Aug 12, 2009

Anger Issues

Today I found myself cursing people in my mind an almost elbowing them as I passed next to them while walking on a speedy pace, almost like jogging and all of a sudden realized there is something wrong with me. and I've got two things on my mind making me sick to my stomach, one in my personal life and one in general, and I'd like to begin describing the later, it has been brought to my attention that a lot of blogs are being shut down, now I know I'm new here and maybe that's why I don't understand the nature of this I think maybe it is because this blogs had explicit contents, but then again where is the line? Am I going to be censored if I say the word F*çk? well, what do you know.

Now to my life, aah my life, how wonderful it was, anyways, I've been going to my school on recent days as my new job and my school's timetable were a little odd, so I had to go and talk to my principal (my ex) so he authorizes this changes, now he didn't know I was going, I just texted with a friend of mine that works at his office, she asked me to tell her when I was arriving, so I told her and after that she sends me the weirdest message saying something like "you know how Charly is, he misses you but he won't tell you openly", so as strange as it was got me thinking and I didn't know what to answer so didn't. As I got to school I met with this girl and we talked and she told me that Charly has been in the weirdest mood he even took her phone from her hands as she was recieving my message, so I asked her if she wrote the last message I got and told me that she didn't and didn't know what I was talking about. Ok, so I think he might want to talk to me about something, I wait for him and all he does is ignore me all the way, he starts talking on the telephone with his friends and while I'm there he starts telling them of the last one night stand he had, he summons some of my classmates and we go to eat and still doesn't talk to me, all this to avoid me from talking to me, I get it! you don't want to talk to me, but after I come home he texts me telling me I looked as if I had something to tell him! F*çk!! I got really pissed as he now starts to project his feelings into me, so I just reply nothing in particular, just wanted to see how you're doing, had to go to school but you weren't interested so I had to leave, want to talk?

I'm still waiting for his answer. He's being so childish and talking defensively, thoser are two things that cut all the love, I did similar things to my first boyfriend and now know they do no good at all, and I assure you I'm not his first boyfriend.

Anyways, on a lighter side of life I met this awesome boy author of the slowest moving train. Turns out he's a young writer from Australia and has won a writing contest and now he's moving into the state finals it is really a great short story everyone should read which is really really good, don't trust me? go ahead and read it, bear in mind he just won a f*çking award!!

I appologize for the long post but I was really frustrated, right now I'm dancing in my seat to the beat of "All together now". Love that song =) and feeling better.

AAh, before I forget I'd like to welcome all my new readers, thank you guys, I write this for you (well, this one was mostly for me but I'll never say hehe), and I'm getting closer to my goal of having 10 readers in the first month, otherwise I'll stop writing :( please, don't let that happen.

Anyways a big hug to everyone where ever you might be

P.S. FFFF****ççççkkkk!!! sorry, had to try it one last time :)


Aek said...

Hehe, you're only 4 readers away!

Best of luck with everything going on in your life. I HATE drama. Ugh.

Mr. Urs said...

Not only agner issues but also a blackmailer. Well only 3 to go.

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