Oct 14, 2009

Sad times

So thanks all for your comments, good news is I survived my hunger, bad news, a chicken didn't, also, I was kind of hoping no one noticed what Phil did and he was the only one, luckily enough, btw, I never got my birthday cupcakes :( get well kid.

You ever had something that made you feel like a living? I´m talking about that one thing that defines you, the one that make you feel alive, the thing that without it your life would be totally useless? everyone has got a thing that makes them dream, a passion if you would, some people have their children, some others have lecture, some others´ passion is in getting laid. Well... I have a passion *sigh*
Seems like I´m skipping vital information here, so let me start from the beginning, I injured my ankle a week ago, have waited a whole week for it to heal and be able to walk again with freedom, however, it just hurts like hell whenever I step on it -no one knows this but you, I´m just used to pain and soaking it-. Now about my passion? Ironically, Running, that´s right I´m a runner and feeling the wind soar in my ears, watching as the sun rises in the horizon, getting into the woods in the morning chilling freeze is my passion, I even got a few medals, and now...
Today I tried to start running, tried to do a 5 jog on the treadmill and you know what came out? a huge screech from my thoat at the fifth step.
Also all my friends went to the beach today, so now I'm alone, yes, no classes but also no one to spend the week with :( and now my keyboard keeps switching to japanese for no apparent reason and haven't found anyone on-line with whom to talk, I know, shouldn't abuse the kindness of my friends, but just wanted to talk to someone.
Sorry, just wish this week improves somehow,さようなら
Love to all


Anonymous said...

I'd love to talk with you we just don't seem to be online at the same time recently and I'm been sick so haven't been online all that much

Good luck with the keyboard thing I wonder why it is doing that

Just said...

Fer , be careful and let you ankle heal. Give it a couple of days. I know I push myself hard once too , thought it was a sprain and let just say I was in a cast for 9 months. I torn my ligament. Sending you healing wishes. I love to ride motorcyles , haven't in a year sold mine so I could leave. But will be getting a new one soon maybe.

Aek said...

Awww, I'm sorry to hear that you injured you ankle. But you should try to stay off it until it's fully healed, otherwise it might cause long-term problems (and that's no fun).

Sorry I haven't been around online much - busy studying for exams. One more on Friday. It's supposed to be the hardest, though my two this morning were really rough. T.T

Seth said...

Please get that ankle looked at medically.

Feel better.

Brett said...

Hope your ankle heals fast mate.

Could you be accidentally pressing Alt+Shift? I believe that switches languages.


Mr. Urs said...

My Toño likes to run too but he can't for at least 6 months due to trouble with a inflamed ligament (... and it starts to show on his tummy!). Would swimming work? I could do that even with a broken foot (with little emphases on the leg movement).

Octavius said...

I'll see you in the morning.


Aaron said...

hope u feel better, fer! that sucks not being able to do things u love!! *hugs*

Dave83201 said...

Oh Fer! You like to run do ya? What is it you're running from? Ahhh! Think about that, eh!

Take care of that leg!

Dzyan said...

To everyone, thanks, I appreciate your kind words, and more specifically:
@Ethan. don´t worry, you have your own problems to take care of, do get well soon.
@Just. thanks for all your good wishes and thanks for all your support, I´m glad you´re feeling welcomed here.
@Aek. good luck with your exams, get good grades and we´ll call it even
@Seth. I´ll try but with Mexico´s medical services I might get get threated in three months time IF I´m lucky enough and by that time I will no longer care or my ankle will be of no use anymore
@Brett. actually I was typing ctrl+spacebar I use ubuntu.
@Mr. Urs. I´d love to do some swimming but have no money to pay for the entrance to a pool, I use the school´s gym only because it´s free.
@Octavius. Where are you?
@Aaron. Thanks, I do feel bad about it :(
@Dave. it´s not what I´m running from, it´s what I´m running to

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