Dec 3, 2009

Am I back? To be honest...

I´ve been asked if I´m back to the bloggingworld, well, I think the very least I could do is provide an answer for that. But first and only to keep things straight -first thing straight around here :P -, will tell you why I stopped blogging a little while ago. Truth is writing my mind in here has helped me, it has improved my writing skills and allowed me to get in touch with wonderful people everywhere in the world and I can´t put a price to that, I´m amazed with this last fact and feel truly lucky for people that have made my life that much richer. However, writing also takes off the lid of my emotion container.

Sometimes emotions spur out without control and overwhelm me -like some other things that have spurred out of control over me-but I´m in control most of the time.

So the answer -I know, I love the suspense- after much consideration, I must admit I miss doing it -and blogging too :P - so today marks my triumphal return to blogging YAY! *applause* thank you, thank you! I´m pretty sorry for not being around lately, but I was never truly gone.

Not much recent in my life, last exams of the semester quickly approaching, last monday had to give a presentation in front of the whole psychology department, shit going on with my grades, apparently teachers missed to grade me some months and due to the low average failed the classes, my principal won´t listen to me and change those grades -friendly advice: don´t ever date your principal- so now I need like a ton of cash to pay for those classes and approve them again, and will have to stay for six more months at school, Yuck.

Tomorrow is going to be a party organized by the school -so no alcohol- and pretty much that´s about it, Oh, and a really bad stuff happened -even worse than grades- but that will be for next post, be sure to check for that one for it´s not going to be visible for a long time.

So to celebrate my return was thinking of a song to add to this post, at first I thought about Chumbawamba´s Tubthumping but thought too much of a one hit wonder, after that I thought about Queen´s We are the champions but I started feeling that was too much nudity for my blog, and IF I start posting nudity it´ll escalate things so fast I´ll be banned from blogger faster than the guy posting nonconsensual sex with goats  -sorry, no link there- and for some reason after that I began thinking about "Old McDonald had a farm". But then I came to my senses and remembered a good old song that I learned when starting to learn english back in elementary school

Because let´s face it, it´s incredible, that someone so unforgettable as you, haven´t forgotten I´m still alive.

Love to all


Anonymous said...

Glad to have you back, I've been missing your inputs and thoughts. And btw... doesn't "Old McDonald had a farm" sound a bit kinky when thinking of it?? :D


Mr. Urs said...

How about "Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger"?

Biki Honko said...

It is amazing what the seemingly simple act of writing can bring boiling out of us. I often start out to write a simple silly blog post, and the next thing I know, very interesting stuff comes pouring, bubbling out of me. And after I get over my shock at the trip from point A to point B, I re-read what I have written, and usually leave it. Those posts are some of my better ones I think. But, it is hella hard on the emotions.

I have read your blog for a long time, never commented before, bad me! And am glad you are back!

Aek said...

Yay! I'm glad you're back. :-) It sucks to hear about the principal being such an ass though. :-/


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Hey nice to see you though can't say that I missed you per say (you know why lol) still good to see your blog here which reminds me I need to find out what's happening with someone else that I haven't heard from in a while

Octavius said...

Welcome home.


Dave83201 said...

Great to have you back, but sad about your troubles. Send me an offline message anytime and I'll get back to you if you need anything! Take care buddy!

MartininBroda said...

It's good you're back with your blog Dzyan, at the end 140 characters make not enough space for such a spirit. :-)

JP said...

Yay! Great to have you back!

Brett said...

Haha, it's good to have you back Diz. =D


Malcolm said...

Good to have you (as it were) back


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