Nov 2, 2009

Thriller...Thriller night

Today is Día de Muertos :) This is my favourite holiday of the year, it even beats Christmas -well I never get anything, I´m always a naughty boy- and Día de la Independencia -which is mostly a reason to get drunk-, no, this tradition involves celebrating life, and I´m good at that, not many people enjoy life as much as I do and would advice everyone to do so, the how is quite easy, loving what you do and doing what you love it´s always a good way to start. Also is a day to remember departed ones, not in a sad way, but think of them and  leave them an Ofrenda -Offering (no, not human hearts, we left that one tradition a little time ago, or did we???)- in which we place a picture of the dead, decorate it with flowers, light a whole bunch of candles -to lighten their way back to this world- and lay the table full of food the departed loved in life -yeah, mexicans love food- for this is the day dead people come back and  play with the living. Also streets are filled with skulls and bones, so how can you go wrong with Día de muertos?

So what does this also mean? No school today, and what else? No work :) couldn´t be happier. As today I had nothing to do yesterday I couldn´t be bothered to get-off of bed, was freezing my ass at -don´t laugh- 15º c (59ºf) and decided that no one could bother me to get up, so I slept most of the day. Ah, and party was fun, didn´t get to see my ex a lot so spent it with my brother and some good friends.

I will ave to excuse myself as in my last post I told everyone I had two new followers but didn´t write about them so I´ll have to correct this now, also add my newer reader :) all of which couldn´t make me happier. So here we go Eeyore -aka Ben- from Gay Mid-schooler, must say I´m a follower of his blog for some time now and like it a lot -though you have too much drama for such a small boy dear boy-, Biki who´s got two blogs: Life on a Printed Plane and Unscheduled Scenic Routes, well...she also has third blog, but that one´s private. Wait, did I say she?? Yes, my first follower that´s a laday :D most welcomed, and Schnellie -schnell? Ich frage mich, ob er so schnell wie er vorgibt zu sein :P - from The Fashion Monster, a really good place with good music and image selection, alas is in german. Thank you all for reading along.

So long day ahead of me -long as I have nothing planned to do, but I´ll definitely won´t spend the day grounded at home- let´s get it started shall we?

Love to all


Dr Mandragora said...

The Dia de los Muertos is not as big a deal here in San Antonio. Though many people do celebrate it, there are no city wide events nor is it a recognized holiday.

There are a few panaderias that bake the pan de muerto, but they don't make a whole lot of it either.

Happy Holiday to you!

Dr M

Anonymous said...

59 F? that is nice weather here in Iowa lol

nothing wrong with good food (reminds me I need to figure out what dinner is going to be) I enjoy food myself

Ok then hope you had fun take care bye

Anonymous said...

Thanks for thinking I have too much drama!

Aek said...

I wish it were 59F here! It's been colder than that for weeks now. :-/

I'm glad you had fun celebrating this holiday. It sounds worthy of celebration. :D

Brett said...

It was 39°C today - damn hot! Haha, trade?

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