Dec 13, 2009

I´m free, finally free... for now

I know, I know, been too long since my last post, I´m sorry, but bear in mind this last week was finals, and finals´ grades, and finals´ parties Woohoo, parties! But from now on is no school for the rest of the year, and until next January : ( sometimes seems like I´ll never get out of school.

Oh, do I have news, I found Craig, well he found me, but he´s back into blogtown and with a new place, good news is he won´t be wanking for strangers for money, bad news is... he won´t be wanking for strangers for money : P so now I guess you´ll have to ask nicely, tell me if that works out, may try it myself some day.

Last week was a fun one, got to ask phones and msn accounts of a lot of people to populate my broken agenda, usually spend these days at home with nothing to do, -don´t get to go anywhere and meet nice places, instead I´m forced to stay home and watch old X-mas specials, yuck-  so this year I took the appropriate measures, hopefully, no, not EVERYONE I asked his phone is gay, and I´m not into EVERYONE but will try to have fun with everyone nonetheless.

Now I haven´t been updating as much as I ought because I haven´t gotten enough time, even if Joey gets angry at me, because let´s see, on Thursday had to go see a friend´s show, he did some naked ppl artsy short-videos and displayed them on a gay bar in a not so pretty part of town, the videos were filled with naked ppl interesting and filled with naked ppl filmed at the place I work so I got to see the naked people the models having sex doing their shots, don´t you just love art??

For this world-class premier  I couldn´t go alone, in fact if you don´t want to hook-on people at a bar you have to go with someone or else the ugliest guy in the place won´t stop harassing you, but who to go with, straight friends weren´t much into the idea of going to a gay bar -don´t know why, think they don´t like the idea they might have a good time- and gay friends might think I´m hitting on them and asking for a date, and the (girl)friends I know aren´t much into going to bars on Thursday. So I asked a classmate that HAS a boyfriend to go with me, he has tried to get to talk to me ever since he found out I liked guys but he always chickens out every time, so thought it might be a good chance to bond a little and get to know him. We did have a good time and the next day he hugged me and talked to me like we had been friends for years, which was nice, I wouldn´t make a pass on him -not even if he didn´t have a bf- but it was nice to make a new friend and listen to his story when he was a little tipsy, lol. Also on that night I slept like three hours.

On Friday I got a date in the morning so had to look half-way decent even with the little sleep, it was a fun date, lasted for what seemed a few minutes, even when we talked for a couple of hours. He invited me to a party that night to which I went, it was interesting watching him with his friends and family *gulp* and ended really late and was really far away, so I had to stay at his home, couldn´t get a minute sleep, not what you´re thinking with your evil minds, I slept at the couch, but couldn´t sleep because of a horrible old clock that made such a rack every half-hour, and he... he slept on the floor, still don´t know what I´ll do with this guy, too many complications, and they might be it, all of them, but for now I´ll play it slow, I usually rush into things, but... I have to take it slow for the sake of us.

On Saturday I slept all day long only waking up to get something to eat, had to recover from the week and abuses, never did get drunk once, but had to sleep at some time, and that brings us to today, which I have no plans, had lost a lot of updates on everyone´s blog, sorry for that, and also sorry for making this so long, will try to update more frequently from now on so this won´t happen again.


Octavius said...

Just whenever dude, don't stress. It's just good to have you back.


Aek said...

Good to see that you're well and done with exams. I'm kind of jealous, as all my exams are this week starting tomorrow. >.<

Craig said...

I am reading this you know!! lol.

Dzyan said...

@Craig, if you didn´t it wouldn´t be as fun :P

Craig said...

Haha yeah just kidding whenever I come to your blog it reminds me of hot mexican guys. I lived there for 3 months near Guadalajara. They used to call me gringo loco lmao.

Dzyan said...

Pfft, Mexican idjets, you´re no gringo, you are more of an Inglés loco, you lived around here? and I thought the craziest thing you´ve ever done was your last job, guess your thing is more pathological then, lol.

See how could I not miss this? where you been you crazy brit?

Craig said...

Haha was a while ago when I was 18. Loved it. I like the laid back Mexican lifestyle and how friendly the people are. OMG though the gays there are well violent I swear they tried to rape me once. (turned out it was a joke but scary at the time. Plus were I was staying then (Monzanillo) about 50% of the men must have been gay. AWESOME

Dzyan said...

You see, that´s mexicans for you, nice with strangers and wild when hot, and it´s always hot around here, so you be careful, I do great jokes too, should try one of them.

And pretty sure they were gay too, Manzanillo is a gay place per excellence, I thought that was the real reson you went there in the first place.

You´re always welcome to come back whenever you want to, now THAT would be awesome.

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