Sep 10, 2009


Yaaawwwnn!  sorry, it's 5:30 in the morning, I'm barely awakening, my whole body still feels numb, my head is thinking "what am I doing awake?" my eyes are trying to close to protect themselves from the light cast by the monitor, got my mug of coffee in one hand -which is actually a little bigger than my hand- I will gulp a couple of these before I leave for the gym in about 30 min and still here I am writing from the top of the top of my head, and my visage is not a pleasant sight, it hasn't reflected a single smile in days but a hallow gaze feels my eyes.
Actually image that has an amazing resemblance
My eyes are burning, my muscles sore, my head is trying to find an excuse to stay in bed. Truth is I can't afford to do that; got so much work to do, lots of school chores pending, classes until sun comes down and then some. Also I have some very important issues to attend to right now here in this blog and that's the only thing that's keeping me in front of my keyboard and those are these:
I. I want to thank my newests followers, Goleftatthefork -I don't think he's got a blog but if I'm wrong do correct me- and Liam who I really hope to be doing fine and feeling a little bit better, otherwise you know where to find me boy :)
II. IT'S PHIL'S BIRTHDAY!! so if you haven't done so -and I know some of you have- go to his blog and wish him a happy birthday.
III. I need to thank Aek and Dave for all his ideas to ask Octavius in our little showdown, thanks pals, it feels great knowing I've got such great friends that got my back.
IV. I have to admit no one has ever called me "little flower" before -and has walked away with the proper use of both his legs- but name calling won't help you little buddy, never since Clint Eastwood has there been a bigger SOB than me.

V (for Vendetta). In my country we have a saying, "the one that strikes first, strikes twice", so as I was given the honor to begin this whole thing I'll be happy to draw first blood, it has been postponed for too long and so HERE IT GOES
1. My first question will definitely have to be, Why Octavius?
2. What's with all this army/navy stuff going around in your blog?
3. Describe yourself in one word, and obviously why?
4. What's the greatest memory you have in your life?
5. What's your favorite color (s)? (thanks Aek ;P)

Aaaah, nothing like the smell of blood in the morning :) I'll go to your blog looking for answers latter, to all a great day, it's already Thursday and I'm falling apart, have a pleasant day at work. AND GO CONGRATULATE PHIL, NOW!!! hehe.
All my love


Octavius said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Octavius said...

I am going to cook up a nice nosh, then I will get right on the answering there, Tiny Dancer.

I will repost the questions on my own blog, and answer from there..., savvy?


Mr. Urs said...

Finally, the gloves are off :)

Bi Like Me said...

Hate days like that! Wanna spend it in bed, but too much to do!
Good luck on accomplishing all your goals!

Anonymous said...

Is there a blog war going on? Well, *straps on goggles* Lets have a looksee shall we? lol

Anonymous said...

I do have a blog - feel free to visit glatf(dot)blogspot(dot)com - a little different flavor :-) lol

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