Aug 23, 2009

Some unconfortable revelations

You all know what time it is? yup, comments review time! (applause, applause). First of all, thank you all for your comments and concern, to know so many people care about what I feel is already a huge boost, and talking about people interested in what I write I want to welcome all new readers and thank them for not being ashamed of admitting you read my blog :) Now, I got a comment in spanish from a guy named René, he's mexican too and has his own pic-blog which is in spanish, but worry not, they talk the universal language of nudity so nothing is lost in translation, hehe, he was of great help telling me to stop whining and practically to man up, I love to get these 'cause sometimes I get too focused I can't move on, so thanks, and thanks to everyone else once again for your kind words and pearls of wisdom. Haven't slept that much still but I'm hanging on, btw, I also found this guy also from Mexico which is a real artist, his name is Arenko, he also has a blog in which he shows some really wonderful drawings he does, a must see, there is also a little inscripture in each one in spanish, if you can't read them the drawings are totally worth it either way.

I've been doing fine enough, keeping myself busy, it seems my brother is now a groopie from the band we went to see last week, so we got on his car and drove up for about an hour to go see them and other local 8 bands unheard of, but my brother loves "Los Daniels" and so we got there, again with my cousin Barb, she's a nice person, but I hate that she's always touching and hugging me, during the concert she was always wanting me to touch her, hold her hand, making me touch her always in different and more disturbing parts of her body, she introduced me as her boyfriend and that's when I knew something was wrong, she even tried a pass on me, when I was behind her she tried reaching for my groin, WTF??? when we were back at the car she told me she had a crush on me in front of everyone, I'm not interested AT ALL in her and I can't stress that enough, so for now is no Barb for me.

Seen a couple of movies today, "Berlin Calling" a great german half movie, half musical, hahaha, no, is the life of a DJ but is really good as half of the movie focuses on the DJ and half of it is spent on raves, good one, and "Color me blood red" a 1965 american movie, really funny though not intended to be that way :P got a good laugh at the movies.

Tomorrow I'll start classes, and seeing my friends is something that makes me creave go back, however seeing my ex doesn't. This will be my last semester, that really saddens me as is the last time I'll see all my friends together, we're a small class of only 30 students so we get along rather well and it will be hard not going back for another term after this, however I'm desperate to wrap things up at school and not going back, so I have mixed feelings.

Also a major announcement, on wednesday I'll turn 25 yo, that's something big. Have you ever knew something before it happens? like when you think of someone and he's trying to call you that exact moment? or when you just know before hand something is bound to happen and it does happen? well I get a lot of those, all the time, and I know I don't have a lot of time left in this earth, NO, I'm not going to commit suicide, I'm not depresed, or that stressed, I'm not that coward, nor is an attempt to call everyone's attention, it's just something I know and that's that, I hope I do get it wrong but just in case I don't I decided to live my life to the fullest each and everyday. Sometimes I just know something will happen, like three months ago I was walking home as always at the same time I've walked home for two years now and suddenly began to think of the last time I got mugged, I didn't pay any attention to it and just kept on walking; just before getting home in the last block, in the last corner, I got mugged by two guys with a gun, coincidence?

I'm sorry if this last post has been too lengthy, I wrote it in a rush and with little time for I'm really sleepy and have to go to bed soon. I wish you all the best, and a great week, I'll post when I find the time, which I hope is soon. I'm forever in your debt for reading this blog (including this long text), and for all your feedback. Thanks.

All the love


Anonymous said...

You know there is such a thing a being enlightened, well, that is, I believe it so. You may have a gift that many study and work hard for. Follow your dreams, they mean much more than people would make them out to, that is to you they would. I hope you are wrong, but if anyone will know about what you feel it will be you.

good luck lovely.

Aek said...

Enjoy the time you've got with your friends. Take many photos to remember them by. I hope you're alright after getting mugged, that's scary! :(

In case I forget, Happy Birthday! I hope it will be a great one. ^_^

Dave83201 said...

Listen, you are going be like Spock and live long and prosper. If this feeling causes you to treasure everyday more, then maybe that's the purpose of the feeling. Believe me, when you're old and gray you're going to re-read this blog post and smile, and realize Dave was right -- as I am on many things. LOL

Dave83201 said...

Oh I forgot... Big birthday love! I have all the hugs you could want ready for you when you come around to pick them up.

JP said...

It's officially Wednesday here on the East Coast, so a big Happy Birthday mate.

Live life to the fullest and here's to many more happy and memory filled years to come.

Truly yours,

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