Oct 17, 2009

I'll show you mine if you show me yours.

 Well, As Brett showed me his, now I have to show you mine

 By JustBLD

But first thanks to all you guys that worry for me and my family, your good wishes and prayers have made my sis feel better with just a good night sleep, still have to take care of her and be careful not to develop the same thing she is, but for now everything is just fine :) Oh, also today is Doug's birthday so go and wish him a good day while you're at it. and you should also congratulate Brett too if you haven't yet, he just came out to his mom, Hooray for Moms!! :D

Ok, So Brett showed me his on Thursday but I didn't get the chance to post about this until today because a lot of stuff was happening, but today I had the chance to take a picture, you know, needed to get the right light, sometimes it hangs too low so you got to push them up again which people in the street find amusing. Also I've been showing mine since Monday for everyone to see, and quite frankly at first it got me feeling really self-concious, people staring at you, I just knew something was amiss and was preparing to get insulted by people as not many guys wear theirs at plain sight -that's right, they usually cover it- well, not my case, I'm just proud of what I've got.
And as the days went by I just started noticing guys -specially- who were particularly interested in the sight I was providing -and really, who am I to deprive people from a sight of me?-. Actually today I wore it out and proud and a friend to whom I'm not out yet stared at it at every chance he got -out of the corner of his eye- but didn't say a thing -can't ask him for much, he's just shy (and really unattractive)- however it was still weird, even gave me the suspicious eye, I'm not about to come out to him yet, let him just wonder, that way it'll be less of a blow to him.
I know you must be saying: "Show it all ready!!!" but I'm just a huge teaser, so with out further ado, here's what your mouth has been watering about since you started reading:

My pride Bracelet, YAY! just what you were thinking about, weren't you?
Oh, and my hand, also while were're at it I'll show you my other arm.

My sister did that one for me, and if you look closely it has got a button to open and wear as a necklace :) I wear it all the time, Oh, and in case you were wondering about the black and white one, I usually have one just so I can exchange it with someone for one of his/hers and have something to remember them by, love to wear bracelets and have done it for the last three years now.
So here are mines, now let's see yours.
L.ve to all

P.S. next post is really important to me, so be sure you catch it


Aek said...

Nice bracelets!! :D

I can see your palmaris longus from here. ;-) Btw, what's up with your middle finger of your right hand? It looks a bit odd, is it just bent at an angle? o_O

Just said...

I am thrill that your sister is doing better. I like seeing yours by the way. It is awesome.

Dzyan said...

@Aek, Actually I broke my hand when I was in high-school on a fist fight with some guy and for some reason -actually I can't remember-, broke two of my knuckles, doctor said it would take a number of painful operations, a long time recovery and nails in my hand to get it looking the way it did, but if it wasn't bothering me or aching I could leave it as that, and til now it has never hurt, still you think that's bad? should've seen the face on the other guy :S
@Just, thanks, you'll make me blush

Anonymous said...

I can say YES I was thinking that the whole time
Since I follow Brett too and have read his post I knew what you were talking about the entire time so I can say my mind was out of the gutter the entire time

Anonymous said...

BTW you have a very hairy hand and arm lol

Aaron said...

Oh I'm glad that your sister is doing better!! :) YAY!

Lol. Mine is so distinctive and everyone would know me if I show mine. Hmm...

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