Aug 6, 2009

Under the inluence of drugs

It's been a while since I last posted, sorry 'bout that, I'm sick, that's not news but I also got the flu three days ago, yesterday I was in bed most of the day, alone :( with a horrible headache and drugged, I think the medicine is making me really happy and I don't think that's a good thing, haven't been able to do much but rest, although that didn't stop me from going to have a quick 10k run in under 45 minutes, I ended massively exhausted and thinking I was gonna die, but surprisingly today I woke up feeling better. Now the reason why I got the flu is really simple, I've been sleeping for five to six hours and working out for an average of 4 hours daily for the last three weeks, I know I shouldn't spend so many hours at the gym and the running track but since I was feeling really shitty I needed to do something and that's the best way I know to get things off my mind (besides sex but that was the problem to begin with since I don't have anyone at the moment to practice it).

Sadly, not many things new in my life, been at msn in the afternoons, getting to know all the kind people of this blog community, they have all been great to me and I hope that doesn't change, also I think everyone should visit Jeremy's blog and wish him a speedy recovery (for I wouldn't wish my worse enemy to go thru what's he's feeling).

In other news I just joined the list of 17, 000 other mexicans without employment, I decided I will take a time off work to finish my last term at school without anymore extra worries, so now I'm extra poor, but money has never been a problem since I never had it in the first place and that has never stopped me from doing the things I love the most like hanging around with my friends or going out on the weekends since Mexico is a really cheap country, anyways today I'll try to relax and overcome the flu, I'll try to be in msn in the evenings until I go back to school, so hope to see you there.

Big hug to all


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