Dec 27, 2009

Time Flies

Wake up, the light coming through the windows and hitting the white walls, they light and reflect so the room looks even more illuminated than it should be, usually light doesn´t pass through my bedroom´s curtains, and the walls aren´t white... and this is not my bed... and this is not my room; last night was so extreme, remember I bent some the rules -no, I didn´t drink at all and anything is out of the question- but had the must fun in a long time. There´s someone sleeping next to me, which of it´s own is a weird happenstance, but it´s not only sleeping by my side, it´s sleeping between my arms, we spent most of the night awake, we talked all night long, but no words were needed at all, all we said was done in actions, with gentle caresses, sublime caresses with soft hands that traveled through our entire bodies, showing to each other the greatest expression of Glory.

Night was so passionate the coldest winter left my clothes sweat damp, those clothes are everywhere around the bed, must try to get dressed before the third person in the room wakes up, he owns this room, he owns the whole house, his heavy dreaming allowed us a night of sensuality, our breathes covered by his loud snoring, which made it even more risky and exciting, had to keep our voices quiet and the emotions loud. This would repeat itself several more occasions, unbeknown to everyone but the two of us, certainly no one could have guessed that what happened in that bed between just two friends.

Been a year since that morning, still remember it like it was yesterday, can tell exactly what I did, remember us playing with our legs in the beginning, remember myself slowly getting closer once you turned around, listening to the  rhythm of your heart, you were so excited... and so was I. when my arms surrounded you it was like we found heaven at the exact same time and we took our bodies with us, clothing was so out of place, who  needs clothes in paradise? We cling to each other the same way you hold to your last breath fearing it will all end the moment you let go. Remember me trembling that night? I remember your kisses and remember your fire.

It all happened one year ago this day, it all happened with the moon as our witness, it all happened between the two of us, and what makes it ever so memorable? You were my first boy.

bi coubo


Aek said...

Woah, do tell more! It sounded like a great experience. :-D

JP said...

Yowza Dzyan, you need to elaborate more if you're going to tell about an experience like this!

Tyler said...

more more!

that pic of them guys kissing is the hottest thing ive seen in a long time!

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