Dec 8, 2009

Waiting at school... and that story I owed you

So right now I´m stuck at school waiting for traffic to ease a little, I could wait here or could wait inside the subway station for a train that has almost enough free space as to fit a mouse -yeah, that´s not a great option, also here first two wagons are women and kids´ only- ... or could wait at school watching ugly to half-decent people AND with internet connection and a seat at the cafeteria, this way I´ll make my return home in almost as half the time it will take me one hour before, so I´m pretty much taking second option even if it takes a little longer; comfort has always been one of the strongest points for decision making in my life.

So I know I promised a little drama some *counting 1...2...3* three posts ago and I haven´t delivered, shame on me, so I´ll need to explain a little something  before that, as you can see in my sidebar I now have a Twitter account -I got it mainly because I was getting the feeling I was something, as many bloggers have theirs and they all talk about their lives, now I´m no exception, again, shame on me for giving in to peer pressure- so anyways I got one and I´m available there for anyone, I check it everyt ime I get internet access, so now I roam the world with a laptop in search for a Wi-fi connection. Back to the story, as some of you know I started dating a guy some weeks ago, right before I took my two weeks off, well, everything was going as well as could be expected -well, without counting last date in which I was taken mall-walking, don´t do it unless you know for a fact your date likes going to malls, i.e. not me- however, after our last date I went with my brother and some friends to play role-playing games -yeah, I´m the hottest stuff and I like D & D 4th edition, no shame in that- among those friends was my first ex, we all had a fun time and after a while -around 5 am- decided to call it a night and I went to sleep and my ex too -as we were in a friends house he gave us a room with two beds- and everyone else decided to stay up to watch a movie and fell-asleep in the living room, after a while and please don´t ask me how it happened, we ended up in the same bed, doing some nasty stuff -maybe not as nasty as fun :) - yeah, I´ll save the details because, let´s face it, you don´t care that much about my sex life.

Well everything was nice and problem free UNTIL -and that´s the key word of the story- until I found out guy I dated had discovered my blog -not really that hard, you know my name, you google it and you find me- and there he found my twitter account, this wouldn´t have been a mistake unless I had been stupid enough to tweet about last night´s deed, alas I was. Now for the third time in the post, shame on me, I  know shouldn´t have done that -the tweet... or the sex, I´m not really good when it comes to casual sex, things like this often happen and I feel bad about it afterwards- but know I know better, you learn from your mistakes, and as we say in Mexico, screwing up is how you learn.

Well, gotta run,  by know the amount of people in the subway should have considerably lowered,I´ll get a nice little picture for everyone to see when I get home, promised, and add me on twitter, you´ll get vital information about my life, like when they got naked male models at my work posing for a photo-shoot today, was nice. Take care kids.

Love 2 al (edit. woops, I don´t even know any Al)

Edit: now I´m home, well fed, showered, happy, sleepy and found a great blog, just went to Joey´s blog go too or it will be a shame on you this time around


MartininBroda said...

Before going to bed I just want to say, you've got a really lovely new profile pic.

Tyler said...

thought i would stop by im sitting in class now finally figure out how to jump there firewall so i could blog looking.

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