Aug 3, 2009

Straight to School

No, I'm not having classes right now, I'm still enjoying three more weeks of vacations, and I send my deepest and sincere condolence to everyone who has started with their class already, But what do you do when you're alone, have lots of spare time, friends that have begun taking classes at a school where 80% of the male population is gay AND said school is two blocks from your house?? The answer: you dress up and pay them a visit.

So today I went to that school, which is public and really big, they teach international commerce, accounting, and many more related to such topics, I went to see a friend of mine, a girl called Rayo (which in english would translate as Thunder), I know her from my japanese classes (I studied japanese for two years), since she returned this saturday from Japan. As I waited for her to arrive I talked to a lot of people I haven't been able to talk to for a long time, and also I got to see the boy I'm dating on Saturday, Satou (for more references consult: Getting there)

Satou passed beside me in the entrance hall, I stood in front of him watching him as I couldn't believe he hasn't changed a lot in the last six years, he on the other side saw me but didn't recognize me!, I was about to talk to him when I saw he was with torchy!a girl with flowers in her hands, I couldn't but assume she was her girlfriend, so I didn't say anything and let them walk away, So I saw Rayo and she entered her class and I told her I would wait for her, went outside and started reading my book but rain started to pour, as I got into the halls I noticed Satou again walking with his girlfriend and I decided to pull him from his backpack until he was facing me, he was scared and didn't seem to know what was happening or who I was, and when I started to talk he couldn't believe it was me, we hugged for more than it would be confortable to hug a friend and I walked them over to his next class, we started talking and his girlfriend is a nice girl and we liked eachother, but it came a point in which she was really annoyed that Satou couldn't stop hugging me so he had to stop (that bitch!!! hehe), his next class was cancelled as the teacher didn't show up and we talked for almost an hour, the time came when I had to leave and so as he was talking to his girlfriend I hugged him from behind really tender and sweet and said good bye to his girlfriend, he turned and hugged me back, I'm so into seeing him this saturday (and him alone).

The rest of the day went without any consecuence, I had a coffee with Rayo and came home, tomorrow however I will have to go to my school to pay next term and do my timetable so that means going to Charly's office, we'll see how that turns out, I'm hopping for the better but who knows.

As it turns out I have to go with my sister to her new school so she can buy some books, she got accepted into this art school and I'm really happy about that because she's still young (only 14) and she will be able to develop her artistic skills, she loves drawing, I studied drama a couple of years back, now everyone complains I make such big dramas when I want something really bad :)

Anyways I'm really excited I just recieved my first post, thank you so much torchy!
I feel a part of the family already, and thank you all for following. That's all For now, have a great day and a even better (and busy) night.


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