Aug 8, 2009

A walk down memory lane

As I was sick and didn't have much strength to go out the 6th I postponed my date with my high-school friend (satou) for today, and even though he came up with the time at which he would be able to make it he arrived one hour later, luckily I had taken some precautions and took the book I'm reading with me, after all that he arrived and we got to walk up and down the streets with no destination, I was really hungry and we walked into a cafeteria we found and had some lunch, after that we talked for about two hours of all the stuff we used to do and games we played (as we used to play roleplaying games everyday after school), and so shared a lot of chronicles and adventures I used to tell all my friends.

After two hours of laughing and a waitress staring at us (mostly me -b/c she needed the table- haha) we got up and walked for about another hour until it was getting really cold and windy, and as I didn't want the evening to end I invited him for a coffee at the nearest coffee shop which was really great as we started talking about all the relationships we've had and so I came out to him, he took it really well, in fact three minutes later he leaned against me until his shoulder was just against mine, I in turn leaned against him and once we got comfortable I reached with my arm and hugged him from behind and so we talked for almost half an hour still talking about all the girls and boys in my case as it turns out he never had any boy-on-boy relationship (though he doesn't seem unconfortable around boys), it seems he's not certain of taking things to another level with his girlfriend and she doesn't seem too interested in spicing things in her relationship, however I'm not going to get in the way of their relationship, I wish him the best and if he so desires take his time and work things a little more slowly, I'm not about to ruin anyone's relationship for I would really hurt someone who got into mines.

So we ended up really tired, it was great talking to him, and his still kind of cute, though I went to meet him with low expectations right now I know I would rather have a friend like him for years to come than a one nighter and be filled with akward moments later (which is not how I do things at all so maybe I'm growing up... aaah, don't want to remember growing up, my birthday is around the corner and still haven't made amends with that), So there you go Mr. For My Sake that's what happened : P (really nice guy).

Also on Thursday I went to see a great play called "Cthulhu's envoy" inspired in the novels of H. P. Lovecraft with a great script and with awsome actors (one really hot) and as it was a horseshoe audience I noticed this guy eyeing me all the play but later noticed he was with a boyfriend so I stopped caring. I'm exhausted from all my walking and talking so right now I've got a date with a warm shower and my bed, be it alone or with the one you love, but sleep tight!

P.S. sorry had some pictures I wanted to show but my memory stick got crazy and deleted everything, hate when that happens.


Anonymous said...

I like that you think I'm a nice guy, haha. That's the bette half of me

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