Aug 20, 2009

A little about my job

I´m writing this in the darkness of the morning in my kitchen table, I´m not sure how long or how many computers it will take before I´m able to finish it because I´ll save this as a draft and continue to work it till I see the end of it in my little spare time, trying to add a line a at a time. It´s been a hard week filled with long wakeful hours, relentless ex-bf, human time bombs, upcoming classes, the stress of a new job, little spare time and almost no fun, but still I do have to be thankful, it could be worse, so instead of opening this post with thank-you notes I´ll try to let some of my frustration go with this comic strip:

(snicker), I was feeling like a fat chick joke was appropriate and I just love this one from Zack Weiner =)

So anyways, instead of talking about the shit of my life decided to talk about the learning experience that has come off my new job. I got there first thing in the morning on monday and discovered my co-workers lying on the floor, my boss which I´ll call M (why not? James Bond calls his boss the same), M was teaching them pilates and asked me to join, I´ll tell you, it was weird watching that though by now I´m used to it, so we got a three month´s supply of free condoms (15, 000 of them) and I can tell you I´m literally swimming in rubbers, we hand these to every person who comes and asks for them and hand them out every boy in school in which we go and give the sex talk, we also have this homophobic class and a course in the militia.

I´m currently working on a project to make propaganda about aids "how can you detect HIV
& what to do if you´re positive", so it is a learning experience, I´m getting to know a lot of people organizing events pro-LGBT, a lot of models (one had the most wonderful eyes I´ve ever seen) they bring in for campaigns and photo shoots and some principals of schools interested in our free classes as they are all financed by the government, in the office we are only three people working to make things happen (M, Frank and your´s truly), so we really need all the help we can get, they let me into their library which is rich in contents and would take a long time to finish them, and they are all interesting as hell so it was a hard time making up my mind on which to read first, ended up with a book called "helping gay and lesbian teens" it´s really interesting.

To sum things up, I´m pretty happy with what I´m doing in my new job, I do hate the drama of my life and as I don´t have the stomach strength to handle it right now it will have to wait, I´m beginning classes next monday and I´m hating that, also next wednesday will be a important date to me but I´ll tell you this next post, don´t know when it´ll be but I promise it will be soon, so take a lot of care please, you wouldn´t know the number of people with STD´s were handling right now, don´t become part of the statistics.

Ta-ta for now
Tired me

P.S. I´m probably online in the mornings in my job as all the communication is carried out in msn so feel free to talk with me, but do be patient sometimes I´m a little busy but I´ll make the time for you if necessary.


Aek said...

Awww. :( *Hugs*

I hate drama too, it's so unnecessary. I'm glad you're enjoying your job, it sounds like it's keeping you very busy but in a good way!! :D

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