Aug 27, 2009

25... and yet it moves

Who would´ve guessed? there IS such a thing as a Happy birthday to me, I apologize for the late update but yesterday I was literally stuffed with cake as I had to eat my way out of everywhere I went, they gave me one cake at work, one at home and two at school, I have more cake in the freezer than groceries, so you want a slice I´ll be more than happy to send it to you. But don´t you think I´ve forgotten all your love and birthday-related comments, I have never felt so much love in my whole life and is all thanks to you, I am as always humbled by your kind words. AAAh btw and before I forget you should pay heed and go SeePhilBlog, a sweet 16 yo that has been posting since May and just changed the appearance of his Blog (yes Phil, I noticed).

If you were to ask me a couple of weeks ago how I was feeling about this b-day I would´ve told you: "I´d much rather stick a knife through my chest than suffering another year of that stupid socal interaction known as a birthday". There is a reason for that and might not be a good one but is the best I have, as I was "different" no one ever came to my parties since I´m seven years old, even if I where to invite my allegedly "friends" they never did show up, even my brother had more guests than me that day, so decided not to go through that ever again, however as yesterday was a so much enjoyable time everyone asked me if I was planning something special for the weekend, as said no they all suggested me I should at the very least throw a party and maybe I should, the problem is I have not the slightest idea of what to do, so any and all ideas are welcomed, please, do tell me.

Now, another reason I didn´t want to turn 25 is because I wasn´t ready, don´t quite know how to explain this but thought I still had so much to do before turning a quarter-of-a-century old, I think that by this age most of the people have already ended their studies, have a job, even get married, are economically successful and I have none of the above. However... I did accomplished some pretty big things in this year alone, so to show it I prepared this "TOP 10 THINGS I DID THIS YEAR"
10. Started attending a gay club; what? you don´t remember your first time?
9. Had my last girl friend to date, though short lived lives in my memory
8. Started helping people; I love my job
7. Ended a relationship; first time I broke up with someone, big step for me as I was always the broken one
6. Got closer to my brother; I hated his guts since we´re kids
5. Met a lot of people both on the web and in everyday life
4. Started this blog; I told Blue (an ex) how impressed I am he had a blog for I am a really private person (not so much anymore)
3. First boyfriend; yup, great deal that Blue was
2. Came out to my parents, ´nuff said
1. Came to terms with my own sexuality, never thought I would, now I love myself for being able to do so, so if you haven´t done that give yourself the chance, you´ll never look back.

So now I´m ready, if I could accomplish all those things in this year what could I do that beats it? only one way to find out.

One last thing, as I was celebrating my birthday yesterday, this couple came to my office yesterday, they have been in a relationship for a year now and wanted to get tested for HIV, they are in his late twenties and seemed to love each other so much, we tested them, not good new for either, they both are infected, I´m not saying they´re doomed nor their lives have ended, all I´m saying is it could´ve been averted, this is the first time I had a HIV positive test and it does have an impact on me, as I celebrated life theirs just turned a 180 degrees, so please do be careful, do use protection and do love yourselves as much as you love your partner.

Today I´m 25 and yet I´ve been alive for only the last 4 years but that´s a story for another moment, for now let us celebrate life, celebrate that we´re alive, that we´re together and that we have each other and have health and love, let these never to go away and let´s hope if there is a higher power pulling our cords from above or if moody Fate allows or just by simple chance we are given the chance to spend this and many years together, Here´s to that, bottoms up! :D

P.S. Sorry guys, forgot to add the piñata, you can't have a fiesta without one


Mr. Urs said...

Since you're finally ready for this: Happy (belated) birthday! This really calls for a party.

MartininBroda said...

Happy belated birthday wishes from me too.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, and regardless of the other things you mentioned. Those are some impressive accomplishments.

Bi Like Me said...

liked your blog. Interesting stories, nice pictures..

I'm new to blogging, so check mine out. Maybe you can mention it or add it to yours.


Anonymous said...

I hope your happiness continues,


Aek said...

Happy (belated) birthday! :) I hope things continue to go well for you. ^_^

JP said...

You would notice the format change haha, but thanks for the shoutout. I'm glad to hear your birthday went well, multiple cakes and all, I also like your top ten list. Even though I have already told you this, I feel it should be said again-

Happy Birthday, and here's to many more happy and memory filled years to come.

Wishing you the very best,


Anonymous said...

Maybe I missed it, but you're poz too now? Or is it just the couple?

Dzyan said...

Sorry but no, I´m not positive, just that couple, but they´re my first poz, so it´s really depressing. I´m just trying to live everyday as if it where the last

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