Dec 30, 2009

The end is here

Well that´s it, all around the globe in a manner of hours clocks will tick themselves to midnight, they´ll announce the current year has run out of time, transpired minutes will be here no more, every grain of sand in the hourglass will be in the bottom signaling that whatever has passed is in the past, no going back now, no way of turning back time.

So as the last hours of the year keep their steady march to meet at the top of the clock I can´t avoid but to be reminded of all the year round joys, deceptions, surprises, let-downs, romances, sadness, falling ins and out of love, beginnings and endings. This has been one of the weirdest years I´ve had the luck to live, has brought me so many memories, has see me grow in more than size and maturity, but also in wisdom and patience,  has given me breathtaking happiness and shattering sadness. But above all, the best thing to come out of this year is that it has allowed me to get in touch with amazing people I have no way of repaying them their time and care, I had a major depression for most of the second-half of the year, and instead of running away from me as anyone else would´ve done, they stayed with me and gave me their support, their patience and their love, for that I can´t find a way to repay them and will always be their must grateful friend.

Two-thousand and nine is done now, good bye and good riddance, close the door as you leave, all that´s left is to look up to the sky and watch the fireworks

Welcome 2010
Hope we can all share it together

Love to All


Just said...

Happy New Year ... hope next year brings you much happiness and exciting changes .... Love Lee

Tyler said...

Happy New Year!

Aek said...

Happy New Year man! ^_^

Seth said...

And a very prosperous new year for you too!

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