Dec 30, 2009

Please don´t EVER try this at home!!

Ah, what a wonderful thing Bj´ are, what better way to show someone you trust him/her than placing one of your most valuable goods inside a cavity designed by nature to tear and rip-off flesh?

So many scents and flavors condoms come nowadays for people to experience this threat with a faint reminiscence of their childhood days sucking lollipops and with even less risk from acquiring an STD.

He who has never had the opportunity to be in this hightened state of being should not be looked with disdain, NO! We should instead help this soul lost from the oral delights that give manhood it´s pride and glory.

IF performed correctly this sensual and intimate act of pleasuring that can  according to the most ancient tradition of Tantric Yoga illuminate and bring a state of Nirvana into its Receiver.

That is right, but that is IF and only IF you don´t do something like this:

Next video might not be suitable for sensitive and/or all gay audiences, discretion advised.

So keep it fun and keep it safe people.

*This community service announcement was brought to you by your friendly blogger Dzyan, "Averting disasters since the establishment of Alessandro Moreschi day".


Aek said...

That . . . was a horrible vid, lol. Doing the exact opposite of what anyone should do during a blowjob. >.<

R said...

LOL @ the clapping

Just said...

lmao she will make someone a good wife, she got all the skills aready ... lol

Dzyan said...

Case you were wondering, Alessandro Moreschi(November 11, 1858 - April 21, 1922) was the most famous castrato singer of the 19th century. -Just if you were wondering-

Billy said...

Bisexual guys should just remember which way to go to get a good blowjob. lol.

Planetx_123 said...

Thats so cool that you found that vid. Derrick Comedy is an improv group from New York, and one of the guys in there was a friend of mine in high school. We were great friends or anything, but we worked on some projects in school and had many mutual friends. He tours and does some stand up; he will get his big break sometime soon, but his groups YT vids are great and i guess they are popular, if other people are finding out about them ;-) I love the one about 'bro rape' lol lol its funny too. In that vid my friend is the news man with the mic (dominic).


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