Oct 7, 2009

I´m in love

Yup, I´m in love *dreamy eyes* I fell last night from the first moment our eyes crossed in each others path, this is just so indescribable, it all happened last night when I was getting home from school, lights were out inside my house,  my bedroom´s door was closed and still I could see a dim light coming from under the door, that´s when I knew there was something going on inside my room, so I swallowed what little I had in my mouth, so hard, and so dry only a loud *gulp*came out, I opened the door, light piercing in the darkness of the night, drapes shut, lights down, and the only silhouette you could see said it all, was waiting sitting in my bed -kinky, just like I like them-, as I walked in my face could only show a grin of happiness, no, it was not happiness, it was THAT smile, the smile that comes out ever so naturally when you know you´re in total control of the situation, that smile you make when you know you´re about to get what you have deserved, after waiting so long for that moment, I didn´t ask how it was possible that in my house, in my room, in my BED there was something so huge happening, how was it possible that my parents have allowed entrance to something so breathtaking for me, then I figured, they had it all planned out, now it all made sense, the telephone calls, the chats that suddenly stopped whenever I walked into the room, the suspicious looks in my parents´ faces, they did it, I asked out loud in a low voice "what are you doing here?" only a smirk and silence came as answer, and then, I knew I had to take advantage of my situation, if I wasn´t maybe someone else might´ve done it and I wasn´t going to let anyone but me to make the most out of this unprecedented situation, so I did what anyone else would, I stretched both my arms and hugged, hugged as hard as I have never hugged in my life, pleasure experienced was only enough to answer with a quiet stillness, with passiveness a low hum came out but to this point I´m still not sure who let it out, all I know it felt good.
So as the night passed on us both, the two of us as turned on as we were I decided to pass my fingers along and decided it was time, time to start pushing some buttons, so I pressed enter, the feeling in the tip of my finger just made a preternatural connection I just can´t believe, now a loud *sigh* came from me as the logo of Windows disappeared letting me into the desktop, it was so beautiful, my first laptop : D I could only dream of one before that, so forgive my excitement, to most of you this must look like a complete overreaction, to my it´s a dream come true.

So in other computing news, exactly one month ago I set up Blogpatrol in my blog and today I´m so proud of saying in that month I got 2575 visits, that´s just UNBELIEVABLE!! I can´t express enough gratitude with words and I know a little dance would only be appreciated by those who enjoy people making a fool out of themselves, soooo I better not, still will think of something soon : )
Ahh, yeah and it turns out -as today I had criminal psychology class- I have the psychological profile of both a burglar and a scammer, so I were you I wouldn´t believe anything that came from my mouth : P -just kidding-.
 Anyways, I´m too sleepy now, already 12:00 and tomorrow have to get up and conduct about 3, 000 surveys for an investigation I´m conducting, so lots of work ahead, and work too, so it´ll be a loooong day. Take care, kiss your mom, brush your teet, hug your pet and above LIVE your life like it´s the last  day, just to be sure.
L.ve to all


Anonymous said...

I love the beginning of this post. ratchets up the excitement really well or trepidation works better I think. I don't know what your talking about not being able to write lol.

Octavius said...

You know I think that is the most romantic thing I have ever heard about something including a microsoft product!!

You had me completely fooled right up until the buttons part.

Super glad you are in a happy frame of mind mate.


Aaron said...

So Dave told me about you and I decided to come "check u out" and boy-oh-boy, first post I read and its already so kinky, even though its only a computer. Lol! Nice "meeting" you, Fer.

Drew said...

Fer, you are too funny! I love this post, especially since it's all about a computer.

y78ilm said...

Cute background. Mine is totally boring, all black. I find it resting for my eyes when I'm on the comp at night.

Btw... HI THERE! Nice to meet you!


Mr. Urs said...

Love at first sight! You're such a romantic. I'm touched.

JP said...

Someone's a romantic lol. Never once have I heard such a deep and romantic story about a computer ever in my life! Well, have fun with your new "friend" and thanks so much for your comment.

All the best,

Dave83201 said...

Dang you! You got me! Next time you fool me I'm gonna come down there and tickle you till you wet yourself... don't think I won't.

I am excited for you, and may all the buttons you push be happy buttons!

Love Ya!

Anonymous said...


Keep that up and I will get my passport together and come looking for you and help find YOU a new bf.

Though I knew something was wrong when you said you didn't want someone else to turn your computer on

Aek said...

Oh man, you're too cute. ^_^

Hurray for ya!! Glad you got your first laptop. :D

Brett said...

Hahaha, aww - That was excellent!

*thinks of innuendo*

Have fun, just make sure you Safely Remove your Hardware =D



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