Oct 13, 2009

So what´s our choice?

Whoa, so I get home yesterday after skipping some class -shh, don´t tell my parents- and find nine new messages in my mail´s inbox, I got worried, something must be wrong, and then I realize it´s letters of support for my latest post, OMG! who would´ve guessed it was going to make an impact on people. I admit not having the eloquence of Dr. Mandragora, nor the vocabulary of FMS, or the creativity of Dave, sincerity of Drew, insight of Bob or light mood of Torchy! I only write with passion, type with my heart and back every word that comes out with my actions and sometimes it just so happens that what comes out is -even when seems it´s been holding on by paper clips and rubber bands- an acceptable comment on my side.
I appreciate all YOUR comments, and I apologize now, for I don´t have answers, in fact have more questions than answers, but sometimes what´s more important is not finding the right answer but the right question.
So maybe violence is ONE answer as Matt. said, it is true that passiveness has brought victims only more abuse, but in the big picture and if we can learn something of world history is that the only thing that violence has brought to us is only a escalation in the methods incurred by the perpetrators, what started as sticks and rocks turns into rifles and guns, so what happens when pushes become guns at school?
Told ya, I´m all about questions. I have been through the path of violence and know thanks to life experiences it only brings more violence, luckily, I live in a country where possession of fire guns is restricted to the military and police officers, but a knife can always be concealed anywhere, homemade bombs are quite easy to do and famous around students nowadays... wait... if violence generates violence, and passiveness generates victims... what´s the third choice? How we break the cycle?

Aaah, but probably you´re tired of this, like life isn´t hard enough, I don´t have all the answers, hell, sometimes I have no answer at all. Still, you know of any other option please let me know, this world needs them.
Ok, I can´t send you on your way with a bitter taste now, so I´ll post something to try to cheer you from world´s best show ever created.

And now with a cheerful spirit go say hello to Just, he´s starting out in blog-town with his But Time Makes You Bolder blog, but I´m pretty sure you´ve already heard of him, he´s got a cool history that must be read, I know a lot of people can relate : ) Oooh, and a welcome to new follower Rythym Changes that joined as I was writing this, but you all know him, now in case you´ve been living under a rock since like April, his blog is THIS, so go, go now and read him, Thank you Rythym. Now I can keep the score even between number of followers and number of posts, YAY FOLLOWERS!! I´ll need one for next post now, oooh, who´ll be my savior?

So I´ll write about me later, I just realized I have done absolutely no work the whole day -shh, don´t tell my boss-, where did my time go? Also would you be as kind as to send me some food? I forgot my lunch and have absolutely no money to buy even the cheapest candy bar : ( til my work is done, Adiós.
Love to all


JP said...

Skipping school /and/ not getting any work done? You should be ashamed you naughty boy! Anyways, about your current lack of food, I would make something and send it via express mail, but I figure it might take a little too long even then, and also I don't think you would want food cooked by someone who is still a little sick. Well, I hope you find some way to get some food in the mean time, I would hate to see you go hungry for any reason.

All the best,

Dave83201 said...

I make darn good Kraft Macaroni and Cheese (You get that there in Mexico? I just had it for lunch myself.), but by the time it got there it would make better glue than food.

Your passion as a blogger inspires me. I know regardless the subject, any new post from you comes directly from that considerable open heart of yours. You remind me to mot be so cynical most of the time.

Thank you, may friend!

Just said...

I will never understand it , really. But there is a saying " Old Men make wars and young men fight and die in them. " You would thank wisdom would guide us better from history. Don't know if the Old Men forget it or if they are so close to death , death doesn't matter. Remind me I said that in twenty years. Fer thanks for giving me such a wonderful welcome. I love your style of writing, so don't go off on comparing your self to others. Yes you did name some really great writers. But I like them each and you for being themselves and real, that so comes across.Loud and Clear. I have been reading your blog for a while just didn't comment or follow any one . But you guys lighted a bug. Now I don't write well , my spelling and grammar is horrid. That being said I still can communicate and have something to offer. You are way more advance in writing than I am . So Quit ... lol What matter is your passion and your heart. Thanks for sharing that too. Your Friend Just with love

Just said...

I knew I seen the third choice.

I am not only a pacifist but a militant pacifist. I am willing to fight for peace. Nothing will end war unless the people themselves refuse to go to war. ~Albert Einstein ~

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