Oct 11, 2009

You make me smile

I know,  I know, haven´t posted in ages, but bear with me for a while, been quite busy and don´t get enough time during the week, for that I´m deeply terribly sorry, still I want need to thank all the people that follows and has got the patience to read this new post, also, there´s nothing I like best than coincidences, and for this 43th post I got my 43th reader which needlessly too say makes me feel an orgasm of joy, so if you wanna cum come with me let´s  give a warm welcome to Aaron author of the new blog A beautiful Caos, I think he´s totally new to blogging so let´s pay a visit, also let´s welcome Raulito5 who enjoys writing about politics in his three blogs -THREE? I don´t even have time to update this one, now I´ll go cry myself to sleep under the table :( - which are Top to bottom, Trickle Down BS and even one in spanish Cuentos de la tìa Eloi -I myself am not a political guy, but I´m glad someone else thinks it´s weird they gave president Obama the Novel peace price on such a short time, but won´t say a thing for I know nothing on the subject-. Anyways, I have a bunch of blogs to catch on, haven´t been able to read anything so far :( sorry, but I´ll try to make it up soon.

Ah, Also, this week, Phil came out to his mom!! if you haven´t heard it shame on you, shame, shame, shame, he´s an amazing kid and I love him so much since day one, so if you still haven´t you should congratulate him NOW. Also was Jeremy´s and Me, Myself and My Hand´s birthdays this week, Congratulations to both of them.

OK, I´m on fire, sot let´s see, who else do I know, Ah! on Tuesday I met Brett from Who´s keeping the Score, nice kid smart kid, and also enjoyed a couple of great conversations with S.p from Bi-Zone. Aaand had an interesting chat with James P from Blackwaxx, yeah I know, I´m far too talkative, but that´s how I´ve been spending my spare time, and so far it´s worked, however it leaves little time to post, Actually this post I started writting aroun 10 am. it´s already 6 pm and I can´t seem to finish it, been talking to Drew and Dave.

Still, let me think what I´ve done so far... I´ve been stared at, flirted, hit on aaand look lasciviously for the last week while getting surveys at a school, a university were half the population is gay, that just so happens is a couple of blocks from my house, so I wonder, what´s stopping me from throwing myself into the arms of the next youngster that flings my way? I don´t know... guess there must be something more to a relationship than looks, I know, how can you get to know someone if you don´t GET TO KNOW THEM, ach, which brings me to my next question, what is it that makes us stop and question ourselves if it is OK to talk to the cute guy next to us, the good-looking fellow watching us from the other side of the subway wagon? What makes us second guess about ourselves? if someone is looking at you and you´re interested, should he/she make the first try at communication? What would happen if we started a conversation with someone?? Something shall be done about it, I have to do something about it.

In other news, my whole class is going to "attend a congress" on the beach of Acapulco, which means they will be passing out besides the hotel pool by the third hour of their trip and until they get home again on Monday, now I can´t go, don´t have the money nor the liver to spend there. Still, my ex tried to convince me to pay for my expenses, I won´t go, he might want me to re-pay him and as I don´t have money he might ask something I´m not about to give him. So good news I won´t have to deal with him for 5 days, bad news is all my friends will be gone and I still have to go to school : P

It´s been a long week, and I don´t know how long it´ll be before I get to update this again, still, I promised I would update my facebook account a long ago and still haven´t found the time :( hope I get the time to update soon, but as you can see, if you don´t find me here, you can always find me on messenger. I´m always there for you. So take care and don´t make me miss you. Dasbidania
Love to all


cvn70 said...


Sounds like you busy and yea MSN can be contagious. Looks like you have found a lot of good friends. We need to catch up sometime

take care and be safe


Aek said...

Sorry that I've kind of been MIA for a bit. Exams coming up. And yet I keep procrastinating . . . >.>

How was the movie, btw?

Anonymous said...

you owe us (U.S.) $1,000,000 for this bad post

lol anyway I'll be sure to take you up on that offer to talk to you on MSN but I have been busy myself so I will wait for now

Octavius said...

Obviously the "Grammar Police" need some re-schooling!!

Always good to hear from you chap. As they say in my neck of the woods..., "Always a pleasure and only rarely a chore!"

Courage and Honour!


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