Oct 28, 2009

Starting over

Welcome, come on in and make yourselves at home, this has always been a place for me to be completely open, to open up my mind, and be myself, sometimes it´s not that interesting, some other times it´s not even interesting at all, but nonetheless I keep on writing. But in order to be completely honest, not only with you, but with myself, I must get something out of the way before I´m able to keep on doing it -writing- and thanks to recent events this coming out has been made simpler to me, but to be honest I wanted to do this from a loooong time ago but couldn't gather the strength to do it. Might not be something so big for you, but to me it´s a HUGE deal as it is MY life.

OK, the deal is this, I´ve never lied to you, my name IS Fer, but it´s not -huh??- fact is, that´s my grandfather´s and my father´s name, they relate to that name as they have always been called that way, but not me, I don´t like that name, it´s my name also but I don´t feel it like mine. MY name, I mean the name I answer to, the name that belongs to me, the name that makes me who I am is actually THIS. And that´s how I´ll be referring to myself from now on, because I can´t be someone I´m not, even if I tried to be stay low-profile I just can not, not even to protect my own privacy. So there, this is me being at my MOST honest, I just can't lie, I suck at lying, I guess I lost practice over the years, maybe it's just that I have nothing to fear, whatever happens I'll take it.

So in order to celebrate this confession -one that has made me really nervous and feel utter unease- I´m making some adjustments to my blog -this is also because I get bored easily- so I hope you keep enjoying this and have a space in your heart for me, even if I change my blog, my face or my name.

The reason I changed my address is because I realize now I´m not Lovelessinmexico, when I named my blog I was going through a lot, and I mean a LOT, now I´ve met people that love me, people that make me feel loved and I love back, this is the main reason of my new URL, however I´ll be keeping my e-mail address and the name of my blog, this because I like it and makes me remember my humble origins and I am a maudlin guy.

-Ah, yes, I still owe you a picture, but I don´t like many of my pictures and haven´t found any that reflects who I am on the internet, but I assure you I´ll get one soon-

Love to all


Anonymous said...

Nice to meet you Dzyan.



Just said...

Congrats Dzyan. You are truly a remarkable person. I am blessed to be able get to know you. You damn right I have a place in my heart for you ... Love Lee

Mr. Urs said...

Welcome Dzyan, I'm looking forward to this.

Anonymous said...

Welcome and wow. Now I dont have to worry whether ur old name is pronounced as "FUR" or "FAIR" or "FEAR" .... but the other one, thanks for providing pronunciation on the profile :)

Bi Like Me said...

Welcome back Fer, err Deyan!

Aek said...

Hi! :-D

This still seems rather random to me, but whatever makes you happy. ^_^ Can't wait to see the pic. :-P

Anonymous said...

I had always wondered how to say your name F...Dzyan

I doubt your pictures are that bad and I'm sure you are good looking too

JP said...

Ah, welcome back mate, I see you've done some remodeling and might I say it all looks quite dashing! Even with all the changes I still know that you are the amazing and caring person I always have known. I'm looking forward to reading more about you F...Dzyan!

All the best,


Brett said...

I can still call you Diz right? =D

I'm liking the new theme.


Seth said...

Well, welcome, and welcome back!!

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