Aug 1, 2009

A toast, to you, to me, to everyone

Just had one wonderful night out with my brother, we got to see the 1927 silent german movie "Metropolis", only this time a rock band was playing their version of how the movie should sound, it was weird sometimes as they were only two guys; one playing the guitar, the bass and lyrics, and the other the piano and the drums, it was really fun watching them switch their instruments and the movie is a real must-see classic. After that we got to a place called "The Beer Museum" located downtown, it was a really small place with lots of international beers, now I usually don't drink alcohol but it was a special ocassion to share a beer with my brother and so we asked for a Norwegian beer.That's my brother (before the beer), so as you can see we really don't drink that much.

Also the roses in the garden are already blossoming, that's really good as I love the sight of them next to the entrance door, but I have to cut them down and put them on some water before my "lovely" neighbors cut them and take them away.

But as this is the first one of the season, to everyone out there who's alone or feeling lonely tonight I dedicate this rose and a toast with my Carlsberg beer, Cheers to you and me, and may we feel better soon and be with the ones we love forever.

Take good care of yourselves and hope to hear from you


torchy! said...

welcome to blogland Fer :)

i'm looking forward to reading your story


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