Aug 28, 2009

Coming out in a text message

I´ll have to thank everyone for your warm and kind words, I did what I could to have a good birthday party but no one told me what I could do to have a birthday party :( so didn´t have one, so it´s everyone´s fault but mine. Not really, I just had some problems with my ex (charly - my principal -), yup my ex is back (again and again and again), but won´t get into details there, so I just forgot to throw a party, I´ll limit myself to say I had a decent week. But now to the point of this post.

Disclaimer: The following stunt must only be performed by a completely idiot person and no one should ever try it at home.

"borrowed" it from The paranoid psycho

My best friend Al (I love him, he´s really a nice guy and has taught me so much about being a good person as I am at nature the worst human being alive), anyways, Al and I didn´t talk to each other while on vacations as he had some family issues (his grandfather was sick and eventually died), but wanted to come out to him, as he´s my best friend, and since we´re back at school he wanted to know who my "girlfriend" was, didn´t tell him anything but told him if he wanted me to tell him he would have to come for we to talk (I just didn´t wanted to do it on msn for I know he´s really afraid of gay people, he doesn´t talk dirt or bullies them, just had a bad experience once in cancun with a boy and now he´s really worried he could like it, so he doesn´t like seeing two guys holding hands).

OK, so the day of my birthday Al told me he didn´t have any presents for me, told him he didn´t have to worry, we would figure something up. Had to leave early because I wanted to go catch a movie with my brother, so as I was leaving I send him a message telling him I had just figured out what present he could give me, and all I asked was his tolerance, told him about my relationship with our principal and told him I just loved him as a brother and that was that and I hoped nothing would change between us, if he wanted to talk I was there to answer any questions but if he didn´t want to it wasn´t necessary, and is true, I would have never brought it to a conversation ever again.

Now I know this guy in depth, I have slept with him (slept only, not sex) so you might understand why I did it that way, I know we´ve been through a lot and he had to have a loooot of time to think things through, if I were to confront him he would just have told me to get the fuck away from him (I´ve had reactions like that, my favorite is "dude, don´t touch me" not really encouraging). Next day he sent me a message telling me I should be a little tolerant with him for it was a huuge surprise to him and that he loved me and that if I wanted to talk he was there for me. At school I just gave him a hug and asked for his forgiveness for the way I´ve told him, however, we talked as nothing ever happened , so I started to think he didn´t want to talk about it, until we were left alone on our way to the subway, he started talking about it and asked me a lot of questions about thinks we have done together, and asking me if I fancied him, which I don´t though he´s cute and has a lot of luck with the ladies.

We talked for about an hour and when we realized it was really late he had to go, gave me the greatest hug I´ve ever felt and we parted our own ways. I´m just happy he accepted me the way he did, I was really worried to lose him, I could afford to lose a lot of people but him is just someone I would die for. Now I can comment openly about guys and he just enjoys it when I do, he even make follow up jokes :)

And this one from Butterscotchfart

So that´s that, but couldn´t leave without thanking Phil for his Balls (Billiard Ball Cupcakes), never had anyone bake for me, thank you so much can´t wait to have a bite at them ;) you all take care now and thanks your patience in reading my blogs, know sometimes I ramble too much and I apologize for that.

My love to all


Aek said...

I'm really glad everything's alright between you and your best friend. And that second picture is sooo cute. ^_^

Anonymous said...

It's good to know that he accepted you and you can still be friends and joke about it too

Mr. Urs said...

This was a close shave, but you seem to have handled it pretty well, despite using text.

Anonymous said...

WHAT? what's this? I am gone sick for what a day and you are left in boredom? where the hell is my poking stick? *super poke*

Gay (pubs, I think you called em) clubs are a boys (lol) best friend!!!




At least you had a decent week though huh? anywho, I am glad ( no, really I am!!!) that everything worked out with you and your friend, seems like a great guy.

Must say I feel a litte sorry for him about that Cancun situation, lol, but hey, it Cancun and those male natives are wild... or so I am heard. I have never been to mexico. But if they are anything like the Samoan Natives then I bet it was a PARTY lol.

good night hun

ps( been sick lately, I think it was some bad produce I ate, I think I may go to my grandmother to have her check me out.)

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