Oct 31, 2009


I just don´t know how to thank all the acceptance I´ve been getting lately, thank you all, you´ve made this guy a happy guy, thanks all for your kind comments, however there are a few things that must be clarified, Aek, you´ve known me almost since I started doing this blogging thing, should know by know that trying to understand me it´s too hard, don´t understand me just love me :P and that goes to everyone, also it´s not that I don´t like how I look, but rather that I don´t have a picture I like -also I don´t have many as my fb account can testify- and to Brett, if it were for me you could call me "boyfriend" but whatever you like to call me will do :)

It´s incredible how little I manage to accomplish when I have nothing to do, not much to do at work and even less at school, on thursday I beat-up myself because instead of staying and talking to Ethan I went to school and wasted my time doing absolutely nothing -terribly sorry hun- and... Whoa, whoa, whoa, are my eyes betraying me? Is this true? I have 50 followers, my goodness, when I started doing this never thought I´d get so many people following this, it´s not because 50 people read my blog -there are a little more actually- but that 50 guys aren`t ashamed of following my train of thought, and that´s so weird. Thank you so much everyone -how many times have I said this post alone? think I´ll never get to say it enough :) -

Ok, so today it´s Halloween so if you´re going out -or have already gone out- I hope you get a lot of fun and find yourselves a good custome, it´s been years since last I dressed up and went to a party, however today it´s the birthday parties´ of both my former boyfriends, one is on the beach and I got invited, have no money and couldn´t make it, my ex insisted to pay for me -again- but no, will not go, but will have to go to his party next week  on a bar near-by -was in fact menaced to get a failing grade in my class-. The other party I wasn´t invited until twenty-four hours before the party, so now I have to go, last year I didn´t and if I don´t this year it will just be a bad friend on my behalf.

Agh, hate when I don´t update this blog for days as so many important things happen and yet I don´t want to make a 14 page post that might make wish everyone to cut-off their wrists. But in a vain try to sum some things, had to talk to a friend because his mom found out his dad was cheating on him, I have never been in that situation so I don´t know how to better help him, so if anyone has any insiders tips please help. Also lots of conferences about how to go prostitute oneself -how to ask for a job- at school, they bore the heck out of me. On friday had to teach a class and had absolutely NO idea what it was, named MANOVA for variable analysis :S, which turned out rather OK, considering half-an-hour before the class I had absolutely no idea what it was or how it worked. Also I found out Drew doesn´t like me which has come as much of a shock to me :(

Also as you might notice I changed  a little my layout, hope you like it. Have a happy holiday, I know I will because after Halloween comes Día de los muertos, a day I truly love -actually two days, one for kids, one for grown ups that died- because it´s a day we don´t mourn their deaths, it´s a day we celebrate their lives. Well, have to go get ready to a party, so I hope to catch you again soon.

Aaah, but first go check this blog where Peter writes, he´s thinking of coming out to everyone and needs some advice, so if you have the time go give him some words for the wise :)

Smell ya later

Love to all


Anonymous said...

Hey Dzyan good to hear from you again.
Just keep reading my blog and we can try again some other time chating with each other on MSN
take care oh and if you want I can beat up this Drew guy for you

Octavius said...

What the hell happened there I thought the two of you were tight?

Anyways, always here for you buddy.


Brett said...

Diz, you flirt. Haha-


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