Sep 7, 2009

I'll take it, just bring it ;)

Great name I just came up there :P ...not and I'll explain it in a little while, if you have read my blog you'll know what this part is about (for those who don't is comment review time). So Drew turned 21 -hope you had an amazing day-, I got flirted online more than today at work -which is hard (no, really I could sue all of them for sexual harassment if I didn't loved them so much)- and Aek made a comment about my hideus coffee shop pick, gee thanks Aek, nah, I love you too XD.

So here's the deal, I've taken a challenge made by Octavius, is a game of personal questions and the rules if he chooses to play are as follow:

1. There will be 4 rounds of 5 questions each
2. Every player may choose not to answer to a question
3. At the end of the 4 rounds the player that has more answered questions WINS
4. Bystanders may give advice as to what to ask to the other player
5. Questions may be returned back to the other person only if you answer it otherwise you can't reflect it
6. Yes/No questions should have at least a brief explanation of why
7. Anything not covered here by the rules must be decided by a third party (namely a poll)
8. You have any rules to add you must do so before the game starts
9. Every question must be answered with complete and brutal honesty
10. You challenged, you begin the asking

So that's that, you on?

Ok, so I'll wait for your answer, in the mean time you should go like me to read my good friend's FMS -short for Find Me a Stud (I think, hehehe)- blog, I found him today and he told me he had a post about school and his fraternity -there's just something about frat boys that gets my motor running-  and a hot boy so I'm dying to read it. Ooooh! and a boy I just found self-proclaimed Lonely boy you go see his blog Life sucks... stick to theater and make him feel a little less lonely : ) My life is already a theater, or better yet a drama, no, no, no, my life is more like a circus, it's got a freak show, rollercosters  and you never know when someone is going to fall and splash the floor blood red... mmmh, ok, I'll stay with the theater of my life for now. So that's that for today, auf Wiedersehen.

All my love

P.S. I may leave but you'll stay in good company of this boy


Octavius said...

I accept your challenge. Therefore I cede the first foray to you my friend.

Courage and Honour!


Aek said...

I'm just a tad confused on the rules. o_O?

Dzyan said...

OK, doubts? it´s quite easy, just have problems redacting them as I have never written rules before, and to make matters worse in english, soooo, if you have a doubt just ask please or better yet help me redact them for I´ll accept my english proficiency is not as good :(

LonelyBoy said...

Hehheh! Good game!
Great blog!!
Thanks for the plug by the by! Mucho appreciated!! :)

S xx

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