenty for your support on my Party pooper one, and in my Such is life I'm so glad it did something for you, just wanted to write my thoughts out, and if only make you smile a bit like goleftatthefork, thank you so much for your support. Also I'VE GOT NEW READERS!! :) let's begin with y78ilm and his blog The pursuit of what matters to me, after that we've got JC from Who's Life Am I Living?, now, sadly I haven't have had the opportunity to talk to either of them, however I have had the chance to talk to the techguyinshorts, he's just starting, he's got this blog @techguyinshorts, and he's a really nice guy, writes a blog with his boyfriend too about tech stuff, should go take peek.

I'm always happy to welcome newcomers, and as such I really don't know how to say goodbye to blogs, it's actually the first one that leaves while I'm here, I'm pretty new here and so don't know if this gets easier with time or it always will hurt like this, either way, so here it goes good bye Andre, you have brought to me such joy and I will really miss you so much, damn, don't be a stranger and pay a visit once in a while, you SOB, you're really hard to say goodbye to.

Sorry, I'll get a hold of myself...

Ok, so on a lighter side, I had my hair cut on the weekend -which was all I could do besides taking my sister to the movies- and you most know something, just as with my birthdays I hate the day I go to go cut my hair, I always walk out feeling that I don't like the job done, and also like my birthdays I only have two each year.

The lady that cuts my hair is actually a 50 yo woman whose sense of what's trendy died in 1985, and as such can't get to cut my hair the way I like it, I know, I should find someone I like, no such luck, have spent the last 20 years of my life looking for that someone and still no such thing.

*sigh* well, right now I just need a shoulder in which I can lean on

I haven't forgotten the thank you I was going to give you, so for each one that got to say something nice to Liam here goes a present on my behalf, valid in everystate from Monday to Sunday : )

By Fer
See you when I see you.
Love to all


Dave83201 said...

I'm sure you're hair cut is very nice.

Anonymous said...

Such a cute pic

Oh come now I doubt it's that bad in fact I'm sure it's a good one

Aek said...

Awww. I dislike haircuts too. I need to find a place to get a decent haircut around here.

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