Dec 18, 2009

The boy just wanna have fun

Oh, dear me! Tomorrow is graduation night, this night has been getting prepared for over 8 months, on one hand I´m happy it´s already here cause it means my whole generation is now officially unemployed, on the other it doesn´t really matters cause I still have to go back to school to clear some credits needed to be completely off the hook, so this is kinda empty victory.

Another  thing that makes it a "not so exciting evening" is that I know this party is not about me at all, it´s about my parents and my family knowing I´m getting a degree.

So who´s attending this fine evening´s ball? My parents, my sister, my brother -although he won´t be spending much time there as he had a surgery yesterday and is still medicated at home- my grand parents of course -they are the ones that payed for school and have supported me all this years- an uncle I deeply respect and two of my parents friends that I don´t know/like/enjoy spending time with, that´s just how about me is this night about, don´t get a saying about "MY" party, gosh, Oh, and did I forget to mention my date? no, I didn´t forget, I´m going by myself. Granted I don´t want my grandparents getting a heart-attack when they see me making-out with another guy but from the beginning I didn´t get the chance to ask someone out, mom made it really clear I couldn´t go with anyone. like I can´t be discreet, when I went to my brother´s graduation he went with his girlfriend, but in mine I don´t get to take no one, great, that´s equality for you right there, in my own family.

Bi Tanly
But screw it, got a spare ticket right here, who wants to be my date??

Let´s make it a night no one will ever forget.


Mr. Urs said...

Although you try to downplay this: CONGRATULATIONS! Party like it was 1999!

Bi Like Me said...


Aek said...

Congrats on graduating! I had a friend who graduated with me, even though he still had to take 1-2 more classes over the summer, but whatever.

A spare ticket never hurts. ;-)

What kind of surgery did your brother have? o_O

Seth said...

Awww, I wish you had a cute date to go with. But I'm hoping you will have fun anyway, and congrats!!


JP said...

Congratulations on graduating!

MartininBroda said...

As I told you on twitter be brave, try to have fun & congrats, btw nice pic, any special meaning?

Aaron said...

congrats! :D whatever the circumstances is, just have a good time, seriously!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations to the graduate. Hope you had a good time. Good luck in the job market.

Anonymous said...

Congrats, Dzzy. I will find another song for you. :)

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