Oct 24, 2009

The grass is greener on this side

Yay posting, feels like ages since my last one, I won´t lie to you, what´s commonly referred as brain, in this particular moment to me would come in as handy as a paper-weight. Feels like it would only help me for two things, nothing and the same -that´s actually an old mexican saying-. Today I got out of my test just in time to get to my brother´s birthday party, that unfolds itself as I´m writing this, just taking the time-off to write a couple of lines and talk to some really important guys I have the privilege of knowing.

Certification test was not as hard as I thought it would be -maybe it´s just that I´m way smarter than I give myself credit for (yeah, right)-, however, if I never again read a text that starts "An 11 year old boy has got problems in school..." and has the audacity to continue with "his parents don´t care about his health" and/or "he´s been administered 1001 psychological tests and his results are as follow..." and even after all that information they dare asking
"would you:
a) give him treatment
b) pat the parents on the shoulders
c) send him to a mental-institution
d) give him a sandwich -not a ham one that is- and a hug."
Well, not really that obvious, but the thing is some questions were  like really obvious if you read the questions and not made questions on your own mind, and what does all the information have to do with the question anyways???

So today I´m a little tired, actually got to sleep for half-an-hour even when there´s a party all around me, but was feeling SO frustrated I had to go to the first gym I stumbled into and guess it was mature gay hour, but didn´t realize that until well after I had payed, changed outfit and done like an hour of good work-out -yeah, I thought it was weird when while I was changing that guy was staring at me while naked and kept watching me for a good whole minute, but was too busy minding my own business to notice after a while- but it was like three o´clock in the afternoon, how was I to know? you might think, Oh what you complaining about? well, for one thing, those guys were from ages ranging from 40 to 60, and I´m not into mature guys -respect them as I may I´m not into that and my respect to them ends where their respect to me starts- and on the other hand they were creepy muscles mountains, they looked alright if you´re into cross-generation, mature, bears and/or leathers, but I´m not, and this creepy guy comes my way and starts trying to make conversation, sure, I´m always in for a good conversation but after a while noticed he was really staring at me in the weirdest most uncomfortable fashion and had to put some distance between us, so went to the changing rooms and started getting my street clothes, got them on and the moment I´m getting my backpack he enters and blocks the entrance with his body, keeps up with the light-occasional talk, I´m thinking, need to get out of here someway or another, so he starts getting his clothes off, asking "and what are you doing tonight" now I knew that was my cue, so I told him I was going to go celebrate my brother and sister and I was kinda in a rush so got between the little space he left between his body and the door and got to slip away not without having to scape from the grasp of his hand with all the strength and agility I could muster at the moment, so I don´t know what he was about but wasn´t staying to find out.

So people respect each other, we´re all civilized here. Gotta crash now, last two days been really tiring and need to get some rest now. Take care of yourselves and don´t be strangers, keep in touch.

Love to all


Octavius said...

What incredibly odd situations you find yourself in there chap.

Thinking of you as always...


Anonymous said...

Ick this should have come with a waring now I have bad images in my head

y78ilm said...

Definitely weird! I can't even imagine what I would do if I ended up at the gym during gay hour without knowing. Enjoy the sight or be scared??


Seth said...

Ohh those kind of situations can be SO uncomfortable and just make you feel icky. Glad you "escaped" LOL.


LonelyBoy said...


Glad your exams went well!!!


Aaron said...

Eeek. Well, at least you got over it. I hope. Well done with the exams.

Just said...

We all need to treat people like humans and give respect. To bad some don't know how ... Fer I am glad it turn out the way it did.

Anonymous said...

have a nice rest, I have a similar week (exams) coming ahead of me...

Brett said...

Late comment - sorry :)

Glad you're confident with your exams mate - I'm sure you were great.
Catch you some time.

Take care =].

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