Aug 17, 2009

Reached the goal; A concert; hot-guy goes missing.

Been a long weekend and I haven't been able to post as I have been really tired lately so hang on cause it's going to get messy, all shall be explained but first as is tradition the first paragraph goes to thanks and review of comments...mmh, are my eyes betraying me or do I really have 12 readers??? nope, it's the truth, I promised myself I wouldn't cry... thanks to everyone I know is hard keeping track of what I write and to have so many people reading what I have to say really makes me smile from ear to ear =) so, so, so thankful just can't stop smiling. Ok, so thanks for Mr. FMS for another great quote, he does know many though I don't particularly like his penname, it sounds like a disease like Fibromyalgia Syndrome (hahaha, just kidding man, you know I love you). And Keliss is right I do appreciate everything I have and everyone I know. And a big hug to Aek whom I haven't seen in days.

So saturday I went to the morning in the gym, after that spend some of the evening reading Mark Millar's Ultimates 2, great story btw. At night my brother asked me if I wanted to attend to a concert of a rock band I didn't know, wasn't much into it until he told me it was in the gay district, after that took me two minutes to get ready (for I don't like to look overdressed), we picked up my cousin Barb from the side of my dad (haven't told her about me as my father told me she's a let's say informative person and my dad didn't want his whole family to know, so he asked me to be careful with what I said i.e. stay in the closet). She's a nice 21 year old girl but she's always poking me and touching me and that's way to uncofortable for me. So somehow they let us in the club without I.D.'s and asked for beer still without I.D.'s. (remember, in Mexico you're legal at 18).

So the concert started, the two opening bands really stunk and I prefered to stay seated, while I'm sitting there alone I notice this guy eying me from across the room, won't lie to you he looked OK, but when I got up he's gone, the band we were going to watch then appeared at the stage and I realize the guy eyeing me is the bass-player, now upclose he looked better, sorry forgot to take pictures but I was busy (just wait), so the people started jumping and head-banging and I was enjoying myself, then beer started to rain from everyone's bottles, I took off my semi-formal shirt and leaving just my sleeve-less shirt covered and dry Barb and me with it from all the flying beer, my brother is in the mosh pitt by now and I'm protecting Barb from the people pushing, the band takes their shirts off now and bass player was a little better now, however he was no-contest for a boy just in front of me, he was really hot, and that's new to me because I've never refered to a guy as hot ever before so just imagine my surprise, so I notice hot-guy and decide to dance just behind him (as much dancing you can do at a rock concert), he turns and catches a glipse of me so he starts dancing too, as the music continues I start pushing forward and as the music continues he starts pushing backwards. So we're there dancing with our skin rubbing, our clothes entangling themselves and my breath in his ear. So picture this, I'm holding Barb's arm with one arm, my other arm's around hot-guy's waist, Barb can't see what I'm doing as she's dancing like a madwoman and there's a lot of people, when all of a sudden a girl comes and starts dancing in my back just like I started with hot-guy, the girl is not really gorgeous and I find her not to my liking, but she just doesn't go away, luckily in that same moment everyone at the concert starts pushing and getting really wild so I take Barb to a safe place leaving behind hot-guy and dancing-girl, but as the concert ends I just cannot find hot-guy :( and all he leaves me to remember him is a huge hard on, well, either ways I just don't know what I would've done with him (besides that 'course), maybe just ask his telephone number, goes to show you how unexperienced I am, so any suggestions?

After the concert I got home at around 2 a.m. when I arrive I realize there's a mail from a friend asking me some help (really heavy stuff), so I got to bed at 3 a.m. and not even get to sleep properly as I'm really worried about what might happen to him.

On sunday I woke up at 8 a.m. I'm so sleepy but can't get anymore sleep as I usually wake up at that exact time, so I'm walking like a zombie all day long unable to listen right because of the concert and feeling miserable for the lost of hot-guy, spent the afternoon trying to get a gym bag to no avail, my brother invited me to see a movie but I had to get ready for the next day as it was my first day in the new job but just couldn't get everything done and got to bed around 12 o'clock with a mosquito that couldn't stop bothering, so no good sleep there either.

Woke up at 5:45, five f*çking fourtyfive in the morning, I usually don't wake up before the sun does but I guess you have to make some sacrifices if you want to do what you love. I'm just too tired now to tell you about first day at the job so that's a post for another day, I know it's been a long post so I'll leave it at that for now. I'm still happy about my twelve reader, almost so happy I could forget about hot-guy.

HOT-GUY WHERE ARE YOU!!! (I said almost)


Aek said...

Sounds like a busy weekend. :)

You haven't been online much. :-/ Then again, I haven't either this weekend. Pretty busy for me too.

Btw, you have 13 readers now, just a heads up. XD

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