Aug 10, 2009

New Job :)

I know in an old post I said I needed some spare time to study so I had to quit teaching but today I just had a great opportunity, now people might think is not a job because is pro bono service but I just have to give something back to the society from which I've taken so much hehe, so today I went to a LGBT center and saw they where searching for people that might give some psychological counseling, and being as I am knew I couldn't let this opportunity pass. So I had an interview with the project director, a great guy who seemed a little worried that I might not like the project or that I had some prejudices against gay people, and when I told him that I was into that he relaxed a lot and started making jokes and smiling, so we got along great and explained me that they do HIV tests for anyone who decided to take one and that they needed a counselor for the pre-while-post of this tests, so over the next week I'll be reading and learning most of what there is to know about STDs, hygene and how to give confort and guidance to HIV possitive people. This is a great thing for me as I love to help people, that's why I chose my carrer and I'm glad I give be able to give something back.

So wish some luck to the proud new counselor


Mr. Urs said...

Chapeaux! Not an easy thing to do but a great idea.

torchy! said...

high-5 to you Fer. you're doing a grand, rewarding, and sometimes very difficult job.


ps. told you i might take a while to catch up :)

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