Oct 21, 2009

Burning down the House

First let me assure you no one was in any real harm and anything of value was lost.

Next and to bring to life an old tradition... I want to thank my speechless commentators Aek and Aaron, I think I still have the ability to leave people in a perplexed stupor :) And to billy for his comment too, I'm always glad to hear from new people, thanks to everyone. And a warm welcome to new follower Barry from The Irish Oriental Garden come on in and make yourself at home. Oh! also I haven't had the chance to read a lot of posts lately -I'll explain this in a minute- but I heard Dave has reached the milestone of 50 posts, a great hug -wherever he might be- and all my love to him, so go and congratulate him NOW!

For those of you that never pay attention to my shout-outs and for those who just returned from congratulating Dave I have to explain something, I kinda "accidentally" set fire to my kitchen. It all started this morning with a call to my cell-phone while I was at the gym -morning? I thing it's called morning once the sun comes up, still it was really early- telling me I had to go make even more surveys, and being the diligent worker that I am -or rather the good friend that I am- gathered all my things and came home running, took the ham-sandwich my mom made for me this morning and left it in a pan to let it toast -love when the cheese gets grilled and the crunching sound of white-bread when you bite through the toasted crust and the smell of hot ham, mmh, I think I'm having an orgasm- after that, I realized I was coming out of the subway and couldn't eat with my hands dirty -bad habits you gain while studying bacteriology- at the bathroom I realized I need to take care of some business, so I went, realized my jeans were dirty from the day before and had to change them, while I had my pants down -alone- noticed my legs needed some cream, while thinking of cream it made me remember the last time I had a coffee, yeah, I was checking up some papers from school, school, that made me go back a day to the class I was having where I needed to make some homework I think I did but wasn't sure how my grades were doing so turned on the computer to go check my grades at the school's web-page, in the mean time I notice a subtle scent in the air, which makes me remember how hungry I am, at that exact moment I took a key out of the pocket of the jeans I'm just sliding up my legs, Where is this key from? so I start trying to remember the last place I was with those jeans on, yeah, it was the gym, it must be the key to some locker, I had just come from the gym and that reminds me I'm hungry, at that point I recognize the odor lingering in the air, it is the aroma of a sandwich, one which I remember I was craving, one which remember I was thinking of eating, one which I remember I left IN THE PAN!

So while I run to the kitchen -with my pants still unbuckled- see more light than usual coming out of the kitchen's threshold, so got there running and with a towel start putting off little fires in the room, luckily, nothing more than a couple of plastic recipients where lost and everyone was safe and I assure you it's the last time I eat quickly-cumbusting sandwiches.

OK, OK, I might be a little spacial right now, but I've got a good reason, a mighty powerful reason might I add. On Friday it's my certification exam, so if I ever want to practice as a licensed psychologist I must pass this exam, now don't get me wrong, I know I'm good at what I do -all false modesty aside- but take an exam that will test more my memory of the last four years than my actual knowledge will be a little more fustigating, that is because the test will be divided into two days in which three four-hour tests will be administered, one on friday's evening and two on saturday, for this I will need a little luck and a whole lot of patience.

Anddddd that's not the worst part, the down part of this all is that on Friday will be the birthday of my brother and my sister, they were both born on October 24 with a slight difference of twelve years, the same day! that's just a wonderful coincidence as they weren't see-sectioned, and I won't be able to attend to neither party, :( my sister will have lunch with all his friends from school and the rest of the family on friday right after school, and my brother will have his on saturday at the same time with his friends here, mean while I'll be stuck in school with a boooring exam. Hate that. So yeah, I'm really pissed off, also on saturday is a race I wanted to run, but as I have no ankle for that that just sucks. Hope I'll be bringing some good news soon, at least the grade at my test. Wish me patience!! -I really need it- :D
Oh, and never trust a sandwich -not a ham one at least-

Love to all


Aek said...

Woah, good luck on your exams!!

Mr. Urs said...

You have no choice. With all those things you're going to miss, you must excel at this exam.

Anonymous said...

Put it like this, you will have more things to worry about if you burn down your house don't forget that.

I have my oldest aunt, the 4th oldest aunt, and my sister all have a birthday on the same day.

My 5th oldest aunt and my cousin who is about the same age as me (FYI I'm 18) also have a birthday on the same day

So birthday's on the same day seem to be a common occurrence in my family which is weird (my family is weird too)

Anonymous said...

You will be fine and get an A+ on the test too I'm sure of it :D

Anonymous said...

lol. Go and get that good grade.

Just said...

Good luck Fer .... Wishing you the best for your test. Just remember to Breathe too.

Aaron said...

hahahaha. u're a bit of a worry aren't u! lol. i can't believe u'll forget the sandwich! :P when i'm hungry, i'd stare at the sandwich as if it will warm up faster if i stare at it hard enough.

good luck with the exams! :)

Drew said...

Fer, you never leave the stove unattended! That's like the first thing you learn in home ec.

JP said...

Good Luck on your exam! I'm sure you'll ace it. As for the sandwich, I've done that one too many times, though it has never caught on fire, just got really badly burnt.

Dave83201 said...

Oh Fer! You need someone to look after you old man! Please try and not engulf yourself in flames. You can hardly pass that test from the burn ward. I know it will be a cake walk for you and I look forward to giving you my congratulations!

I normally LOVE toasted cheesy ham sandwiches, however, this damn flu has only made me nauseous. What normally would be a delicious description of the sandwich you'd never enjoy, only made me queasy. I guess swine flu and ham do not mix.

All my good thoughts I send to you!

Seth said...


try turkey, or peanut-butter-and-jelly - MUCH safer

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