Aug 13, 2009

Economical crisis

First of all a quick review on comments, Aek thank you so much for your support and I can't thank you enough about your reference to my blog in your last post, and Mr. Urs is totally right, sometimes I become the resentful, ire-ridden, manipulative bitch everyone hates dealing with, enjoys watching from affar and turns into every once in a while, but I promise not let her come out sooo often. And as for David welcome to the club now -my eighth follower, almost there =)- looking forward to talking to you, so you should add a msn address people can reach you in.

In other news I've been checking my economical state, and thanks to my scarce (now, that's an eufemism) savings I'll have to survive my last semester with an average of $200 (pesos) a week, wich according with the bank it would be less than $15 dollars, so if I pull this one up I guess I'll run for president in my country, because I have to pay for transportation, at least one meal a day, books, photocopies, and all the expenses that must be done. Still my situation is a not so bad one, there are people that have to feed their entire families with that money each week.

So bad is the economic situation that even restaurants are starting to make new campaings to attract people:

translation: FREE CHILDREN saturdays and sundays. *after one o'clock*

So now you know, you want a child, come to Mexico and enjoy our children give-away. I should work at a travel agency : P

Big hugs to everyone, also I if you have a lover remember him/her why they are so lucky to have you with them asap, if I had someone I wouldn't miss the chance you have tonight.

P.S. you know I wouldn't leave you even if no one else reads this thing, as long as one person is reading I'll keep posting because I've made some great friends over the last couple of days and I never leave a friend hanging on a string.


Aek said...

I guess economic woes extend further than the US. :-/ I hope everything works out for you and that all the drama settles down soon.

By the way, link me please. ^_^

Mr. Urs said...

I worked some years before I went to university. I had to earn the money to do so, but also got used to have some money, which made it quite difficult to cut back after the steady income stream dried up. At least my landlord let me live for free during that time.

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