Oct 3, 2009

An idle mind... is what I need

So sorry, I know it´s been a while, been thinking about what I´ve recently done, and came to realize that lately I haven´t been up to anything good. Tests week is over now -wish you could all see the sparkling reflection in my eyes-, had to spend mornings in a study like trance so boooring! worst part was the papers due for before evaluation time, tests were easy enough but writing papers is just not for me. Also I got really really late to a test on Wednesday and professor didn´t let me take it, so I completely and utterly failed that subject, still was worth it, was in company of a person I love a whole bunch -on messenger, but was a fun conversation-.
As to the lack of updates I owe it all to my feeling of emptiness, I've been feeling down and why write something that will only worry the people that reads this? I don't want pity so why write about how bad I'm feeling? so now things should start looking up -HOPEFULLY- and I decided I need to get back again in the saddle, living in memories and fantasies is great, but what I want right now is get back on my feet and hit the dating scene once more -do I hear people clapping? I damn better should be :P - it's been good being by myself for a while, but now that I think I'm doing better I should start looking for someone, still, I have no idea where to find that someone, not where he is or where to start the lookout, never been to a bar all alone, period, not once, not alone that is, still don't think that should be the place to look at for nothing but a night of uncommitted fun, sooooo, I'm pretty much at a crossroad :S

However sitting here and waiting for someone to fall on my lap -although, as tempting as it might sound someone just falling into my lap- probably will never happen.

*sigh* seems like a storm is coming, hope you don't mind me using you as my umbrella.

Right now and more than anything I want to thank all the guys who commented on my last post, thanks for their kind words that really made me feel welcomed and glad I shared those thoughts into the world. I specially want to thank Mr. Urs with whom I shared this week one really interesting chat, and I hope it repeats itself once more and again and again, and to Brett, I told you I would use Flickr : )
Aaah, that's all for now, hope to see you around.
Love to all


Octavius said...

I have a saying that I stick to with keen determination my little flower..., "Never leave a man behind!", as to what this means for you..., well you can use me as your umbrella anyday.

I am and always have been there for you (Well since we met anyway), you know that mate.

Good luck, Bon Chance, and above all...,

Courage and Honour!


Aek said...

Man, I keep sitting here and waiting for someone to fall into my lap. Will you fall into mine? ;-)

I'm sorry we haven't had a chance to chat too much lately. I think I have a pretty good idea of what you're going through, as I'm kind of in that state too (or stuck there, rather).


Anonymous said...

Now you know where you can find me and I'm always up for a nice chat even if you want to just let it all out. I wont judge what you say (I hate being judged as is) so say what ever you want

Just no details about your sex life :P

Lot's of love

Dave83201 said...

Sorry I'm no help. I mean well, and I care.

Cougar said...

It's tough. You're supposed to find someone when you least expect it, that's when the One is supposed to come along.

But you'll never find that person is you just keep waiting. You have to put yourself out there and look or no one will ever see you.

The paradox of finding someone sucks.

So, I just wanted to say... I feel you ;)

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