Jan 3, 2010

Between a rock and a Hard thing

h, this is First post of the year for me and the last one of my vacations *everybody goes buuuu* I know I know, and now that all the festivity rush is almost gone -because in Mexico we also celebrate "Día de reyes" which is on January 6th to commemorate the day the 3 wise men got to see Jesus [or something like that] and have lots of presents for the small children and eat what we call "Rosca de Reyes"- we can all go back to our normal lives at last. Won´t say I didn´t enjoy the holidays -because no one likes nagging- but I will say that they were so  meh, they´re not even worth mentioning.

What intrigues me is now that distractions are gone, now that  it´s a new year, now that I´m -almost- out of school, NOW WHAT??

I think I should find a paying job, but my current job as a volunteer for the LGBTQ community down side is I don´t get payed and never will be, but no longer have any savings and can´t ask my parents for money because honestly, they don´t have any, I knew this job was only temporary but I grew to love it so much I don´t want to go anywhere.

Also I want to get into a Master´s degree, so I have to be careful about the dates and more importantly have to go through a selection process which really scares me shit-less, not sure I´m up for the level of the institution, besides from little experience in the area.

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Guess this kind of thoughts usually erupt from every graduate now and then though.

There´s a saying I love from Lucius Annaeus Seneca which states "If one does not know to which port one is sailing, no wind is favorable". So right now I know I have to go somewhere, time for me to move again, hate being stagnant in a place even a place I love so much as work, have to get some long-term goals -at which I suck- and get up in my two shoes for a change, but I still don´t know what I´ll be doing next 6 months, too much at the moment.

Also I´m still looking for that person that makes me  go *Aww* at night


As the heart I so wanted seems to already been taken.

Any ways, sorry about the rambling, should´ve warned you before had to get this out some way or another.

Love to all


Aek said...

You could apply for a paying job and work there for a year or two, and do your current work part-time (if possible). Then do a Master's program 2-3 years from now.

Mr. Urs said...

Who is the psychologist here? Were are your strengths (and weaknesses)? What are your predisposition? Were do things match and lead to vocations? Isn't this you field of expertise?

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