Sep 25, 2009

Party pooper -_-'

How to ruin one's fun? I don't know, ask my ex-bf, he certainly knows how to kill the mood of happiness that's been building up all week long. *sigh* All I wanted today was go out to a nice place in the evening and chill for a bit, get to know some people and relax, I've been busy all week long and when it's finally the day when I can go outside and catch a movie, my ex comes around and gets inside my life again, Shit, hate when he does that, I know that by tomorrow I'll be better, but atm I just want to freaking shout at someone, I'm that angry at him, also my brother just let one of my dogs out into the street and there's a fat chance we'll never find the blasted dog again, but I'm too angry to talk to him now.

So what better time than now to remember all the good stuff that went down during the week so I can get to calm down a little, I'll even use an old technique Seth used to practice and highlight the important stuff so you can jump from parragraph to parragraph without wasting a lifetime reading everysingle word I type, after all it's not your fault I'm this way

Monday: I went to a conference titled: "Care of the terminally ill patient", interesting speech from the doctors, talking about the use of morphine on terminal patients, alas they didn't hand out free samples, what's worst it was the other side of the state so had to take an hour bus ride to get there from school, on the way back it was a two hour ride b/c it rained. It was fun, was at a huge private school with tons boys and girls, all of them so bloody show-offs it was just a huge turn down for me :S and as it was so far away I had no school

Tuesday: Was at work and my brother told me he had just won a ticket for a beer tasting, I congratulated him and told him I was so jealous, he told me I shouldn't be, he had won that ticket for me cause he doesn't drink, it was a great day, got to taste a lot of Belgium beer, quite tasty, I even got to drink a pint of a beer that's fermented with cherries, so it smells and tastes like a cherry on it's own, it was a two hour party with everyone ending with eyes red-blood, drunk and having a good time -no one interesting there though-

Wednesday: I don't remember anything particularly interesting about wednesday, still a day that just flew by.

Thursday: On this day was the first ever "Sexual diversity conferences" at the biggest and most important public school Mexico has, my boss was giving a participant and so I wanted to go, it also was a good hour and a half away bus ride on a really hot day -hate hot days- It was really interesting, and got the chance to see my boss doing what he know best to do, teach youngsters about sex, he's really good I tell you. Still was a hard day as I had to teach a class at school and ride another 1 1/2 hour bus ride to school.

Friday: everything was perfect, even had plans to go and see some Horror movie festival, with old movies played at an abandoned house, each room has it's own movie and you can go to any movie you want, it's pretty good, but right now I don't feel like going out.

That's my week so far, I guess I'll go to sleep and calm down a little, I just had to let this out. Still, I participated on Tyler's game on a previous post, so go and check it out, and why not, play it too. for now I say good bye, I am in the dire need of some loving :(



Aek said...

:( *Hugs*

Try not to let your ex-bf get to you. Just take it and let it go, move on and forget about it. Easier said than done, but try not to let him get to you.

I hope you catch up on sleep, you've seemed pretty tired lately. You need to spend a day (or two) and just unwind.

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